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  1. Radio hosers just said South Pittsburg always has easier route to championship because of brackets.
  2. Don't know what happened to Red Bank this year. Lots of athletes, but just not playing well on offense. In my opinion, offensive play calling is very predictable and has not been very good. With their athletes, they have been playing well on defense, but in the second half, Loudon and Coach Harig showed how smart offenses can overcome Red Bank's athletic ability. I don't know anything about Upperman, but it looks like they have played a tougher schedule and have more quality wins. I'd say Upperman should be favored, but you just never know what this Red Bank team might do. Should be a good game. GO LIONS ! ! !
  3. You could come up with a million different scenarios regarding transfers and "school territories". Hard to have an easy to interpret rule that clearly and unambiguously covers every scenario. Similar situation in the Signal Mountain case. Kid had bona fide residency change from GA to TN within the Hamilton County school district. Any kid in Hamilton County can attend any school with board approval. Board approved kid attending Signal Mountain. Matters were complicated somewhat by the "No Child Left Behind" transfer regulations. We submitted all of the correct addresses and info to T$$AA, and they ruled him eligible. When our rivals complained (one on the Board of Control), and T$$AA looked at the situation more closely, they determined that Signal Mountain had a natural geographic/bus route "territory" that did not include his address. Can't really argue with their logic although we tried. Nobody wins in that Childress Boy's (Who I don't like so much) court of appeals.
  4. I'd like to say my Eagles can win this game, but reality says Upperman has a much better team. Hopefully, we can keep it close and give you a good game, but that's a stretch.
  5. I'd say yer coaches are probably watching Red Bank film.
  6. I doubt Coach has made much money off of this site over the years, but it's clear that the site is a labor of love. As someone entering retirement myself, I can testify to the importance of having something you enjoy doing. I would encourage everybody who enjoys using the site to consider becoming a Plus member. With the new format, there is no set price for an annual membership and no minimum. Everyone can pay whatever they can afford and deem to be appropriate. As for me, I am paying more under the new format, because I am lucky enough to be able to afford it, and I have derived a great deal of joy over the years posting on the boards. Plus member information and sign-up
  7. Still here, but it ain't near as much fun when yer team ain't winnin'. Met a lot of shady characters over the years thru CoachT. Maybe I should move to Alcoee when I retire. Already got the tee shirt.
  8. Loudon by far the better team tonight. I'll agree that Jackson was the best athlete on the field, but every member of the team stepped up and played near flawless football. Gotta give a lot of credit to coach Harig and his staff, too. Red Bank was seriously out coached in this game. Congratulations to the Redskins on a well deserved region championship. Ones and twos should win next week, but if Red Bank doesn't wake up and get their minds right, they won't get past Upperman at home.
  9. Yup. Pretty much. Ain't sayin' it's fair or right, but I don't think we want the courts involved; and God forbid, we let the gubment start regulating it.
  10. School boards determine which students are eligible to attend which schools. T$$AA determines which students are eligible to participate in T$$AA sanctioned events. T$$AA will win. Nobody ever said life was going to be fair.
  11. I haven't been following this whole thing very closely, but I know one thing. This is T$$AA's gig. They write, interpret, and arbitrate the rules. They always win. Schools are voluntary members of the organization and agree to abide by the rules, as interpreted and enforced by the T$$AA. All of the sporting events and playoffs are sanctioned by the T$$AA, and they determine who is allowed to participate and who is not. T$$AA will win.
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