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  1. I haven't been there since 1992 and I don't remember much about the place other than Marcus started at QB, Greg did something to his knee the week before versus Oneida did not play...lost 18-19.
  2. This very well could be just a drop in the bucket to what could be coming to...GREENBACK UNIVERSITY®™...wait for it.
  3. We are truly just getting started...hehe...c ya in 6 months at Cooper Field for the battle of Orange'n'Black.
  4. I know we need another upgrade on that side...but that's the upgrade we got from the old style metal/wood plank seats back in 1991. There was talk a couple years ago to build a new large set of bleachers on that side for everyone since the field house obstructs the view of the corner of the south endzone on our side depending on where your sitting. That talk has gone quiet for the time being.
  5. IMO...this Is our best group draw compared to our previous 2 years in the 'Boro.
  6. That would be great...hope your right!!
  7. That had to be 1991 @ GB...some of the scrimmage highlights are on that season's highlight film of my dad's.
  8. In no certain order... Loudon...Lenoir City...Oneida...Meigs Co...Harriman...Oakdale...Coalfield...Midway...Oliver Springs...Sunbright
  9. The deciding factor between S. Greene and Oneida would be who's chain crew is used...
  10. You all have to get past the new king of region 3 Whitwell first...haha
  11. I hope one of the boys is nice enough to get Grider an ICE PACK...geeez...I don't see how the man would be able to sat down without one.
  12. Glad the word "University" has caught on...LOL...BIG THINGS ARE COMING!!!...
  13. In what time frame did they try...if it was close to the first of the year, you missed the bus. If GB had a home/home series with WB...talk about a major way to draw in more players for GB from WB, it would be like going in and raiding somebody's cupboard...this assumption is solely based on the past history between WB and GB.
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