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  1. Lets not build this game up to be the superbowl. I'd say the game 4 years ago against Seymour for the schools first and only region title was a little bit bigger. This is just one game in a season of many, right now its know bigger than the game against East, or Central was at the time they were played. One game at a time,
  2. I really hope your joking,because the only Sullivan team you would beat, is the one you didnt mention"Central".
  3. Although im not directly involved with J.C., and do not see everything going on.I have some idea and picture of things.JC4Life and Freakazoid those were 2 very good posts with alot of insightful information and made alot of sence.They also helped in some of my suspicions of things revolving around the program.If all parties involved would use a approach like you two just did, great strides would be made.So many times great ideas or good information is lost or shot down, because the approach is in a purely negative way.You get somebodys attention or lose it in the first 2 sentances.I know from my own expirience and my sons that if a high school coach just shows up for a middle school game,that it works wonders for those kids.It is also a great oppertunity to start developing a understanding of goals and expectations.By this i dont mean blasting them,but just having conversation,answering questions and building a relationship.Not only with the players but there parents as well, most of the time problems will reveal themselves then.And many times "handleing it civalized of course" many of the issues will resolve before they even make it to the high school.Eliminating many negative issues before they ever have a chance to be distractions to the team. Haveing those teams recognized at halftimes of varsity games" including the parents" is a small thing.But can go along way in generating interest and help in coach community relationship.Another great tool is having your upperclassmen go and help in some middle school workouts.Along with speaking at each school for a few minutes about high school sports, and sharing expiriences with them.All these things are simple and does not require much, but will go along way in building unity and relationships between the community,coaches,team and players. I didnt get to see a J.C. game this year,so i can't make any comments about actual coaching decisions.I will say this, there are many variables in game night decisions.Sometimes power offences are run just for the lack of depth on a team.Most all of the smallest schools in Tenn. and Va. run these types of schemes just for that reason.There not truly designed for fast paced games, they shorten the game and control the clock.Something many dont notice is in a 15 play drive your team has 15 times in a huddle to catch there breath.Yes the other team does to,but your eliminating some of there depth advantage.Also assignments are easier and that makes it easier for a tired player to exacute.Your lineman will get more traps and straight up blocking, than long pulling and down field blocking.Also with smaller numbers on a team odds are you have a weak link or two in there.With a power team u can load up and run away from those guys, in a spread they will get u killed.Yes defences will load up to, but it does give you the advantage of deception.That deception will give a average player the best oppertunity to make a big play, that he otherwise couldnt make. As far as the goalline defence, again there are many factors.Alot of teams will run outside, or hit slants in goalline situations, expecting the middle loaded.Its all a chess match of personal,schemes, tendancies and mismatches.Again i can't comment or question, i wasn't there. Again i thought both of you made great posts and seemed very aware and in touch.I think of many took your approach it would be of great benefit and in the best interest of J.C. football. Warlock i dont think the post will be deleted for reasonable discussion.Again its all in the approach.Just blasting out of frustration,anger or disappointment usually leads to poor discussions and solves nothing. Dicipline should not be the only thing,and the negatives should be low profile.Again i will revert to trust and understanding, most kids dont have a problem with dicipline,and will not question punishment of themself or others.As long as 1)they understand what it was and why and 2) they trust in the person making that judgement. Good Luck with you guys program and i hope for the best for you all....Sorry for the grammer i dont have long and rush through it.
  4. There is no catch22, all it takes is 1 team to unite and believe.They become tight work hard and play hard,there encouragement and the energy and enthusiasm they bring.Will bring more players out and so it starts, you dont have to have the wins to bring em out. Just let them see theres something special going on and they will want to be a part of it.......
