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  1. He used to be in the same conference as DB and SH. Dyer can coach head to head with those coaches. The issue at East he faced at East will be the same he faces at West Ridge. Where is the talent going to come from to compete at the highest level in TN?
  2. John Dyer announced as West Ridge HS head coach. Rumor has it that many coaches turned down the offer. Dyer had retired in 2020 and sat out last year coaching.
  3. Very skilled and talented player. I hope to see him in Knoxville soon! He’d look great in Orange (for just a year before going pro)
  4. I would agree that he is a good coach but does indeed seem to disappoint in big games.
  5. It’s impressive but a couple of the teams had a chance to do some damage at state. So much of the tournament is the draw and who you get. Coach Green really out coached Poore last night in Kingsport.
  6. I’ll take OR ML if that’s the case...
  7. It was an amazing game. Oak Ridge will definitely play with DB. I think OR is the better team but it’s just brutal to play at Dobyns Bennett.
  8. I’m glad David Clary was streaming it. Oak Ridge began turning away parents and grandparents at the gate.
  9. Looking forward to Maryville Oak Ridge tomorrow. I think Oak Ridge will win but it should be a great game.
  10. It’s going to be a good game. I think Oak Ridge will win and pull away late
  11. Thoughts on Clinton Farragut? Should be an interesting game. I think Clinton wins but Farragut should be able to keep it close for a bit.
  12. I’m sorry you disagree. Were you the rebel woman who got escorted out tonight? It was sad to see Maryville’s finest act that way.
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