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  1. Roy said he would pay my admission and let me up in the new press box if I would let him check out my pole and taste my fudge reound. I ain't fallin' for that mess. I'm bringing that Boeck man and that Price man as body guards to keep Roy away from my pole.
  2. I might be there, but you won't see me. I gotta be careful in MaryAnn county until the statute of limitations runs out. I'll for sure make it over after the consolidation, when y'all are dominating the 5A classification.
  3. When they consolidate the three high schools in MaryAnn county, will they be 3A or 4A? And . . . what will be the school colors?
  4. Congrats to the Goons. Hope you brought some clean underwear for the trip home.
  5. That Chldress boy put a new check box on the transfer form for, "My momma lives in South Pitt, and I never liked purple anyway."
  6. Don't forget to congratulate the Monteagle Mountain boyz too. Y'all should at least send pictures of them gold balls to Grundy County for their trophy case.
  7. Congrats to both teams on outstanding seasons, and congrats to Whutwull on gutting out the win. Classic 1A game.
  8. I said earlier in the year that Whutwul would be undefeated when they rolled into CookVegas to claim the 1A State Championship, and I still hope they will be able to bring a gold ball to the trophy case in Powell's Crossroads. I'll be pulling for the Tigers, BUT after watching Cornersville through the playoffs, I think @cornerback10 may have nailed the final score. I'm concerned that the cats may have used up their nine lives against the HartsVillians, the North Alabama Allstars, and the Blout County JV. Dogs 20 - Cats 14 Should be an epic battle. Hope I'm wrong about the outcome.
  9. I think I get credit for instigating that little fracas with this classic hype video. LOL
  10. If Sequatchie's principal was moved to an elementary school teaching position, sounds like he ain't eligible to continue on the T$$AA Board of Control or as its vice president. “Section 4. Vacancies: Withdrawal from the teaching profession, suspension or lapse of membership of the school represented, or removal from the Athletic District represented shall immediately terminate membership on the Board of Control, and the vacancy shall be filled as provided below.”
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