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  1. As a graduate of a small private school and an athlete at that school as well, I can tell you that some students go to privates for a chance to play sports because they feel they will have a better chance to play one or more sports at that school instead of a larger public school. Some students go there for academics and happen to have a some athletic ability. There will also be kids who start a private in Pre-K and turn out to be great athletes. Yes, there is a packet a family can fill out for financial need (similar to an old Pell Grant app for college) if the family qualifies the school actually decides how much to distribute from the pool of people eligible and that person can not play high school sports if they receive this help. Yet at a PRIVATE school there are people in the community who also donate LARGE amounts of money for tax donation purposes and in return their kids tuitions are covered and it just so happens that in certain circumstances it will also cover other students cost of attending. Also, star athletes can get busted by undercover cops for trying to buy marijuna and only a very small article will end up in the local paper just saying three students were caught. Yet a non athletic student fails a random drug test and gets kicked out of school. Yes, the majority of parents at Privates are more involved, but look at the boy girl ratio of some privates. My particular school is definetly where you would send your boy if he were into sports, the athletic director literally runs the school, he may not have the title of Headmaster, but make no mistake he's in charge. You also need to look at the amount of students at a Private that play sports and have the ability to take lessons, play club ball, travel ball and AAU as opposed to the number of athletes at a small rural public school. Most of the students at the public school do not have the same opportunities and it is not a matter of priorities in most cases. There are alot of people of public schools who just are not able to send their kids to privates even though they would like them to have the opportunity. There are a great deal of things that go on at private a school when it comes to sports, some are right and some are wrong and it is not going to change. Although, I love the small town rivals, all privates should be in their own division, that way they can do whatever they want when it comes to getting players and it really won't matter. And yes there are kids who sole reason they go to a private school is to play sports, I know them, I have played with them and they will tell you that is the only reason they went to the private, as a matter of fact that is the only reason that I went to a private and the only reason my sibling went as well. In the end you realize you have made some great friends, you may be better prepared for college, you were able to experience some things you would not have at a public school, but you walked through the door the first day with playing ball on your mind, not "Oh boy, I hope I meet some really nice people and get to go on a trip to Washington"!
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. We are not moving for academics or sports, this move would be for family reasons. I have three children: one in high school which is not an athlete but has a solid academic base, and currently one 7th grade boy who is naturally athletic and is not that interested in studying and a 6th grade boy who loves playing sports, has the heart of an athlete but not quite the natural ability as he would wish and he doesn't mind studying. Moving 3 kids at this age who have been involved in a lot of activities is not an easy mountain to climb. Sports are great for kids, I personally think academics are more important because the majority of high school athletes do not go on to play after high school. Just like the majority of people on here with children, if my children want to participate in sports I want them to have the opportunity so I will let them tryout for any sport they want, just as I want them to have the opportunity to go to college. Since I do have 2 children who are into sports I knew I could get some good feedback here, I have already checked on the academic aspects of both schools. One reason I ask on a football thread is one child loves football and the other basketball, I'm just trying to look at all angles and all of your feedback is greatly appreciated. As far as the private thing goes, if my child can get a good education at a public school I would rather spend my money on AAU or travel baseball, we can go and see a lot of places as a family and you can meet some great life long friends. Thanks again for your feedback.
  3. No, I don't think he will be the Coach next year. Personally, I don't know him and he may be a great guy but as for moving the Lebanon football team forward it doesn't look as he can make that happen. Lebanon High School football needs to be taken out of the hands of some of the COUNTY ADMINISTRATORS! Obviously, if they had such great knowledge of the game of football, they would be coaching football instead of sitting on Stumpy Lane in an office or where ever they roost during the day. Lebanon High has the ability to do great things, if some people would back off and let them. What you have now is a classic case of you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
  4. I know I will get some biased reactions, after reading this thread I believe I can also get some honest opinions. I have been watching both Smith County and Gordonsville sports only a short time trying to make a decision on a possible move to Smith County. It is my understanding that your child can go to either school in the county. I am wanting some honest opinions on the coaching at both schools for boy sports. I am interested in things such as: experience, their ability to get the most out of a player, do they have kids themselves in the school who are also playing and do they play some players as a trade off so their child will play on someone elses team, basically do they pick the best line up from their talent, how a big a role do politics within the community play. I am looking for the school that utlizes their best talent, I am not interested in playing any type of political games, I simply want to be a spectator, watch some good athletic events and want the best place for my children. I don't need any opinions on any players, whatever decison is made I know as a new student, you have to work hard regardless.
