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  1. Skunk.... I haven't been on CoachT in two years almost. I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words that I saw for the first time. You thought of me when my dad died, and that means a lot to me. Are you on Facebook? I'm there a lot. Please keep in touch. My email is [email protected]

  2. Stokomo's father died on Friday June 20th... Stokomo is one of the nicest posters on CoachT and a really good person, as well as being an important part of many of the 2000 plus basketball victories @ Dobyns-Bennett, AAU coach, & Volunteer Falcon assistant ... it is obvious his father, Stokomo Sr. did a good job...may he rest in peace. Stokomo, our thoughts and prayers are with you...God bless you. Roll Tribe Roll
  3. I am a very happy person. Roll Tribe Roll
  4. We'll be patient... Roll Tribe Roll
  5. I think when you make predictions regarding Region 1 - 5A and misspell Dobyns-Bennett you tend to lose some credibility... Roll Tribe Roll
  6. Yes I will...hope that is okay Roll Tribe Roll
  7. Okay, let me play a while here...first off, Tom wasn't relegated to anything...the only change from WKIN to WGOC is the call letters, which from a corporate thought playing Grand Old Country music, fits well with WGOC...the signal and call letters were bought from JT Parker...same 1320 frequency as WKIN and the same Watts of power...no relegation...his career has been always been business decisions, as careers are for most...this is another business decision, nothing emotional...South should be able to support a radio broadcast without any difficulty...the playoff game is another matter, but my guess is: being that D-B had been on AM1320 for 20 plus years that is where the playoff game(s) would be and another business decision was made to put the South game on a station that at the time didn't have a playoff game to broadcast...I remember when I was with WKPT-AM (many moons ago), we did a couple of playoff games of other schools, as well (before Holston Valley Broadcasting expanded into Tennessee High and Science Hill games)...It is business...sometimes there are those of us with emotional ties that get to do the broadcasting (and/or writing), but for the actual "voices", the stations - it is a business...and it is good business to showcase and highlight high school student athletes; as Coach Clark has said "where else can you go to see 500 young people attempting to be great on a Friday night." 2nd...Maryville functions in the true team concept, highlighting and potentially featuring their top talent, but not to the detriment of the entire team...I believe we do have some coaches who attempt to function that way in NET, but haven't been able to totally institute what they have in Maryville...The best in NET can and do compete with the best from Knoxville, but not yet with Maryville... This should be a good year for NET football with a lot of teams with a lot to prove...I look forward to watching. Roll Tribe Roll
  8. etfan, In the Blount game, two D-B touchdowns were called back on plays where the video clearly shows the officials made mistakes...those two scores would have given D-B a 21-0 advantage and Blount would not have been in the game...and with the ball at the 4, first and goal...well...I didn't see that team underachieve against anyone... South will beat the Hill and Blount has lot a lot from the past two years, including their coach (for this year)... Good luck, hope everyone stays healthy. Roll Tribe Roll
  9. It was Robert St. Clair...he went to Ross N. Robinson and lived on Watauga Street behind Kabool's Grocery... and I didn't have to look it up...but I did look up to him; he could play...I am a bit older than DBTeepee, though, I think...and yet younger than Coach St. Clair... Roll Tribe Roll
  10. Marshall Hardy (Dobyns-Bennett) MILLIGAN COLLEGE (NAIA) Roll Tribe Roll
  11. Hello 83SouthRebel, if you will go to TriCitiesSports.com and click on the story about the D-B vs. Unicoi County baseball game there is a photo gallery which includes pictures of the entire facility (to the left field outfield fence)...but to answer your question, the entire field is FieldTurf...the "infield" part of the facility is simply clay colored FieldTurf...the only real dirt on any playing surface in the stadium is the pitchers mound, everything else is Field Turf...it is really something very special...hope to see you there. Roll Tribe Roll
  12. The D-B Athletic Director did not have a role in ending the series. Roll Tribe Roll
  13. Adrian does not play football...he is a senior...he is student council president at D-B...his mother was a record setting sprinter at D-B... Roll Tribe Roll
  14. Most high school game "contracts" are two year situations...set up for the home and home situation... Roll Tribe Roll
  15. D-B's actual statistical averages are not to the level previously stated...do appreciate the excitement and enthusiasm though...Sylvester is the only player averaging in double figures...add Reed King and Tremell McGue to the ten man rotation, with Adam Lytle getting some solid situational time... Roll Tribe Roll
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