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  1. Washington is a great athelete...he has a lot of skills any coach would love to have in a player...congrats to GC on a big win
  2. I think this is not just the game of the week but one of the better one's that will be played in West Tenn all season...if my Eagles weren't playing it's were I would be...gota go with my fellow region Bulldogs but this should be a good one
  3. Congrats on your win last night...we did just the opposite...we either lead or was tied until Davidson Academy took their first lead of the night with 12.3 seconds left...but that's the only time the score really matters...Willaims was an inpressive runner for them...they have an excellent kicker also...every kick-off was deep in the end zone...looks like this Friday night could be a good one...good luck to you guys
  4. Game Summary JCS and Davidson Academy met last year at the Eagles nest for a classic high school battle...JCS ended up scoring late to make it 24-17...this year was a mirror image...JCS kicked off to open the game and the Bears went right to work taking the ball inside the 10 on it's opening drive...just as it appeared they would score JCS Dillon Copeland came up with a big interception in the end zone to stop the drive...JCS moved the ball out to around mid field and then stalled and had to punt it away...early in the second quarter with the score still knotted at zero all, the Bears once again drove into Eagle territory only to be stopped by a Jonathan Payne interception...this time the Eagles made the most of it as Cody Jones launched a long pass that at first appeared might be picked...but Logan Perkins went up and over the defender to come down with the ball and race into the end zone giving the Eagles a 7-0 lead at the half...JCS first drive of the 2nd half was short lived and after three and out were forced to punt it away...DA's Williams came out inspired in the 2nd half and quickly broke off one long run after another until the game stood knotted at 7-7...Jones and the Eagles quicly countered on a 78 yard strike to Perkins again and the Eagles regained the upper hand...late in the 3rd quarter Williams struck again on a long run and once again the game was tied at 14 all...JCS took the ball and drove into the red zone but a sack pushed them back and on 4th down Jones knocked home a field goal to give the Eagles a 17-14 lead as the quarter expired...The Bears drove the field and knotted the game early in the 4th quarter...JCS and DA both struggled to take the lead until the Bears stuck it in with 12.3 seconds left to take the first lead of the game...unforunately for the Eagles it was too late to over come...Final Davidson Academy 24...JCS 17... Noteworthy JCS is very banged up suffering a couple more injuries last night and we have yet to hit the real physical part of our season... I am filing this report from Pikeville KY as I await the Lambuth kick-off later today...hope my other Eagles can get me a win this weekend... Player of the Game Logan Perkins...2 huge grabs and racing to the end zone...big night Honorable Mention Jonathan Payne...big pick and lots of tackles Dillon Copeland...big pick to save a score Matt Reed...a lot of tackles and an excellent game all night Next Week Homecoming at the Eagles Nest as we host Gibson County...
  5. thanks...looks like your Bulldogs are off to a good start
  6. Griggs #47 is an exceptional player...runs as hard as any high school back I have witnesssed...
  7. Game Summary The Eagles made the drive north on a night that actually felt like football weather...Martin won the toss and elected to receive...On the opening kickoff the ball landed around the 20 yd line in open field and JCS had 5 or 6 players around it when it hit...they seemed to freeze before they realized the opportunity they had...too late...a Westview player made a dash for the ball and came up with it...big play for Westview...this was how the first half went...JCS had so many chances that they let slip away...Martin's opening drive was going well and they had crossed mid field into Eagle territory when JCS outside linebacker Spencer Perkins stripped the ball from Martin QB Tanner Spencer as he raced around the left side of the line...Perkins recovered and the Eagles had another opportunity...three plays later we lined up to punt and disaster struck... Westview's Tevin Evans took the punt at about his own 20 and broke to the sidleines toward the Martin faithful...JCS had good coverage and had a ton of players surround him...upon the initial contact when it appeared he would go down the coverage team just simply quit...Evans was far from done however, he broke the intital tackle and stayed on his feet racing down the home sidelines to paydirt...with the kick Martin took the early lead 7-0...JCS answered on their next next drive taking the ball the length of the field and sticking it in to tie it at 7-7...midway through the 2nd Qtr the Eagles appeared to be ready to cap another long drive with a score as Cody Jones entered the end zone he was hit and the ball was ruled fumbled before he broke the plane...Westview took the ball and began a drvie...after the first 3 plays JCS had held and Westview lined up to punt on 4th and 4...prior to the snap play was stopped and JCS was charged with lining up in the neutral zone giving Martin a first down...they made the most of it driving the field...a galant goal line stand forced a field goal and made it Martin 10-JCS 7...at the break all the Eagles fans could do was wonder how we could still be in it after so many blown chances...the second half was a nightmare...an interception and 2 fumbles inside the 10 gave a good team too many breaks to overcome and created a lopsided score...final Martin 33 -JCS 14... Noteworthy The typical expectation when JCS plays one of the powerhouse teams in our region is we will wear down late and they will pull away...even though the score appears to indicate that is what happened, the truth is we fell apart...too many turn overs creating a short field for a good team will always spell trouble...on the night JCS had 317 yds total offense to Westviews 310...but if you can't protect the ball and finish drives you lose... Our defense played well inspite of what the score might indicate...without the short field we would have held a strong opponent to a lower score... two plays stand out on a night that I hope to soon forget...Late in the 4th Westview lined up to attempt an extra point attempt...JCS Defensive End Blake Carden penetrated and had a beautifully blocked kick...also late in the 4th JCS QB Cody Jones broke a long run down the JCS sidelines...Offensive lineman Will Burleson made a huge block on a Westview player to spring him...it was good to see some guys stepping up in spite of the one-sided game that had developed at that point... While West view has many excellent players...big time kicker, good backs and receivers...I would be remiss in not pointing out the play of their fullback...Griggs is a man among boys...compact, hard running and able to catch the ball well out of the backfield...hats off to him... Player of the Game Ethan Cooper...with huge stops in the middle and and both sides all night there seemed to be 3 of him on the field Honorable Mention Johnathan Payne...several stops on defense Will Johnson...big runs early and then coming back injured on in 2nd half for more...tuff kid with alot of heart Spencer Perkins...2nd fumble caused and recovered in as many weeks...lots of stops... Next Week JCS travels to Nashville to play non region opponent Davison Acadamey
  8. I really enjoyed this game last year...it was our first entry into 2A football and was a good sign of what our new region was all about...last year Westview lined up and ran behind their big guys up front...they ground it out all night...I was impressed with their atheletes on the field and their class as fans...I look forward to making the trip north to their place this year...they did lose alot, but so did we...I think it will take our best game to be in it tonight...good luck to both teams
  9. I think Nashville Christian will take this one...
  10. I think the Hawks take care off business here and are off to another great year
  11. I think Crockett will take this one...I think they are back on track this year...
  12. has good hands and is pretty quick...in past seasons he returned kicks for them as well...not sure if he will this year or not...
  13. Thanks...talking JCS football has always been my passion...my last of 3 sons is a Junior this year so I have to squeeze all I can out of this year and next...
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