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  1. chill

    Kingston Girls Head Coaching Position

    Rhea County Boys or Girls? Both are the area.
  2. chill

    Alcoa Boys Head Coaching position open

    Jared Laverdiere is a great person and Alcoa was lucky to have him as an assistant coach. He could easily be the head coach.
  3. chill

    Maryville is Overrated

    Don’t bring facts to this thread. Bearden won the state and Maryville beat them. The rest is blah blah blah.
  4. chill

    Chattanooga Central Boys BB coach

    Who applied from K-Town?
  5. Sevier County has played zone the entire season.
  6. chill

    Head Coach Openings

    Cumberland Gap HS Boys is open.
  7. Did the draw happen today?
  8. chill

    Keon Johnson done?

    No it’s players too.
  9. chill

    Maryville is Overrated

  10. chill

    Maryville is Overrated

    1) Glover 2) Anderson 3) Stephney 4) Akeem 5) Gale 6) Pember(Missed too many games)
  11. chill

    Maryville is Overrated

    Oak Ridge at Fulton Tuesday
  12. chill

    Maryville is Overrated

    Maryville beat Fulton by double digits. They are the 2nd best team in the Knoxville area behind Bearden.
  13. So, there’s been no issues at Bradley Central? Poster just slanders them in thread title?!
  14. chill

    District 8AA

    I was asked to look at this thread for coach and player bashing. I meant to hide some responses but instead deleted 2 posts. I apologize. Keep it civil. Nothing to see here.
  15. chill

    District 5aa

    Loudon wins tournament at Anderson County over Knox Carter tonight in the championship.