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  1. That is correct. Greenfield hosts if there's a sweep.
  2. All semi-finals & finals at UTM. Region is scheduled for Trenton Peabody.
  3. 13A Girls: Mon 2/14 7:00 #5 Bradford at #4 So. Fulton Thu 2/17 6:00 #1 Greenfield vs winner of 4/5 7:30 #2 Dresden vs #3 Gleason Mon 2/21 6:00 Consolation 7:30 Championship Boys: Tue 2/15 7:00 #5 So. Fulton at #4 Greenfield Fri 2/18 6:00 #1 Bradford vs winner of 4/5 7:30 #2 Dresden vs. #3 Gleason Tue 2/22 6:00 Consolation 7:30 Championship
  4. I am a member of the media. Nominations have now closed.
  5. Winner of 12AA tourney will host region.
  6. District 13A will be at UTM. Region 7A is scheduled for Trenton Peabody.
  7. Region 6AA tourney will be held at the winner of the 12AA district tournament.
  8. Don't tell Zakai Ziegler you have to be a certain height to play at Tennessee.
  9. Thanks but not interested in the flashy documents many put together and for sure don't need a pic. As they said on Dragnet, "Just the Facts."
  10. I know there is a thread already but need all input I can get. I always count on knowledgeable folks from across the state to help me determine my nominations. Please give full name, school, class, and anything else you think is helpful. Thanks.
  11. I know there is a thread already but not getting a lot of traction. I always count on knowledgeable folks from across the state to help me determine my nominations. Please give full name, school, class, and anything else you think is helpful. Thanks.
  12. Guess that's why they are in Arizona, playing in the Nike Tournament of Champions. Oh and their scheduled game with McKenzie was postponed because both schools were playing for state football championships.
  13. Hope this thread is headed back to it's intended purpose now, discussing who will be among the Best in Class A for the 21-22 season. That's the information I want to know. Debating the best ever has been done before, belongs in its own thread, and stirs a lot of passion. I wouldn't say any fan group has tunnel vision about their team but most all are inherently biased toward their school. Greatest or best ever is such a subjective term. Different people quantify their opinions based on different criteria. To some it's the number of future collegiate players and the school's they go to. Others look at number of wins and strength of schedule. To some it's whether they captured the gold ball. An argument can be made for all of the teams that have been mentioned. I would also agree it's impossible to compare teams from different eras. Tess and Edie Darby have had so many more opportunities than their mother's teams did at Bradford. It doesn't make modern necessarily "better" but more "seasoned." I've had the blessing of broadcasting games of all of the teams from West Tennessee mentioned in this thread. The Heather Butler led teams at Gibson Co. were loaded and benefited from two of the best coaches ever, Kevin McMillan & David Russell. They had some epic battles with really good Westview teams, however that was AA and this debate was about Class A. The Bradford-Gleason rivalry of the 1990's was really special. I would tend to agree with GBO that the 96' Gleason team may have been arguably Randy Frazier's best. I got to call Lake County's upset win at the "Devils Den" in South Fulton and it was a shocker. So some of the greatest didn't even make it to Murfreesboro. The recent Greenfield teams were very successful and might have been even more if some things had been different. I look forward to being back on the sidelines this season after sitting out last year. I'm excited about how the new classifications will create some new rivalries and matchups and allow us to see some new teams. Members, keep sharing about your teams for the upcoming season.
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