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  1. The way this game is going makes one think Milan would also have done well against Lipscomb.
  2. Why don't you mention the 1990 state champion Lincoln County Falcons who beat both of the teams mentioned in your post?
  3. First of all, I hope faninthestand and any or all others on this thread understand that this character called Latino does not represent me, and I expect, any others in Lincoln County. Please don't group us as you said "fans" as being whiners. Also your term "teams" does not or should not point to our outstanding team as being whiners. People or teams earn respect in their actions, not by getting on a board such as this and being critical of something or someone. This thread shook me up just to read it. We, the people of Lincoln County try hard to be a first class community and a post such as this just rips our heart out. I hated to see the items brought up that happened in the Franklin and Riverdale games. Some things are better left unsaid, I mean we did win the games in question. I appreciate everyone trying to reason with him but alas, he did not understand. With the attitude displayed, I'm surprised CoachT let him continue. I just wish this thread had never been started.
  4. StanTrott, yes it is the same school. Don never coached at Butler.
  5. Stumpman, I believe you are thinking about the 1984 team that was unscored on in the first 8 games. I attended each of the games and was there when Oakland beat us in the first round of the playoffs.
  6. Josh Gregory sprained his ankle. Coach Thompson said after the game that he would be ok.
  7. The best I can remember, Lincoln County had nearly 500 yards total offense, Cookeville had about 117 total yards. I think Lincoln County had 110 yards in penalties.
  8. Final score: Lincoln County 41 Cookeville 7
  9. Late in the fourth quarter: Lincoln County 41 Cookeville 7
  10. In the fourth quarter: Lincoln County 34 Cookeville 7 Lincoln County has had 2 touchdowns called back. They also have over 100 yards in penalties. They also fumbled one time at the 2 yard line and Cookeville recovered.
  11. Late in the third quarter: Lincoln County 27 Cookeville 7
  12. At the half: Lincoln County 21 Cookeville 7
  13. Still in the second quarter: Lincoln County 21 Cookeville 7
  14. In the second quarter: Lincoln County 14 Cookeville 7
  15. In the first quarter: Lincoln County 14 Cookeville 0
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