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  1. Parrott didn’t interview. It will be interesting who they hired.
  2. Parrott has not interviewed and will not interview at Alcoa. The rumblings i am hearing suggest he is feeling confident and loves the group of players he has coming up.
  3. Ques Glover accomplishment All State 2 years State tourney team 2 years State MVP All Region 3 years Region MVP District Tourney MVP 2 years Knox Area Player of the Year Arbys Classic MVP Arbys Classic All Tourney Team ... but my god.. he can’t win POY.. still can’t believe Eldridge voted for Stepheny
  4. Sorry Region 1 & 2... maybe that’s a clue of where I’m from.
  5. I root for all Knoxville teams.. but what I really believe in is realism.. I am not from the area and just enjoy watching sports. From what I understand from my sports writers, this Bearden team might be the most successful high school team in NE TN in perhaps 3-4 decades.
  6. I’d expect to see a solid team that plays scrappy. I think they will only have 1 senior who came off the bench this year. So the upcoming junior and sophomore class has only lost 4-5 games combined so far in their Bearden careers. Which half were to Catholic when Akeem Aduspie played JV because of transferring. All losses came in 1 possession games.
  7. No not at all. Never been to a Bearden game.
  8. Actually I’m excited, been smiling all day.. the Maryville fans started posting in this thread after the championship game. I didn’t. My plan was to not post but then Maryville said this proves they were the second best team which is amazing.. Couldnt be happier about Bearden winning the championship.
  9. Yes Maryville was missing several starters.. when both teams were healthy.. Bearden won by double digits and Maryville isn’t a top 5 team Bearden played in the state. All facts
  10. Maryville isnt a top 10 team that Bearden played this year... but you can’t take away the fact they won once when Bearden was without key players in of the worst officiate games of the year... .. at home .. on a buzzer beater!
  11. Couldn’t happen to a better group of young men.
  12. Bearden and Fulton both were missing several starters.. you can’t be serious right now
  13. Correct. His shooting is actually underrated by many in the area. Beardens starting 5 has 4 guys shooting over 40% from 3.
  14. This is very true. Some of the best coaches in the state are here. Parrott can out coach every high school coach in this state on majority of nights.
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