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  1. Well, he wasn't a teacher from what I heard. Good question.
  2. Some go to Lenoir City......even heard of some going to Greenback.
  3. Ok, I was just browsing topics and came across this.......Did Satterfield quit????
  4. Well, ever since Daniels left, it looked like the movie waterboy. The head coach standing on the sidelines, holding on tight to someone else's playbook. It's sad to say, but it may be anoher season or so before the fans/parents get what they want.
  5. If they fire the Defensive coordinator, that will be a HUGE step in the right direction. I say go after Mullinax and lure him from Tellico for Head coach!
  6. After Satterfield having already resigned/re retired once last spring, I wonder if it's a strong possibility again.
  7. If he was a volunteer, there was no pay. Monroe County is one of those cunties that you only get paid if you are a teacher on staff in the county. If there is a booster club, he might have gotten a little from that.
  8. I remember seeing in another thread that Tellico's line is ALL seniors. Is that true??
  9. The reason I say it was a cancer is because too many kids were affected. You either had great atheletes that refused to go out and play, or you had kids that were grumbling and hangin their heads down anytime offense was mentioned. When one individual affects a group negatively, that's what I call a cancer. Meigs has some work to do. I agree with the one poster that said that the teams meigs has played have just been that good. When those games come along, it's a coaches job to not only practice the kids hard, but build them up, show them that they can be "relevant" in the game. If you can get that attitude to realize your there to give it all you have, despite the fact you're supposed to lose. Look at McMinn County the last time they played in the playoffs. They drew Also first thing. But the coaches built them up. They gave Alcoa a fit! They made the players believe, instead of just rolling over.
  10. Looks like we've found either one of the coaches or someone close to them!!
  11. It's the head coaches responsibility to be able to assess what the team needs from his position on down. If your team doesn't have the atheletes to run the spread option, find something that fits your tallent. The offensive coordiantor shouldn't be so narrow minded to think that just because he likes the offense, he can run it no matter what. Especially without the personnel needed. There have been too many coaches that have fell in this hole. The teams that Meigs had in the 90's were loaded with tallent. They had the size, they had the power (The Meadows boys), the speed (Tyrone), so they could run the wing T to perfection. Cleveland of the 90's could run whatever they wanted, Tellico had that massive O-line in the early 90's, that is why they could run the Single Wing (or Notre Dame box, whichever you want to call it), Marion County had Eric Westmoreland.... I could go on and on. But the problem each of these teams saw is that when the tallent left, the head coaches weren't flexible, and because they couldn't adapt to what they did have, those coaches have been sent packing or retired under less than fortunate circumstances. apsugovs7 said that UT doesn't have the tallent. The reason for that, TN hasn't had a system in place that fit what they did have and haven't had any success. You can say kids don't have heart, but if they don't have something to be excited about and something that they CAN EXECUTE, something they can run and see success from, they wish they were somewhere else or go somewhere else. A change needs to be made. The question is, will it be the head coach or will he let it drag on and force the principal to make one? Let's hope it doesn't go that far. There is too much tradition at Meigs County. I hope it's the Head Coach that makes it and soon. Changing an offense isn't as bad in highschool as it is at any other level. Blocking stays the same for linemen. Backs can learn formations pretty quick.
  12. It's awesome seeing Tellico getting back to where they belong. It's amazing what is happening since that cancer was removed from the coaching staff that the team had to endure for 6 or so seasons. It's amazing how one or two can ruin it for the kids. Really glad kids are coming out to play and excited to work. I like what Coach Mullinax is doing. I hope he is setting the bar high for the future of coaching at Tellico!!
  13. I think it's time for a change at Loudon. Harig has run his course. Keep hearing weird stories out of Loudon about descent in the team towards the coaches. I think Satterfield will finally get Loudon. And we all know how he likes to light up that scoreboard when he gets the chance. I don't think it will be alot, maybe 7-14 points difference. But, if Satterfield gets the chance, the Loudon faithful might want to leave early.
  14. I think this will be one of the better games in the district this season. Central has come alive and is showing some real intensity. Sequoyah will be tough. King at QB is always a plus for Sequoyah. I can't pick which, but either way will be by a touchdown or less. Lookin forward to seeing this one.
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