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  1. Ricky Norris from Oak Ridge has to be added to this list. Good guy and knows basketball, but most importantly his players like him. He had a 20 win season his first season at Oak Ridge. Expect more of this from him and his teams.
  2. Derrel Dean is a great athlete for them. He's a tough match up because of his size and great quickness. Jumps extremely good. He is about all they have though.
  3. haha... most powerful player in east tennessee?
  4. K50K

    Best WR in east TN

    Ridiculous, Ridiculous... There's really no comparison in Bowman vs. Brown. There's obviously a lot of Farragut fans on these boards...
  5. We'll see. I let my game speak for itself, so there's no need to talk.
  6. Once we get everyone eligible, I think its going to be Gulmire at point, Landon Thomas at the 2, Sherrod Scott at the 3, Aaron White at the 4 and Kevin Kauchak at the 5. Don't joke on Fro(Winfree), he will have a important role to fill for us. Keep talkin, I'm ready.
  7. haha, are you Jacob Brown or part of his immediate family? Anyone in their right mind knows what you just said is ridiculous. The thought of Bowman's skill being questioned just astonishes me. :confused:
  8. Once again, talk is cheap... Keep it up. I know I'll be ready for yall.
  9. OR beat 'em even worse this year Talk is cheap... Anyone can talk, but few can back it up, and I have a feeling you can't.
  10. K50K

    Best WR in east TN

    Comparing Jacob Brown to Adarius Bowman is just ridiculous. Jacob Brown isn't anywhere near the same level Bowman is at. You must be a close friend of Jacob's or a die-hard Farragut fan to think something crazy like that. Bowman is the best receiver in Tennessee, bottom line.
  11. Cumberland Co. is not very talented. They've got a couple of good shooters, but that's it. No post game at all so the guards score most of their point. Their coach demands hustle and hardwork, so expect that from them. Sometimes hustle can make up for lack of talent, so who knows?
  12. Question: Who's gonna stop clinton? Answer: Oak Ridge
  13. I think Loudon and Elizabethton are the early favorites in East TN....
  14. Both Aaron and Jarvis are at Oak Ridge right now... I see them everyday at school.
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