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    Tyner Rams Football
  1. TOOT! TOOT! Gonna be a dogfight at Bob Evans Stadium. Cant wait til Friday.
  2. Darn good game Rams. Wow what a running game Union City has. That was a good game to watch.
  3. We traditionally run the wing T offense, but Coach T has opened up the play calling this year. Young Mr. Bowens has been given a little wiggle room to run a more read option style. We just need to minimize penalties, and not turn the ball over. This team has heart, and will not give up easily. Roll on Ram Train.
  4. I'm pretty sure there are only 2 truly active Tyner fans on here...RamFan and myself. We generally do not talk too much trash, just enjoy watching the game being played. I have not posted much at all, as i do not watch nowhere near as many games as I should. I haven't even been able to watch a single game this year. All i can hope for is a good clean game....and maybe it will be the same outcome as our last meeting with that gold ball coming back to Chattanooga. Good luck to both teams, I hope and pray it is an injury free game
  5. Nice job Ram Train. Rematch of our last State Championship.
  6. Nice job Rams. Keep this momentum going and let's go to Tech. Good job on finishing strong Warriors, way to get over those rough couple of weeks. TOOT! TOOT! BABY!!!!!!!
  7. TOOT TOOT! Its game day baby. Everyone have safe travels. Good luck to both teams tonight, but may my Ram Train come out on top.
  8. You really don't like Coach Turner do you?
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