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  1. I am simply going insane with some of the immature posts of our Panther fans. Let me answer this succintly and intelligently. Our visitors side press box is quite ample for a radio crew, filmers, and coaches. It is a "visitors" press box and how many schools lay out the money to offer to that to the opposition? Our fans are good people... as with every school, you have a few lamebrains who conduct themselves with absolutely no sense of sportsmanship or simple decency. If that indeed happens, contact one of the various law enforcement personnel in the immediate area and they will be dealt with. McKenzie committed five turnovers, not seven.... three interceptions and one fumble during the heat of the battle and another fumble on the last play of the game which wasn't really instrumental in the outcome.. Why is this even an issue? We will treat you so many ways that you will certainly enjoy some of them and that is important when coming from a team that is no match for Huntingdon, much less Milan whom you will face the week after.
  2. GB: Hull has set the season record for QB sacks and he either has 13 or 14.. I don't have the book in front of me. It is in the den and I am too lazy to go look it up for sure but I can attest that he broke Tommy Stagg's single season record for sacks which had held since 1981. Tommy "Tinker" Staggs was Miles Staggs father. Also, David Sharp passed Benji Rainey this week for total yardage leader for a career. He has somewhere around 5,800 yards for his career. Carlos Juvara is on pace to break the single season percentage record for a kicker. He is 31-33 and 4-4 in field goals.
  3. It is true sir. We are slow of foot and stand at awe at the greatness of your backfield. But, nevertheless, we will show up for the game and give you our best effort. Granted it simply can not match the effort of say, Milan, but we will attempt to play with the gusto of raving bohemians!
  4. He's not too small to play college football and whoever said that no one could play D-1 ball at that size needs to rethink his statement. Look at Shaud Williams at Alabama. He is a runt but a dang good runt!
  5. I am sorry sir, I have not noticed that. Maybe it was because I couldn't think properly for the sounds of "Yea Alabama" cascading thru my eardrums from them playing it every time Mississippi State had the ball? But thanks for correcting me and I will log it as duly noted.
  6. Please pay no attention to these young rabble rousers who are predicting a Lewis County victory. They know nothing of the greatness of Huntingdon and don't realize they are heaping coals of misery upon our team's head! We Lewis Countians who study the game realize that we have no chance and are simply glad to have a great season thus far. As for your comment that our defensive line is too small? Well, we may be slow as a muddy pond terrapin but it's not because we are small. Out tackles are 6-2 283 and 6'1 335... Lumpy and Ottis... Our ends are 6'4 277 and 6'3 196.... Hull is a big old boy and Arledge is the thinner version of our line but he runs a 5.31 40 so what he lacks in size he makes up for in speed. Please don't call us small again. You can call our line and backs slow and you can go ahead and claim victory but we are fat, got it? Fat!
  7. Why would Huntingdon even worry about us? They have Milan to worry about next week. The Panthers are simply a stepping stone to the ultimate demise and everyone knows what that is. We will pleasant hosts.... let's hope Milan is as well.
  8. This is insane! I hope none of the athletes featured in this game get college scholarships and have to go play in front of 100,000 screaming fans and bands with 300 members each, if they do, maybe someone will prescrive Xanax before the contest to keep them calm? The Lewis County band is some 40 strong, with 15 of those being flag bearers! If they really made that much differance in the game then I hereby invite every football fan in the state to Hohenwald this Friday night! Not for the game which we obviously have no chance of winning but to here the "Luna"-tics play like a throng of 1000!
  9. Personally speaking, it is really pleasing to see three programs that have been down for a while making some noise is 4-A. Lawrence County, Hillwood and White County all deserve their current success. With that in mind, I believe that Lawrence County has a real shot at winning this game. Their defense is solid, they will have to play with no mistakes and not get rattled but I think they can come away with a very big win.
  10. You are the most miserable excuse for a "fan" that I have ever seen on this website. With you, nobody could ever win. Maybe you see yourself as some sort of visionary, I see you as rotted flesh! The Panthers win this week, great, you predicted it.. they lose next week, the mighty Checkerboard knew it. They WIN next week and it was YOU who inspired them! Why don't you go find another team to harrass, I mean support?
  11. Sadly, the Yellowjackets of Fairview couldn't close the deal and set up a Region 5 rematch. I'll wish your team well.
  12. TheExpert

    Fairview @ McKenzie

    If some of the West TN guys label you with the "Lewis County stigma?" That being that Lewis County can't beat West TN teams.. Of course after Huntingdon going out in round one two years in a row, to a #3 and #4 seed, I wonder if it shouldn't be the other way around? I have said all year long that our region was stronger top to bottom than their region. Let's see what happens now but my guess is that a week from now, it will be two region 5 teams from middle TN playing in round three, not the supposedly superior west TN teams!
  13. ... but not in a dill pickle way. May I quote you? "I'm so ignorant about the wing-t.....The reason colleges don't run the wing-t is because it would give them an unfair advantage, right?" If the shoe fits, wear it there braniac? The reason it's called the Delaware Wing T is because of the tremendous success that Delaware had running it, the college Delaware, not the town. Touche! Try again, it's just two for a dollar?
  14. "I think Lewis County has a good history of playing above average football with above average teams. The major gripe is that they have never made it to The Show. They seem to be subconsciously satisfied with just getting to the playoffs. I know that a bunch of the die-hards are going to read this and start spewing venom, but y'all know I'm right. Most sensible people in Lewis county mark this as the biggest problem they have with this program." ------------------------------------------------------------ I don't think they would know you are right or then they would be sensible like you? HA I am glad that these kinds of "fans" are reserved for Lewis County and nowhere else..HA [Edited by TheExpert on 10-26-02 2:49A]
  15. You got to really respect an expert that thinks a basic 60 defense is a 4-4? Keep talking Checkerboard, you remind me of a guy that would be majoring in literature or comminications? I have seen this team play many times over the past 4-5 years and if you think they have superior talent to the teams they are playing, you are a very poor judge of talent. You are the kind of fan that every school has... mired in the dregs of what might have been.
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