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  1. dirtydawg15

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    That guy is the worst official in East TN. If I was coaching, I would prefer a 2 man crew. Pay him and let him go home. He would want to stay though so he could make it about himself.
  2. dirtydawg15

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    Bearden wins over Farragut 77-21...and I don't think it was that close. How is there not one good basketball player in that school?
  3. dirtydawg15

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    Farragut @ Bearden. Friday December 7th at 7:30.
  4. dirtydawg15

    Region 2AAA Tournament

    Oak Ridge and Maryville are out. Both Bearden and Powell advance to Sectionals on Monday night. Winner on Thursday hosts the game, loser travels to either Kingsport or Johnson City. Win sectionals and go to state.
  5. dirtydawg15

    Region 2AAA Tournament

    Two really good games tonight at Bearden High School. In the first game, I don't know if anyone had a lead of more than about 4 points in the 2nd half between Powell and Maryville. Both teams were stuck on 48 for a while and then went to overtime at 55. I kept waiting for Maryville to take the lead and pull away and they never did. Joe Anderson hit a huge 3 to tie it with about 3 seconds left. (I think you have to foul in that situation) #32, Tripp, played huge for Powell and I thought #4, Giles, had a great game for Maryville. But the name of the game is survive and advance and Powell did just that. In the 2nd half of the doubleheader, I thought Oak Ridge started really well. They were getting after it defensively and running for easy baskets. Green is such a good coach. He knew everything that Bearden tried to do on offense and was calling plays for easy baskets in the first half. I think Bearden really missed Pember and adjusted to not having him out there. Oak Ridge went up 7 in the first half and Bearden tied it up going into halftime. Bearden adjusted well in the 2nd half and was able to make the plays to win the game. Oak Ridge was in foul trouble all night. Glover gets the headlines for Bearden, but I thought Robinson, Brown and London Stephney played outstanding tonight. Bearden ended up winning by 14, but it was a much closer game than that. I think it was a 4 point game with about 2 minutes left. The officiating crew for the first game I thought was great. Not so much in game 2...and I'm a Bearden supporter. Inconsistency at both ends and at one point in the 2nd half Oak Ridge was called for 4 consecutive fouls. You could kind of feel the game turning. It just seemed that the refs tried to assert themselves too much. I was sitting behind the scorer's table and even the demeanor of the two crews was vastly different. Region semifinals is always the best atmosphere all season. 4 great teams with fan bases/communities that come and support their boys. Powell @ Bearden Thursday night at 7:00
  6. dirtydawg15

    4AAA 2017-18

    I believe how this works is that it will be at the highest seeded District 4 team still alive. So the winner of the Bearden/Maryville game will have the inside track to host. If they are both eliminated, then it will go to either Catholic or William Blount if they advance. If no District 4 team advances to the semifinals, then the region will be at Powell, the District 3 champion.
  7. dirtydawg15

    4AAA 2017-18

    @Norman Dale that is one thing I forgot to mention. I haven't seen a team all year try to run with Bearden. Most are trying to slow it down and play half court while Bearden is trying to push the tempo. This one was up and down from the tip and a game that really suited the Bulldogs. Who knows? These teams might play a 3rd time.
  8. dirtydawg15

    4AAA 2017-18

    Bearden wins 93-76. I haven't been to every game, but I have been to a lot of games and that is the best that Bearden has played this season...especially the first half. Bearden has struggled to get going at times, but it only took about 2 minutes tonight. Glover and Stephney led the way with Pember, Robinson and Brown doing their part. #22 for Cleveland had to have 25-30 points. I would be interested what Cleveland would say about comparing Bearden to the Gate City, VA team they played a few weeks ago. All in all, two very good basketball teams that are both expecting to make the trip to Murfreesboro in about a month.
  9. dirtydawg15

    Fulton @ Bearden

    Great game tonight at Bearden. Bulldogs won in OT 67-60. I would love to see a 7 game series between these two teams. Fulton was up 7 at halftime and 14 at one point in the 2nd half. Bearden battled back behind Trent Stephney. I was very impressed with #14 for Fulton, Lacy. He brought it on D, handled pressure, made plays on offense when he needed to. Anybody else there?
  10. dirtydawg15

