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  1. Keep fighting Signal Mountain hopefully they can get the win
  2. Cleveland is showing off their speed tonight against Soddy and is winning easier than i expected.
  3. If Tennessee doesn't get their act together Tennessee could be looking at another 8-4 season.I've been posting on Tennessee Vols Message Boards and the Vols fans aren't happy at all with last night's performance.
  4. The Cleveland-Bradley County game next week will be something to see
  5. Bradley is really flexing their muscles tonight
  6. Polk County is showing a lot of fight i hope they can keep it up
  7. Power is Polk's game for sure! It's going to be very interesting if Polk starts off 3-0 then i believe 7-3 will be possible.
  8. if you don't like me or my posts put me on ignore

  9. If you don't like me or mu posts put me on ignore

  10. on your profile thing it has a thing to adjust ignore list preferences
  11. Time to go on the ignore list and possibly be reported
  12. I was impressed by Fulton's quarterback very shifty
  13. Just the facts SweetScience and they can be unpleasant at times.
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