  5. Afraid Crane won't be there to see it........ Really...........
  6. Probably not this year, but if most people in Lebanon get their wish, next season should start looking better.
  7. Watertown won its first District title since 1935, which I wasn't around then, but I do believe back in the day Watertown was in a district with some of the big schools in the Boro. But no matter what, last night was a great win for the team, school, and community. Friendship is a great talented team, Watertown really played their hearts out last night. I feel strongly that the two teams will meet again this year and it may be a different outcome, but it does make for some great match ups right here in this district. No matter the sport, District 8 has some great match ups that really make a person enjoy high school athletics.
  8. Good luck to both teams, both teams have great talent. FC should have won their region, which just proves that any team can win on any given night. As far as coaching goes quit complaining, FC has had a great year, you have coaches than can bring kids in, coaches that can help kids get college scholarships, coaches that let kids play that didn't get chances before, coaches that get kids with talent out of the halls that wouldn't play before, isn't that what everyone wanted?????? I hope Hill has his best game ever, he deserves it, I will miss watching him on the court. I hope Patterson shows out and has a great game. FC does have three really good players and the rest aren't too bad either, but I am not sure they can beat CSAS no matter who is the coach. I'm for the FCS boys all the way, the ones that have stuck it out, that have worked hard to be the best player possible, that have made watching them worth the time and money spent to watch them flourish, as far as the coaches and administration go, who cares! Go FC!
  9. Also, it's not there batting, or pitching they will have to play defense and they have been fortunate over the past years. With a new assistant that actually knows how to coach softball and with Coach Powell they should be fine.
  10. No other team in the District or Region hit as well as this team, like I said in the previous post when they play the scheduled teams that are NOT in their District and Region is when you will be able to tell how far they will go and how they will do against tougher teams as it gets close to state. The pitchers they had trouble hitting were the same pitchers most teams had trouble hitting. Best I remember they hit Shelby Morris enough to win against MJ and Shelby is an awesome pitcher. Their best bat last year was Cross and she is still there.
  11. They should be fine in the district and region, they still have some great hitters and more than just one or two. Outside of the District Coach Powell plays some tough competition and that is when you will really know how the season will be for the girls. Forget the pitching, this team will have to play defense this year, they have been very fortunate over the past years with excellent pitching. When I saw them playing at state last year they struggled at defense when the heat was on. No doubt they have the talent, they should get more practice this year during the season at defense. There will be no walk fest with these pitchers, but there will be more balls put into play. In single A ball they have a really good chance of getting back to state. No other team in their District or Region have the bats that this team has.
  12. Best quote I've read on here about FCS girls basketball. You hit it, underachieve. I don't want to say the PLAYERS underachieving is costing them close games, it could be a combination. Don't want anything taken the wrong way, the coach really is a good person, and I quess if I were any better I'd be out there coaching. But they have came along way. I don't know if anyone has worked as hard as Vaughn to get to this point, she has the heart of a champion, I hope them the very best.
  13. Actually, this class were 7th graders when they won that tournament, Warmath and Hay were not there and he didn't let 7th graders play, (told them they would get their chance to play as 8th graders). Therefore, they should have been really awesome last year, but I think most all (maybe all) of those 8th graders had quit by the time they were seniors. Although, none of this really matters now. This is the best FCS girls have been since Brown left. Their hard work is paying off.
  14. Warmath could have went to any school in the county since her mom teaches in the county. FCS was fortunate to get her she's not just a great basketball player, she's a great athlete. I just see people on here talking about how FCS gets all of these players and most people don't realize that most of these players were there at a very young age, that was what I was referring too earlier. I am glad to see these girls doing so well. Playing AAU ball has really helped this program also.
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