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  1. Just reminding everyone that all playoff games in all classes start @7:00 pm not 7:30 as it was in the regular season. Good luck to all players and I hope everyone travels saftley.
  2. After watching both teams play this year I think we are in for a good ballgame up at the GAP friday night. Oliver Springs is a classic running football team (ISO's, leads, counter's, traps, etc.) and a tough defense that has two good middle LB's (I believe they are twins, literally). Cumberland Gap's offense is a spread 'em and pick you apart, but they do it with a good running game that complements the pass extremely well. Their defense is sound but sometimes it takes them a few series to run on all cylinders. This will be a close ball game early, with O.S. putting up a few TD's early but their defense is also going to give up some big plays to C. Gap. Second half belongs to the Gap defense. Cumberland Gap - 32 Oliver Springs - 14
  3. You got to be pretty good to beat Cloudland up on the mountain. Midway has a tough team but I don't think they can get it done. Cloudland - 35 Midway - 21
  4. We should see the young kids in the 2nd qtr. if things go as they are expected to. CUMBERLAND GAP - 63 WEST GREENE - 6
  5. You guys are right, I will be chearing for every team in region 1 in the playoffs. Good luck and wasn't this fun!?
  6. Congrats to the panther players, coaches, and fans. Region champs in just three years, now thats a good job with the small things and a great job overall. I hope to see ya take care of business with West Greene and go in to the playoffs healthy. Now, Dukes of Hazzard: You must be one of the following four people: ONE, your kid plays at South Greene or Happy Valley and going in to the season you were thinking, "my son is the best thing ever, and I can't wait to see him run out of the 'T' when he plays college ball, but only after we win the state championship this year." If South Greene, when you lost to CGHS you thought, the refs stole this game! No that isnt it, are kids just didn't play well, yeah ,thats it. We are better than Cumberland Gap! YES! They are losers and we should actually win the region just because we didn't play well. We will get them in the playoffs and they will suffer! Rebels forever. If Happy Valley, well the same thing applies. or TWO, you are either a former player who never got to play or you are a player now who doesn't get to play but you chear on your team with pride and stupidty, which goes hand in hand when it comes to you. Every practice you played hard knowing your shot might someday come only to have it nullified by making the All F honor roll again this six weeks. Well maybe you had one A, shop class or resource math. Thats ok to, since you are on the 5 year plan which is needed to work in the fast paced world of hot grease, drinking straws, and sweeping parking lots. By the way, do you want fries with that? or THREE, you are Laws himself, his parent, or his bestfriend. It dosen't matter which, because the same high opinon of the "great" Laws is needed. Wow, that takes concentration and you should maybe set down before you pass out from the complete foucs you have on the mirror in front of you. You are driving down the road listening to Hells Bells dreaming of running through every defender and making every tackle on defense, WATCH OUT! You hear a sudden and long horn, its the person who you just ran off the road, which person is also telling you that you are number one. Which you agree to. FOUR, you are a H.V. player who still can't believe that CGHS beat ya. So to make yourself feel better you talk about how good South Greene is now, and how they would have beat us if they played well. That way you think in you heart that you are actually second in the region. If only.... I don't know which one you are. You could be a little bit of each one or I may be completly off. It dosen't matter, I enjoyed making fun of you. Thank you for being you and putting yourself up on the message board. Your are awesome. Also, thanks for the comments and region championship. We will happily take the championship knowing we played every Friday night, and you....well you played every Friday night too, except one. Thanks for not showing up when you needed to. p.s. "Dukes of Hazzard", is that where you live or do you just want to live there? Just checking.
  7. O.k. its their biggest game of the year, but South Greene still beats them, and because its a rival game, I give them 40 + points. The only way they don't is if South Greene takes it easy on them. I am not saying this because I like or dislike West or South Greene. In fact I really could care less about either school, but that dosen't stop the reality of this game and the fact that South Greene is playing great with some talented players and West Greene is playing awful with some kids that are playing hard but with not much else. South Greene wins this by, lets say 45 points. If I am wrong, I will be the first to apoligize and admit that I was wrong. Good luck and I hope no one gets hurt for either team.
  8. With the way South Greene has been playing, and the way West Greene has been playing, then West Greene will not even see the milk can. South Greene will win this one by 50 points.
  9. Considering the schools mentioned berfore, do the middles school and little league programs have a good connection w/ the high school program? Do they run the same basic offense/defense so that they don't have to re-teach the kids as Freshman? Does the high school have a say in the middle school programs?
  10. I hope the boys are focused, because G-P can throw the ball a lot better than North Greene and I don't have to mention what happened in the first half of that game do I. In saying that, the defense is playing great ball and a little hic-up is good for ya, makes you realize the importance of not over looking anyone and playing your game on every play. I hope its a good game and I hope the panthers remember the last trip to G-P, they scored 72 points. They are looking to do the same thing this year, but don't get on here and tell me that your going to stop them, show me Friday night. Don't put the cart before the horse. Anyone who is talking about a Cumberland Gap/Alcoa matchup is forgetting that game would be 5 games away and we are only guarented 3 games as of right now. Cumberland Gap - 47 Gatlinburg-Pittman - 22
  11. I am just wondering what small towns or communties have good football programs and what makes them good? Examples are like Cloudland, Onieda, Greenback, South Pitt., etc. I don't know many in middle and west Tennessee so who are you? Just because they are down this year or have been down the last few years dosen't mean they don't have an overall good program. So mention these schools to.
  12. Well the Panthers come into the game knowing that the Region championship is in their hands, I expect to see a focused defense and an offense running on all cylinders. Don't over look this game, North Greene can beat ya if ya don't play your game. Cumberland Gap - 35 North Greene - 7
  13. Just to let everyone know that this wasn't a one time thing with Union County, I have seen two incidents by Union County players over the last three years that are much worse than what happened at Carter Friday night I have been involved in high school football for 15 years and I know that every now and then every team has a player that acts stupid, but this childish behavior happens way too much with them. A team plays and acts like the adults coaching them. When you have a good coaching staff that will teach and show the players that good sportsmanship is an essitinal part of the game, then you will have players that give their all and keep control of their emotions. Apparently, Union County has the opposite.
  14. flip96


    I went to and coached at Powell Valley High school located in Speedwell TN. The last school year was 2002-2003. We combined with Forge Ridge High School to make the new Cumberland Gap High School.
  15. Carter should be able to jump on Union Co, pretty quick. Union Co. played well last week but Carter has a better team overall. I haven't seen either team play a regular season game but Union Co. had some problems in the summer that are showing in their record this season. BigCJones40, man get a life. This thread is about a game, not your personal dislikes. If you don't like Carter then you need to start your own thread about that. Who cares if they couldn't win in 4a ball, they are in 3a now.
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