    State Tournament A, AA, AAA

    So I did a little research on the AAA teams. What they have accomplished this year and their record in the postseason. Parts of this may be incorrect. Please alert me of any mistakes. Records were taken from coacht. Bearden 22-9 2nd place district District Tournament Champions 5-1 in postseason Independence 23-10 3rd place district District Tournament Champions Region Champions 7-0 in postseason Southwind 30-6 Tied 1st place district District Tournament Champions 6-1 in postseason Oakland 24-7 2nd place district District Tournament Runner-Up Region Champions 5-1 in postseason East Hamilton 25-10 2nd place district District Tournament Runner-Up Region Champions 5-1 in postseason Memphis East 30-3 District Champions District Tournament Champions Region Champions 6-0 in postseason Brentwood 26-8 2nd place district District Tournament Runner-Up 5-2 in postseason Oak Ridge 30-2 District Champions District Tournament Champions Region Champions 6-0 in postseason
  11. dirtydawg15


    Bearden secures its 8th State Tournament appearance with an 86-57 win over Science Hill. I think that this is the first road victory ever for Bearden in the Sectional Round. All 7 other Sectional victories have been at home. Bearden started slow the first 2 minutes, but were able to take the lead in the first quarter and never looked back. Trent Stephney put on a show in the first half with 18 points and 25 for the game. Dre Dave played his best game that I have seen all year. Too many turnovers as a team, but they were able to get it done and it is on to the Boro. Bearden was able to get the majority of points with drives and in transition right at the basket. This was a lot different from the game against Oak Ridge when they had Tee Higgins as their rim protector. Bearden was able to finish tonight where they struggled in the Region Championship. This is a young team that might be a year ahead of schedule. Huge for them to make it and be able to experience and play in Murfreesboro. I trace their success back to the 3rd quarter of the District Championship game against Maryville. Turning a 13 point deficit into a 6 point lead in the final 5 minutes of a quarter and going on to win the Championship. This allowed them to play Oak Ridge in a non-elimination game and now they are both in the Final 8. If Maryville wins that game, this very well might be them. Anything can happen next week. Hope the dawgs make some noise.
  12. dirtydawg15

    Oak Ridge 2016-17

    Is Tajion Jones signed or committed anywhere or do you know who he is being recruited by? He's a special talent. If you can shoot it like that, you find your way onto the floor.
  13. dirtydawg15

    Region 2-AAA Tourney

    Maryville made 11 3s tonight.
  14. dirtydawg15

    Region 2-AAA Tourney

    Tonight was my first trip to Wildcat Arena in Oak Ridge. What an atmosphere! That place can get loud! Two great games between four really good teams. Bearden started fast leading 26-13 after the 1st quarter and 36-29 at half. Powell made a run to take the lead early in the 3rd quarter with 11 quick points behind 3 3s. Drew Pember made a layup and free throw to close the 3rd quarter and tie it at 51. Bearden, behind Trent Stephney, was just able to make a few more plays down the stretch to pull this one out 71-65. First time back in the Region Finals for the Bulldogs since the 2011 state runner-up team. Now to the second game. Oak Ridge came out and played great man to man defense from the opening tip. Maryville was very very patient and took good control of the ball. Hit a few shots in the first half, but were lucky to only be down 23-14 at half. Upchurch hit an incredibly difficult 3 to close the half. Maryville got hot in the 3rd quarter behind Uphchurch and 2 3s from #22. Eldredge had his team prepared and called another set play for Uphchurch who tied it at the 3rd quarter buzzer at 32. Maryville took the lead at one point in the 4th, but went cold from 3 and Oak Ridge was able to make the plays and the free throws down the stretch to get the win. Maryville really handled the press well tonight. Last week at Hardin Valley, they struggled against both West and Bearden. Looked much different tonight. I tip my hat to Easton Upchurch for Maryville. He had a great high school career and was putting on a show by hitting some big time shots tonight. Now for Thursday night. The narrative for this game is pretty cool. Oak Ridge, the team in East Tennessee over the past 4-5 years against Bearden, the next team in East Tennessee for the next two years. I'm hoping for a good game and that the atmosphere can match tonight. 16 teams left
  15. dirtydawg15

    Region 2-AAA Tourney

    Ok. I think I have figured out how it works. For the semifinals and finals, the host is determined by the highest remaining seed in one of the districts. Odd numbered years go to District 3. Even numbered years to District 4. If Oak Ridge wins against West, then it will be at Oak Ridge. If they were to lose and Powell were to win, then the remaining games would be at Powell. In the case (like last year) when all teams from a district lose, then the tournament is hosted at the other district's champion. The tournament would have been at Heritage or a District 4 team last year, but District 3 swept and thus it was at Oak Ridge. Someone please correct me if this is incorrect.