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  1. Here's the first and last warning about the posts. Watch your language or be prepared to lose your rights to post. I had to delete two posts and have had numerous complaints. Act like the kind of posters who run cross country, not thugs. Good luck to all at state.
  2. Or they could just change the rule about road races and make cc 5K anyway.
  3. Just to play devil's advocate, one can compare past times to each year's time because historically the course has always been three miles. There's a single reason for justification. TSSAA cites the reason as being athletes could no longer race 5K's on the weekend if they wanted to. There are two reasons. Again, just to play devil's advocate. The board is dead.
  4. Not to be argumentative, but there was much talk about collegiate recruiting on the boards last winter. Most of the arguments centered around the fact that some coaches thought that college coaches did not look at specific times when looking at cross country performances due to the many variables involved in the courses. However, when we coaches wanted to change to 5K, many started spouting off about colleges coaches needing similar distances to be able to recruit. I think most coaches will say whatever they want to try to justify making a case for getting more of what they want, which was in this case a 5K distance. I'm to the point that I think it's no biggie one way or the other.
  5. McMinn finished 9th in the state last year (AAA). David Crocket was 10th.
  6. The speculation ends soon. This weeks we'll begin having real results to look at and see who has what.
  7. 5K fails in the vote. The reason given was that no athlete could run road 5K's during the season if they did it. Just wondering, what about invitational cross courses that are 5K? Has the TSSAA even thought of that? I know UTC's is 5K as is Great American and many other out of state events that we all attend.
  8. I would imagine McMinn will put together a pretty decent team at Sectionals.
  9. I saw the incident you're talking about at Optimist. They're ruling was that the outcome of the race was not affected. Your team would have still finished in the spot you finished and no other team was affected. Incidentally, the team that stepped in front of you won the relay overall. I think that the ruling is that the offending team is DQ'ed. But, no harm no foul works I guess.
  10. As of now, there are no results for the Invitational. Letsrun says Bumbi is out with an injury. Also, in the seeded race, the results page says Clay Hannah was DQ'ed for stepping on a line. That's too bad. I'd really like to see him run fast. Anyone know what his unofficial time was?
  11. Michael knows what he's talking about. He keeps ups with what all the guys in the state are doing. He knows what he's talking about in the 4x800 also. While we were waiting to watch Michael's 800 race at Mobile, in which he ran officially now 1:57.25 but we had him in 1:56.92, we watched a team run 7:59. It reminded me of the celebration Michael and his other three team members had when they ran 7:54 in 2003. I hope you guys do it. As Michael says: "It is a rush."
  12. Bach had a hitch in his training though when he played football. I would guess that would affect his strength and throw the book out the window. He was a major talent, and it's a shame he decided to play football when he did. Interesting stuff. I like this type of discussion on the board. Was Chuili's time a mile time or a 1600 and where did that come from? TSSAA.org? Just wondering. He's another one with sick talent. We're heading out to Mobile, so I won't be posting for a few days. The Challenge of Champions awaits.
  13. Chuili's time proved Daniel's table. It converts equally. But, you are right. The table assumes equitable strengths which aren't always even depending on placing in the cycle. The table helps illuminate weaknesses, if you can call them that in a case like Bumbi, that can be worked on. Not my guide, but Daniels', and it works out pretty closely in most cases. By the by, Daniel's table says 1:54 equates to a 4:13 mile or 4:11 1600, I think pretty close to what he ran at state last year. His 8:49 two mile, according to the chart, equates to a 4:07, probably what he would have run fresh. All that for what it's worth.
  14. A 1:54 equates to a 4:13 mile or 4:11 1600 according to Jack Daniels.
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