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  1. Did Joe when Mr.Basketball.. congrats you him on the all time scoring record on a couple hundred more shots
  2. I could see Co-MVPs. Seems to be a fad in this conference to make sure Maryville gets their recognition no matter what
  3. https://twitter.com/tylerrnordin/status/1215816719580696576?s=21
  4. Nordin has to be leading the MVP voting early. He has been the most impressive player I’ve seen. Thoughts?
  5. Jason is definitely not one to insert himself into the game... he would never make a 50/50 call on the last possession of a game. Just not his type of call
  6. That might have to do with talent Eleanor.
  7. Am I jelly? No... I can see why he is one of your favorites! He has always been friendly to the Rebels
  8. Ahhh good job Eleanor, did you find out who Deering is? He was last seen picking up the Powell player in Fountain City on the way to go the game.
  9. Not sure about Brown. I will say Joe and Jason Deering were the standouts for Maryville last night! Involved in all the huge plays down the stretch. I expect Davis and Maples will come along as the season goes.
  10. Great game! Joe, Jason Deering, and the player who lives in Powell all did their part to get Maryville a W in OT. Mid range jumper was smooth at the buzzer!
  11. Getting to go watch Maryville soon! I heard the squad has some new players. Obviously they bring back the best guard the conference has seen in 4 decades! But who are these new wings? I heard one is from Powell? Can he shoot as well as the guys last year?
  12. Is that East Ham player eligible to play for Cleveland? I heard some rumblings about some Penny type behavior in that transfer.
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