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  1. Agreed and then some especially in Maury County
  2. the Point that you seem to be missing is what was written after the stats of 2009 unless admin changes the attitude and gets on board as far as letting the head coach choose his staff (hire / fire) and allows the HC control of schedule and makes it so they can lift during school hours the ability to MAINTAIN success is impossible. There have been good coaches to come in there and temporarily fix the problem but they can’t maintain it because the admin doesn’t care enough to allow them what is needed to maintain success how do you keep a good coach when he is not given what he needs or is promised? Throwing a 2 year record out there means no more than me throwing a one year record out there. There were NO division 1 recruits on the team I mentioned. Why did Emmons leave? I guarantee you he was not getting what he was promised in the beginning.
  3. Region and / or district record is all that matters according to TSSAA unless considering tie breakers
  4. 2009 8-3 district record 6-1 (runner up) 2 losses during regular season to 4a state champion and 5a state runner up 2017 3-2 2016 2-3 i think that is pretty good.... it can be done. Admin has to buy in and give in on some control.... staff, facilities, schedule, in school lifting program cant hold it at a high level unless those things are done
  5. You must be one of the coaches who couldn't beat him.... Have you asked him? He would tell you the truth. And arrogant he is not. He is a little shy and doesn't say much sometimes. People mistake it for arrogance. He would be the first to give credit to his players and assistant coaches. You are only proving you don't know him. He gets the most out of his guys and he wins... People who can't do the same choose to dislike him. You could learn a lot from his method.
  6. He left because he is from a small town and didn't want his children in a big high school. As long as he was there, they (Riverdale) were excellent. Period. He also won a LOT at Smith County prior to going to Riverdale. There is NONE better. His record speaks for itself.
  7. Hoath has been offered and accepted the job.... Somebody else turned it down.
  8. Everybody knows my name on here and it's not runthedangballcoach .... He is just someone I have known a long time. I don't have to defend anything I did at any of my jobs. I worked super hard for all kids involved. They know that and that is the only thing that matters. Some times that gets lost in all of this jabber. Good luck to whoever they choose at Riverdale.
  9. Really??? Two shelbyville coaches hit a SC player on the shelbyville sideline... He went down from the box to adress the situation. Now who lacks class???
  10. True.... Shelbyville did take down Lavergne But you had to see to know what happened with SC. Lavergne is good... So shelbyville haS played one team .... But they aren't Lavergne. I don't expect anyone outside Rutherford county to understand Rutherford county football. Shelbyville got lucky ... Lavergne coming off of an emotional win.... Week in and week out Shelbyville just flat hasn't played anyone else. Look at the opponents records and history. Just sayin
  11. Law will do very well at CR if given the opportunity. He is a dang good coach gentlemen. Metro admin a funny bunch though... There is no telling what will happen.
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