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  1. Post your opinions I pick dresden by 20
  2. if anybody seen the game could you give some of the details. Great job Dresden on the big win hope you have a great rest of the season.
  3. I pick Dresden by 10. By the way does anybody know who will be kicking for dresden this year?
  4. I'm hoping for a good game I dont know much about east roberson at all are they any good and how good did they do last year and do they have a chance against a tough dresden team this year.
  5. The teams are Dresden Westview Humbolt Milan Union City Trenton Not in any order just post how you think they will end up
  6. I personally think that Dresden's team will be very good this year and have a good chance of taking region 7 2A.
  7. I pick Huntington in a 28-21 win over milan.
  8. South Fulton is much improved this year than they were last year, but they still have some hard teams to face such as Dresden and West Carrol and maybe Bruceton.
  9. nevermind it was 19-7 in favor of crockett co.
  10. Does anybody know the score?
  11. we only lost a few starters from last year, but they have been replaced by the upcoming classman.
  12. Post your opinions on the game.
  13. stats for dresden
  14. I think that they will stink. They will get beat by everybody in the region this year.
  15. I will be starting punter this year, running back, and maybe corner or safety. I dont know which one on defence yet. Our kicker the FG kicker thats all he does is kicks b/c he is to small to play any other position.
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