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  1. Can't be there today but is tis something that is going to happening on a daily or weekly basis?
  2. Anyone played at Cheatham County? Great surface and outfield fence.
  3. Cait McMahon is a great player with a great attitude, Keke Stewart is a great player that is limited because of her attitude, if she can stay focused on basketball and out of trouble she will be great. She has unbelievable potential. From the mid-state area there is a freshman at Cheatham County High School named Abby Lawson who can really go. She has great size for a guard and can run like a deer.
  4. The injured player in the regional game was senior post player, Laura Weakley. This is a key loss. She tore her ACL and damaged cartliage in her knee diving for a loose ball. That is her style. She couldn't stand to see the ball just bouncing out of bounds so she made a tremendous effort for a save and while trying to avoid ramming into the doorway tore her knee up. It's a shame because she is such a gutsy player. She was the dirty work player that every team needs. I think the Cubs will rally around her and use the example that she set throughout the year to motivate them to step up their game.
  5. Tyler Smith is a man amoung boys. The best player on the best team in the state, and well coached to boot. I have seen Tyler play up close and on the sideline as recently as last night and would love to see the player in the state that is better.
  6. Tyler Smith is tops in the country, not just Tennessee. He is the best player on the best team in Tennessee. I believe that whoever started this thread was trying to stir something up or has never seen Tyler Smith play, he is the real deal. The only thing that keeps him frrom scoring 50 a game is boredom. He gets bored on the court because he has to put forth so little effort to dominate.
  7. Tnvolfan, it is apparent that you haven't seen Cheatham Co. play this year. This is not the same team as last year. A new coach and new team attitude has turned things around in Cheatham Co. Thier record does not reflect what type of AA team they are. They played Clarksville NW twice, Gallatin, Clarksville High, Beech, and gave most of these teams all they wanted for most of the game. But I am sure you have now added to thier bulletin board material that might help them continue thier motivated play throughout the district tournament. If given the opportunity, tnvolfan, you should catch a game. They make the game ugly but find ways to pester opposing teams and fight the entire game. You definetly get your $ worth.
  8. I would like to know if the seedings for this district district have been detemined or if Friday night's game will still have menaing in determining seedings. If not, what are the seedings? I know Cheatham Co. is 1, Stewart Co. 2, Mont. Central 3, and after those who is 4-7?
  9. Jon Higgins is, without question, a class act. In fact, he is one of the best all-around people that UT has had in any major sport in a long time. He is a model student and does a lot for the Knoxville community, especially with youth and underprivileged. It is my guess that Jon and Lee have played some pick-up together during the summer or before the season and formed some sort of relationship. I can definetly see Jon making comments like, "Show me something!" or "what you got!" things of that nature, but anything outside of that I would believe to be untrue or taken out of context. He is too smart to put himself or his UT team in the middle of something negative at this point in his career and thier season.
  10. Cheatham County has a basketball team this year. In fact that team is 11-11 after a dismal 1-27 season last year. They are in third place 10AA behind very repectable Sycamore and Waverly teams. They have a senior forward/ guard, do-it-all player by the name of Peyton Gibbs that is averaging 15ppg, 8rbs, and 3asst per game. He just does what is asked of him and is apparently getting the job done. Cheatham County's team as a whole gets my vote for most underrated, they still despite thier record, get no respect.
  11. I'm sure the team and coaching staff at Waverly are tired of people making excuses for them. Bubba Nichols is a great high school basketball player, but this is a team game. Unless he was sick on January 10th, Bubba being sick should not be an issue with this game. Cheatham County's defensive play has been very good recently and that is the biggest reason for thier success. They shot 33% from the field against Waverly and were still able to win by ten. And lets remember that great players can play sick. MJ scored 64 in a game when he was sick. Simply put, the lack of respect that Cheatham County is getting is fuel on the fire. They hear the talk and it is motivation for them. For thier sake, please continue providing the high quality bulletin board material. Hats off to Noel Smith and the scrappy Cheatham County defense.
  12. Cheatham county is loving what they are reading on this message board. Tne underdog role is won that they have come to enjoy. They have nothing to lose and a lot of heart to work with. DO NOT count them out.
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