  5. You are quite a young man, and your perspective is right on. Ive seen it at many schools and many times.Many teens are lazy now days period, and a big part of that is due to spoiling parents.So many parents can not stand to see there child be fussed at or disaplined by someone,there very quick to point out others though.Many now days like it or not think there child is above this that or another.The coach there is getting a bum rap from a few big mouthed babys period.There the ones breeding this disseray at the school and its running through like a virus.Coach U has been very successful everywhere he has been as a coach and player.He also has a great character about him, and was loved at other schools.He also won a state title at Oakland and had a very successful program, which has been on the decline every since he left.He has a very strong work ethic and low tolerance for anything disruptive to the team.I promise you though he will not quit,and if the community would break this split and support him and the team J.C. would be highly successful.Theres two ways to coach high school, u can either be a buddy and nice guy and make it fun.You will get kids out for that, and they will play hard for you, you will win ballgames.But you dont have the exacution, dicipline, character,work ethic and drive or determination that will win championships and state titles. Or you can be straight foward, hard work, dicipline coach.Come in and say this is how it is and your not gonna like me but im gonna teach you and take you places.With that mutual understanding, you have a very well coached and diciplined team, that will exacute and play with character and understanding of what each persons responsability is.Each person knows there job and the role they play in the big picture to the team no matter how big or small and accepts that role.Understanding that is what it takes to be a team and do far more than just win ballgames.On top of the fact that when you work extremely hard, your not gonna let it be for nothing on Friday nights.You know that guy in front of you does not deserve it as much as you, and your by no means are not gonna let him take it away from you. There is still plenty of fun for this kind of team but its not all fun, theres character building, dicipline and integrity with this team also.These teams are the teams that win championships and state titles.It's not that theres something magical in the water in certain school districts,that breeds awsome athletes every year.Its not like collage, where you go recruit players, its teenagers and every school district of the same size has a close to equal talent pool.The difference is coaching and more importantly, the community support and belief in them.Its very important that the kids trust and believe in there coaches and vice verse.The effort will not be the same if they dont have that mutual trust and belief. No kid will have that as long as there constantly hearing questioning and second guessing.The two types of high school coaches i just described are the 2 that will be succesful in high school, the second will reach levels the first one wont.He will also teach way more than football, coach U falls in the second category of coaches.It's very important that these kind of coaches reach the kids early on and make it clear to them that they care about them.But there gonna push them very hard and its not about them liking him or not.Its about him leading them to expirience what few get to, and takeing them to a level that all high school teams wanna reach.Whether or not he established that understanding or not i dont know, but i do know what kind of coach he is and what kind of person he is.Some might say he is stubborn, but really he is in a position of authority and a coach. He has to be in control, and he has to give guidence and direction, all teams have to have that. You cannot have that tryn to please everyone, you will bounce all over the place, be inconsistant and your team will follow that path.You have to lay a foundation and build from there and you cannot waiver.I have not spoken n any of these threads about these issues, i've said all i will say about it. Coach U will take J.C. where they want to go, if the team and community will support and let him.They must be unity
  6. He graduated from North.He really worked hard to build something but wasnt gettin any help from North A.D. boosters or not even much from the community itself.Of course coachs pay for county schools is horrindous.Tenn. High is paying he way more as a assistant than what he was gettin at North.Add to the fact there was no real commitment or support from the school or community along with the uncertainty of the future with the school and no feeder school.And the offer from Tenn. High was to much to pass on.I really believe he would be a great fit for the Hill and its community.I also believe he would get the support as far as school and community involvement.Once they seen his determination and commitment to excellance i believe they would be with him 100%.The Hill would be crazy not to give him consideration,like i said he would be a steal.And i for one would bet the farm that they would be very positive results, results that all parties involved would be proud of.
