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  1. What about Chris Berry from Blackman. He is right there with those guys. He beat Sorrell this season and ran with Divinnie the whole race at A.F. Bridges. He's definately up there no doubt about it.
  2. That was me Josh...i meant to post on mine...but you were already signed on and I didn't know...so it just went under yours, sorry. Oh this is Daniel in case you didn't know..lol. But what I posted was still true.
  3. crosovr10

    MTV Show

    MTV's made just aired a new show that dealt with cross country...just thought everyone should know.
  4. Steepler you are a retard. What kind of thread is this? You say the stupidest things. Who cares about JV, who would time it? Not me thats for sure. By the way great running for ya this year....we'll get state next year.
  5. Are you kidding me Sorrell. Hannah will murder him.
  6. Berry just got his third win in a row. Won county by 1 sec. over huwe. siegel got first in boys and girls county and of course becca carrol got first in girls...blackman go second in boy's county...and lavergne got second in girls. I think Blackman was really underrated for their county.
  7. Berry didn't do anything to his knee and now i was instructed to stay off this site cuz my coach got mad that that was said. the coach of columbia called our coach and she got really mad at us. Also i gurantee berry getting top five in region. also rick came from a 7th grade name we gave him becuase he knew everything about every sport like "the rick" off the espy awards commercial don't know if yall saw that or not...but thats where that came from.
  8. Gotcha....but none of them are graduating in 05.
  9. bhssoccer05 who are you???
  10. Josh and Katie yall know we are basically talking to ourselves...lol...no one else has posted here...except that coachlj guy....lol..just thought i'd point it out
  11. athlete 12 you are a moron. there is no way you could get under 15. you couldn't do if you ran more than us. you couldn't do it running 200 miles a week. there is no way. bumbi is the only guy i know under 15...maybe hannah now i'm not real sure. they've trained for a very long time...and trained hard...as hard as they could every day. you couldn't run under 15 if your life depended on it....maybe you should do your research before you talk. thats like me saying that..."well i ran a 58 sec. 400 m the other day" which i did" and it was my first ever...if i trained as much as jermey warner i could lower it down to a sub-40 sec." Your a Retard
  12. Yes thats right, the nic spear, he finished 2nd in state in texas his sophmore year, but was bummed out last year cuz a knee injury...i expect he'll be back up to par by end of season...with him and chris this should make for a great year.
  13. crosovr10


    Agreeded....Millard is awesome...i played with him once and i played pretty well and he still beat me by 3. I was so mad that he beat me after playing a good round. It was at Indian HIlls in shot 74 and he shot 71. I was pi**ed.
  14. Coasterboarder....wow...i can't believe bumbalough only runs 70 a week...thats crazy hes that fast. but my point...like yours was that high quality runners put in high miles. and that 100 miles a week isn't uncommon for elite athletes. still can't believe bumbalough is only running that much...lol....he needs to share the secrets.
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