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  1. Let them both go play Mairvul. The Rebels can beat one of them Friday and the other on Saturday.
  2. I didn't count the numbers and don't have the original proposed cutoffs. When teams move up, does the T$$AA move teams down to keep classes equal in size?
  3. Way to go Big Blue. Hermit would be proud.
  4. Did y'all have to limit ticket sales? Down here in Chattanooga, the school district will only let them sell 1/3 stadium capacity.
  5. I'm not fallin' for that mess. That Rankin man cain't play 3 QB's at the same time.
  6. "The people in charge" are not affected by this. They have jobs. They are getting paid. They get free tests at any time. They can get hydroxychloroquine if they want it. They are safe in their mansions. All of this just increases their personal fortune, fame, and power. They don't give a rat's *** about how their opinions and mandates affect all of us.
  7. I'm doubt it's talked about openly, but I wonder how many teams "understand" that coach wouldn't be happy if a player lets himself get tested or reports symptoms. I'm sure it is happening at some programs.
  8. I've got a good deal on some used thermometers. I had to triple the price, though, because they're broken. They max out at 100.2.
  9. Which team will be the first to report their opponent for fans not wearing masks? Does anybody expect that Childress boy, who I don't like so much by the way, to enforce these regulations equally? Will these regulations discourage players and coaches from reporting symptoms or getting tested?
  10. Radio hosers just said South Pittsburg always has easier route to championship because of brackets.
  11. Don't know what happened to Red Bank this year. Lots of athletes, but just not playing well on offense. In my opinion, offensive play calling is very predictable and has not been very good. With their athletes, they have been playing well on defense, but in the second half, Loudon and Coach Harig showed how smart offenses can overcome Red Bank's athletic ability. I don't know anything about Upperman, but it looks like they have played a tougher schedule and have more quality wins. I'd say Upperman should be favored, but you just never know what this Red Bank team might do. Should be a good game. GO LIONS ! ! !
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