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  1. This is going to be the Hardest game so far for Bradley. Win or Lose it will go along way in prepareing the team to face Ooletwah Mcminn and Soddy Daisy. Oh and yes I just googled Loudon high school in Tennessee. Vol i gotta Question for you though what is the JV's Record? Scores? What was the score of the Bradley vs Polk JV game? I ciant find any JV info anywhere.
  2. I was looking on Loudons website and they have a #55 that looks like he might be 8'2 400lbs. serously they look huge. PS: on another note Bradley should have beat Polk. Polk is a great team but this Bradley team that is playing now isnt the same Bradley team polk played.
  3. wow Owl fans not likeing the New East Hamilton high? geee i wonder why...
  4. Wow the only thing i know about Loudon is that they use to be the team walker valley always picked on which in itself says alot. The fact they held Alcoa to 21 points is somewhat scary. The Bears will need to play hard football but another win is most likely here. Also it should be noted that with a win bradley will end their 9 year Loseing season streak finally. Coach Floyd has done an amazing job. Also the Lake forest Bruins Beat the Cleveland middle school raiders 44-6 i blieve and had some crazy amount of offense (500 Yards??) and Cleveland O was limited to around 50 yards. This year is only the start of something great for the Bears.
  5. The Owls are going down and fast. But thats besides the point. Bradley will make the playoffs this year. and no matter how Rhea played vs Bearden who cares? they lost to Walker Valley they ciant be that good. Cleveland is a good team and will show that the rest of the season. Looking forward to traveling to monkey town tomorrow. Hope to see as many Bear faithful there as East Ridge. Last weeks crowd was Huge.
  6. Wow should be a amazing game. Very close matched teams here I say Bradley Central 31 Rhea 21
  7. Sad just sad I was hopeing for Better from Mcminn.
  8. Big Congrats Bears 28-10 Bryce Copeland looked like a leader tonight. The Bears are turning into a passing team rather than all run now. Teams ciant just put all their D players on the Line anymore and the scores are starting to show that. Also Big Congrats goes out to Cleveland on Beating a good Morristown East Team. Cleveland needed a win and got it.
  9. Hey If we wanna Bring up Scimmage Games, Bradley held Defending State Champion South pittsburgh to 0 points. Murdered Silverdale and Hixson. Beat Mcminn Central. Anyways This game wont be a blow out but Bradley should win by atleast 2 Touchdowns. Oh and as far as the region goes. Ooletwah and Soddy as of right now look like the only tough games for the bears. Mcminn Might be a toss up depending on how well they do vs Maryville.
  10. What is Mcminns Qb name Cy something? Anyways The Bradley Bear Nation is hopeing to see Mcminn Win This one.
  11. Anyone know anything about what kind of O that east ridge runs? Who are the skill players? Strong points on the team?
  12. East Ridge Started off Beating a very weak Silverdale team by 25 points. The Lost to a Great Red Bank team by 31. Bradley Lost to a Great Polk Team by 7 Then beat a Avg at best Coffe County Team by 21. And the beat Cross town Rival Cleveland by in Overtime in one of the best football games ive ever seen in my life. I say Bradley 28 East Ridge 17 PS: The last time Bradley played it East Ridge it Nearly came a tornado. The Flag pole was hit by lighting and everyone around could feel the shock wave it was Strange to say the least.
  13. What does everyone think? Im thinking its going to be a great somewhat close game.
  14. I guess if my team was terrible for years and, for one season, everyone else is down, then I'd be licking my chops too. Play calling wasn't the problem in this game offensively. Lot's of drops. Poor execution. But our defense was really what killed us. Had WV been trying to score instead of run the clock out in the second half I'm afraid they could have scored over 50. I try not to be pessimistic, but there are rough waters ahead. Well lets see This Terrible team Owns the Walker Valley team you just lost to. And Just wondering but if Rhea had been playing Oak Ridge , Farragut, William Blount, Heritage ect ect ect for the past 10 years or so i wonder how things would have went....hmmm anywhos Its crazy nice to get rid of those teams. I will say this I ciant believe Walker Valley won Rhea is a very well coached team and the past few years I have heard nothing but great things about the team. I caint even recall the last time Bradley played Rhea county 90s? 80s?. Anyways Once Bradley keeps winning what does that mean every single team in the area is down but Bradley? come on gotta give credit where credit is due coach Floyd is doing a great job with the program.
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