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  1. Props to Coach Cupples, who has worked hard and stuck it out thru some rough years. I am glad to see him being rewarded with some success this year.
  2. Lay off of Matthew. He's doing the best job he can, and the Dirty Dozen was around before him. Besides, he says repeatedly in his blog that the poll is for fun. It makes good conversation but there is no reason to jump the guy for his opinions. Could the coverage be better? Sure. I miss the full back-page preview that Josh Parrott used to do and wish Matthew would bring that back. If you'd like, we can have people get on here and start critiquing your performance on the radio. I'm not sure how much you'd enjoy that.
  3. Congrats to South Fulton on the win, but one win against another team that has struggled in recent years hardly constitutes a "winning tradition." One step at a time.
  4. Despite 29 years of excellent service as the PBP voice of Lexington football, it seems that Dan Hughes has been (quietly) shown the door by 99.3. Very sad, as Dan's voice was as synoymous with Big Red football as anything was.
  5. The 10U West Tennessee Red Hotz will be holding open tryouts on Saturday, Feb. 2, at 11:00 at Jackson Christian School. We have 4-5 roster spots available and are looking primarily for pitchers and catchers; however, ALL positions are up for the taking. Please bring your glove, bat, and batting helmet. For more information, or to schedule an individual workout if you cannot attend on Saturday, call Phillip Cummings (217.8180) or John Armstrong (984.7166).
  6. New 10U travel team forming in Jackson. Open tryouts will be held on Feb. 2. For more information contact Phillip Cummings (217-8180) or John Armstrong (983-3056 or 984-7166).
  7. On The Ball released its All West TN team in its latest issue.
  8. I wasn't there, but I know Coach Scott well enough to be able to say it didn't happen.
  9. Props to Bulldog Fan #2 for nipping this in the bud.
  10. We already found one. Thanks for responding and good luck with your team.
  11. MP better bring something other than 42 carries by Dailey or it's going to be very similar to their trip to West Tenn last year.
  12. Bolivar is huge up front...I think their O-line averages around 280 if all the starters are healthy. Their backs are big guys, too, both weighing well over 200 but can move pretty well. Don't have much of a passing game to speak of. The QB, Jason Overton, has a pretty good arm but hasn't been too consistent this year. They have a decent kicker, Hank Grantham, who could get them 3 in the red zone if a drive stalls out. Not sure how big Lipscomb is up front, but I could see Bolivar giving them some problems on the line. Bolivar has a DE, Jonathan Armour, who is kind of small for the position but is super quick and has racked up double digits in sacks and over 100 tackles. I think Bolivar is better than most people from Middle TN seem to be giving them credit for. But I also don't think they, as a program, are ready to win this game. Lipscomb is Lipscomb for a reason. It takes a few trips and games against teams like a Lipscomb to start competing with them, and Bolivar is not there yet. Plus, Lipscomb will execute as well or better than anyone that Bolivar has played this season. I haven't seen DL play often, but they just don't make many fundamental mistakes. Get used to seeing Bolivar this deep into the playoffs, though. Coach Perry has done a great job building that program and is now getting some of the better athletes in the school out to play. I think they're on the verge of becoming one of West TN's best 3A programs.
  13. They already saw the best defense in Tennessee when they played Melrose. Another great postseason run by Haywood, but Mitchell is better than anyone who has yet to see them play is giving them credit for. Listen to the Dyersburg contigent. They saw it first-hand last week.
  14. The words "sour grapes" come to mind. As well as "here's a crying towel for you." I beg to differ on your comment about "it wasn't because of shooting skills." Gleason shot 51.3 percent from the floor, 44.8 percent from three-point range, and 92.3 percent from the foul line. No, you're right, they couldn't shoot at all. /blink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blink:" border="0" alt="blink.gif" /> If you know what they're going to do, defend it. If you can't, it's no one's fault but yours. You have a chance to force them out of that game by getting a lead on them, but you know what? You couldn't. Heck, your team did good to score 20.
  15. I heard they beat Craigmont and another AAA team from Memphis that I can't remember at their playday and lost to CBHS. I saw them last night and all I can say is, if you're going to beat them, better beat them now. With that freshman and sophomore class they've got, it's very likely you'll see more nationally ranked teams coming from Liberty in the very near future.
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