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  1. Way to go JC! State tourney! Wish I could be there..
  2. He walked on for George Washington University this year, and was on SportCenter's top plays tonight for a sweet play against St. Louis in the A-10 tourney...
  3. JC, baby! .. so happy about this -- just wish I could be in town
  4. I, for one, always look for glitter in a team's hair, and THEN decide for which team I will cheer.
  5. I am really looking forward to this one tomorrow. It'll be good to be back in the 'boro. I really missed it. GO BLUE GO!
  6. Swanson, I was quoting Ms. Summitt's post from earlier this year declaring Jackson Co. "overrated." I despise the term "overrated" because it is all relative and hinges on whomever is actually doing the rating. I've thrice ranted about my distaste for "overrated" on this forum. Jackson Co. by 20 Good luck to your Bulldogs, Swanson, hopefully we'll see them Saturday!
  7. Ms. Summitt, "overrated" teams do not win by 50 ... "Overrated" teams don't win at all ... Hampton by however many it wants!
  8. Jackson Co. by how ever many points it feels like .. GO BLUE! An overrated team hosting a sub-state game? Go figure.
  9. The District Champs will win this by 5 ... eh, make it 7
  10. Again with this "overrated" term. Who does the rating? Is there a body of people that rates every athletic team in the world, and if one disagrees/agrees with the rating, the team is over/underrated? Jackson Co. has beaten some really good teams this year. Are the teams it has defeated over/underrated? I notice that you didn't say Livingston Academy is overrated. Jackson Co. has defeated LA twice this year. Is Livingston rated appropriately? Is the appropriate rating for LA good or bad? "Overrated" is such a vague term. If you rate Jackson Co. poorly and I rate it well, then you would say I overrated them. However, this can also apply vice-versa. One could say much more confidently and correctly that a team is not as good as its record or something to that effect, but "overrated" .. well, I just don't dig. "Overrated" is overrated.
  11. "Overrated?" Who is doing the rating? How can a team that has performed so well this season be overrated? Rated compared to what? Who is properly rated? Boy, I really hate the ambiguity that comes with the term "overrated," and how it is always used to talk down about an athlete/team. Is winning overrated?
  12. The whole "respect" issue on all levels of athletics is kind of getting old. Fans and players of certain teams complain more and more nowadays that they receive none, but then turn around and say it's a good thing because they enjoy playing with a chip on their shoulder. This begs the question as to whether respect is a good thing or a bad thing. Should teams, indeed, want respect? Apparently, they play better without it. Whenever I check the standings and results from games on previous nights, I always fail to see the "respect" column. "Respect" does not win (like Jackson Co. did at RBS) or lose (like RBS did against Jackson Co.) games. What is "respect" from the opposition good for? If the folks from Jackson Co. decide to unanimously "respect" Red Boiling Springs before the game, will it be canceled? If the Lady Blue Devils started worshipping the Lady Bulldogs before the game, would this suffice? Are opposing players and fans supposed to have ample "respect" for a team they already defeated? What good is this form of "respect," and why do I have to witness Tom Brady and people on forums complain about receiving none? Just play the game. JC by 8 points, but RBS will win the much-coveted "respect" battle. I'll admit Red Boiling Springs is a good basketball team, but I cannot say I "respect" it, because I am not entirely sure what this entails.
  13. Jackson Co. looked good against CookEVILle ... JC rolls by 14 ...
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