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  1. Is Tamba not about to reclassify and put on the Orange?
  2. Great season Oak Ridge! Good luck to Houston today. They are dominant.
  3. Kid from Houston will win
  4. Buck is one of the better coaches in Tn.
  5. Hogeye ben corn lickuorin this today
  6. AC didn’t join AAA until around 2010.
  7. chill

    Shot clock

    I think a .30 second shot clock would be great but a nightmare to operate.
  8. Games at 7:00 7) AC @ 6) Halls Tuesday 8) Karns @ 5) Powell Tuesday 6/7 winner @ 3) Central Thursday 5/8 winner @ 4) Campbell Co Thursday 3/6/7 @ 2) Clinton Saturday 4/5/8 @ 1) Oak Ridge Saturday
  9. Karns, Powell, AC, and Central have all beaten Oak Ridge since Coach Green took over. Only Powell has won more than once.
  10. Jeremy Miller played against Kingston when Oak Ridge lost. Milloway was absent vs Kingston & Mo East. Miller missed Stone & Concord. Alcoa was missing 6/5 wing & all state WR Braden Anderson last night. Webb was missing Sr. David Sankey last night. It is a part of this year.
  11. Every game counts against your numbers. You can’t sit seniors vs a varsity team and call it JV. I do think numbers will be ignored this year due to the cancellations.
  12. Maryville’s two 6/4 leading scorers didn’t play. The healthiest & luckiest team is the best team. Knox County just squashed a lot of teams season. Too bad.
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