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  1. - These are the Youth football teams of the Sequoyah Conference that come from Monroe Co., and made the Playoffs. Including their records and seed in the playoffs. - Crickets: Sweetwater #1 (10-0), Vonore #6 (4-6). Hoppers: Sweetwater #3 (8-2). Juniors: Sweetwater #3 (7-3) , Madisonville #6 (5-5). - overall records of all teams combined. Sweetwater 28 -12, Madisonville 11 - 29, Vonore 8 - 32. - Now you can't just look at these stats, Coaching, politics, and lots more can make a big difference in Youth Football, some places are worse than others.
  2. I also hate to hear about Odell, he is a fine young man and awesome player! I have watched this young man run the rock since he was very young and you could see all his potential even way back then. We will be praying for a speedy recovery and I know he has the heart to make it happen!
  3. Ok Logcabin, your turn. Tell me why you think Sweetwater will come in last place? What inside information do you have? Or is it just an opinion? I actually get a real good look at most of the players coming up to these teams, from their feeder programs. Except for Meigs.
  4. LC is improving, but still gotta take Loudon in this one. 29-14
  5. Knew it was just a matter of time. Fumble was questionable, I agree. There was also a couple no calls,Sweetwater made many mistakes that also kept that game within reach in the 3rd quarter.Sweetwater outgained Tellico more than 3 to 1, with runningbacks not even on the depth chart at the start of practice. Also held All-state runningbacks Odell & Sloan to 71yds combined, with 2 starting linebackers out. Cramps were a problem on both sides. Awesome defense, except for kickoffs and punts, that was a problem. No one memtioned Davis for Sweetwater, what a game, and defense lived in Tellicos backfield! As for this game, Odell is a beast! I have enjoyed watching him run since he was a cricket, lol. (Except against the wildcats). He can show you his body and then take it away from you and make you miss, as well as anyone! Sloan is just a monster! Problem seemed to be on the line, several Bear fans took offense to posts on here sayin they lost a few good lineman from lastyear, but that did seem to be a big problem friday. From what I here and remember Sequoyah has a young good line with some size, and that will be the key to tonights game in my opinion. Tellicos line will really have to step up this week. Still think it will be a great game to watch as Odell is capable of taking it to the house everytime he touches the ball! I give a slight edge to Sequoyah. This is gonna be a fun game to watch. Goodluck to Tellico and Sequoyah, I pray that there are no serious injuries on either side.
  6. Well I don't usually do all these predictions and I said this well before Tellico game. I also know It's gonna be a tight one, I agree with that 100%. Why do I think that Sweetwater should be ranked ahead of Sequoyah and Meigs. They beat both teams lastyear,despite so many problems that I don't have time to talk about them all. Many of the problems are gone and all those freshman and sophs that saw playing time and started lastyear are a year older, wiser and stronger. There wasn't enough time to put in that offense lastyear, especially with no spring practice. This year players understand, are miles ahead of lastyear and have a totally different attitude. Coach Marsh is a winner and he has the players much better prepared. They still have some verygood players out that will be back after the bye week. I know Sequoyah and Meigs have improved are getting better and have things goin for them!Spirit or not I would look at it the sameway if I was outside looking in at another district, because of these reasons. Central in my opinion is the biggest unknown to me. Lost alot of players, but still have some athletes!. What happens to them over the next few weeks and how much they grow as the season progresses, has alot to do with how the standings end up.
  7. Move Sweetwater up 2 or 3 spots and you will be much closer to right
  8. Great job Wildcats.You have lots to work on, but you are 1-0. Just take them 1 game at a time and keep working hard and getting better every practice! Goodluck to Tellico the rest of the year.
  9. Would love to have this game in a couple more weeks, as Sweetwater won't have any of their injured players back. But no excuses, you play with what you have. 22 - 20 I will say this team won't quit like lastyears allowing the score to be ran up! Coach Marsh has Sweetwater heading back to where they belong. Goodluck and I pray that both teams will stay injury free.
  10. Wondering about Wartburg? Did they have several players that didn't play when they scrimmaged Sweetwater? A weird scrimmage as Sweetwater wasn't allowed to hit Wartburgs Qb but Wartburg could hit Sweetwaters? Heard they had a couple out already, can someone confirm this? They completed one big play and Qb wouldve been sacked several seconds before he threw that pass. Sweetwater lineman had to peeloff allowing him time to throw and even run the ball? Had def been able to hit Qb they couldve very well had double digit sacks and over -100yds of offense. Did they have several lineman out to? Sweetwater to had been hurt by injury bug, thats why I was asking? Goodluck to Wartburg this year!
  11. (Always right) I agree with you, it's going to be one entertaining season. Should be exciting from beginning to end! (Dumdum) Thats your opinion. Not to bad,and you almost got it right! LOL. Nothing wrong with having faith and believing in your team, afterall everyone is undefeated rightnow!!! Goodluck, I will be praying for all the teams and young men to play hard and stay healthy every friday night.
  12. You saw nothing about Sweetwater yesterday, that will help you figureout anything about the regular season. If that is what you are going by, you know nothing, lol. Goodluck!
  13. Sweetwater kept very simple, didn't show anything, no crazy blitzes (It is a Jamboree, not trying to win).1st team offense didn't see field. 1st defense, will be fine One breakdown. Both Linebackers out. Dropped a pick 6. Get the win when it counts Will comment on other teams later. Pretty good though Gator. I stick with my prediction earier.
  14. My prediction. Most Coaches don't show much at all, just try to get through it injury free. 1 exception.
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