  7. Another local coach that is very overlooked is Mike Wampler.He is a very good coach and has had success at many different places.Anderson County as off. cor., head coach at Rye Cove and at North.He is currently a assistant at Tenn. High, he was head coach at North for three years.Playoffs first year and the schools first ever and only outright region championship in just his second year.His third year he took whats almost a 2a school"if you take 8th graders outta enrollment" and went 4a.In that first year in 4a they were extremely competitive in every game but one going 5-5 and missing the playoffs really by one roughing the punter pentalty.They were just a couple of plays away from a 7-3,8-2 season.He had them in position but cant hold the ball for them.They led the confrence in offense, had the top two scorers in the league and 2 in the top 5 in rushing.Very successful first year in 4a, and would do a excellent job at a school like Science Hill.He is very professional and knowledgable,is very dedicated and determined and has great dicipline and character.People can call me crazy, but he would be perfect for Science Hill and there situation and needs.I would guarantee that he would have the Hill challenging for the region and more every year. Without the huge price tag...
  8. Come on man, William Blount had a harder schedule than u guys.Of you alls schedule who was the toughest team that you guys had on there a 9-4 Farregut team.I know 2 of those losses was to you guys,"but seriously" you guys have a very good team and have done extremely well.But your schedule was not very tough this year in fact coach t lists it as 39th toughest in 5a,out of what 62 teams in 5a.Bottom line,just take care of business the next two weeks and thats all that matters.
  9. I dont think its a cakewalk, and i give them credit for a great season and having a very solid ballclub.Im just saying they have really only played 2 or 3 teams with very solid ballclubs.The rest of the weeks werent against very stiff compitetion.And how can you say there the toughest region,there one of the toughest but not the toughest.I have respect for the owls and there region and they have definatly owned region 1 lately.
  10. If i were him id either play for Wiess at Notre Dame or Spurrier at South Carolina.Either one of them would help prepare him for Sundays,i personally would like to see him at South Carolina hooking up with Thompson from Maryville.Three Tennesseans helping turn South Carolina into a national power.
  11. You people crack me up.You are the very people that was crying and picthing fits to have these schools play in different divisions. How soon people forget a few years ago how no regular high school could win a championship for these teams. All the fuss to make them play for there own state title in there own class. Now you all want to say how 5-a football is the toughest and most competitive. Bring them back in then and less see how many titles the 5a schools win. And as far as the so called powerhouse of the owls, you havent played nobody. A very weak schedule and we will see just how good they are this week. Give the kid his just do, hes extremely talented and has worked hard. And yes he would have done just as good if not better in 5a.I say better, because then he would only play 3 or 4 really good teams a year instead of one every week.
  12. I agree with you on Ravenwood.It wouldnt be the first time id be wrong, but i look for Smyrna and Ravenwood to play for it all..Although i wouldnt be surprised to see White Station upset them.Not because i think there a better team but Ravenwood has showed to be inconsistant this year.But then again it is the playoffs so they should be ready to play.I feel after winning it all last year, that at times they just went through the motions during the season, and now will play to there potential.White Station cant make the mistakes they did last week and beat Ravenwood.The owls seem to have a very solid team, but i dont think they have had any real big games. I dont think they have faced any really stiff competition.On the other had Smyrna has faced some very competitive teams consistantly and has played in some big games this year.They have been in games of the magnitude in which this game will be played.Question is,do they think they have it in the bag after getting past Riverdale or will they focus and prepare for this week. With the understanding that the owls are very solid and not just going to give it to them.They were very lucky against Riverdale and cant sqaunder scoring oppertunities this week.
  13. I kept asking you about Smyrna in your 100% polls, and you wouldnt consider them.Week after week, just wondering if there good enough to be in your 100% correct top 10 now?
  14. I was talkn bout being tough, not skill.He took some vicious beatings but always jumped up.And not to be a big guy he made some pretty good hits on defence, just my opinion.
  15. I dont think anybody that has seen him play, thinks of him as a mop up qauterback. He is without a doubt very talented and is going to do great when he gets his oppertunity.But its very important that he gets playn time and experience.I said before he needs and deserves more than just comin in and mopping up. And i think there doin a good job in helping him progress.Theres no doubt in my mind he is capable of starting now and do a very good job.Good luck Rebels
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