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  1. NWhoopaholic

    Westview is in search of new Head Coach

    Westview has officially introduced Matt McConnell as its new head coach. McConnell comes to Martin from a stint as head coach at Waverly.
  2. NWhoopaholic

    Early Class AA Predictions

    Well said sir. As a former coach/educator I am all about giving the kids recognition.
  3. NWhoopaholic

    State poll

    Links to DNJ stories on Coach T front page
  4. As a voter from NW Tn I am somewhat familiar with Manassas & BTW but voters in other parts of the state are dependent on other sources. No one from Memphis media sent us information about Memphis teams and the Strength Rankings here on CoachT were not that high. I recognize the polls can be flawed and titles are won on the floor but they are not meaningless or laughable.
  5. That;s why you must look at the entire body of work.
  6. NWhoopaholic

    AP Poll Postponed to Next Week

    Thanks for input
  7. NWhoopaholic

    SHOWDOWN FRIDAY Crockett/Westview!

    Did not make an excuse sir, stated a fact. They played horrible, that's pretty transparent without any bias. I am being critical of the team you are implying I follow and support. Actually, I broadcast their games and called the game with Obion Co. As I stated earlier, they went 2/19 on 3 pointers and stood around a lot that night. Give Obion credit for a good game plan as well. I will agree with you that Reagan is not Deja and Zanasha is not Tasia. They are good players but those two seniors that graduated were special. This years team has struggled at times finding their identity without those two to pick them up like the last four years. Crockett is going to be tough and if they win Friday night will be the favorite in the district. Have known Kayla Irvin since she was a youngster in Gleason and she is a rising star in the coaching ranks.
  8. NWhoopaholic

    AP Poll Postponed to Next Week

    Very thankful for the Strength + Success ratings here on Coach T. I use these analytics along with information provided by media members across the state & study of the schedules myself before I vote. Thanks Coach T!
  9. NWhoopaholic

    SHOWDOWN FRIDAY Crockett/Westview!

    Played horrible. Went 2-19 beyond the arc and didn't make one after 1st quarter.
  10. NWhoopaholic

    AP Poll Postponed to Next Week

    Our business is disseminating information and promoting high school athletics. Polls of all kinds are far from perfect but they get people talking, one way or the other. Yes, championships are won in competition but what's wrong with teams being recognized during the season for their accomplishments?
  11. NWhoopaholic

    AP Poll Postponed to Next Week

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I assure you they are not meaningless to the young people who are recognized for their accomplishments. They serve a purpose just as this website serve its purpose. As far as uninformed voters, we poll voters share information about the teams in our region with the other voters, this is obviously the only way the poll can be legitimate. Will everyone agree with it? Do people agree with national college polls always? It's better than nothing and there is no reason whatsoever to "do away with it."
  12. NWhoopaholic

    AP Poll Postponed to Next Week

    Just informed due to technical issue with voting website 1st poll will be Monday the 14th
  13. NWhoopaholic

    AP Poll Postponed to Next Week

    Just informed due to technical issues with website AP poll will begin Monday the 14th.
  14. NWhoopaholic

    West Tn Class A

    14 will NOT sweep 13. 13A district and 7A region at UT-Martin. Great to have a large venue for these big games.
  15. Yes, AP high school poll is released every Monday.