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  1. Band, chorus, and singing are not considered core classes either! Some scholarships (and colleges) look at only core classes (english, math, history, science) and some include all classes when looking a students GPA. Once again PE is an acedemic class that is required to graduate, just like a fine art (generally music or art). If you can take more than one fine art (remember only one is required) then why can't you take more than one PE. If your fine art can be specific (band) then your PE should be specific (football, basketball, etc.). I think it is unfair that we label athletes as bad students, last time I checked you have to be acedemically eligible for H.S. athletics but not for the band.
  2. Actually, I think you can get a degree in P.E. Why don't you check out the grades of those intellectual band members, I bet in a lot of cases your athletic teams have better collective GPA's than your band.
  3. What time are the games tonight? Are they at Crocket?
  4. What's the streak? I am sure it has to do with regular season district titles, but how many is it in a row? How many tournament titles have they won over that same span? Just an outsider wondering a little bit, thanks.
  5. You stated several times that this was not directed at anyone. Now the truth comes out. Sounds like sour grapes. by the way, you get great credibility when you get your info from "your word from the county". Its not about wins and losses, its about whether or not my child plays enough, scores enough, is not yelled at, is captain, and we win. And you do not have to be a coach to have this opinion!
  6. Yes, it makes sense to let a team hold the ball in this situation. Goodpasture had no chance if they get out and pressure Mitchell for 4 quarters, but they do have a chance if they only have to do it for 8 min or less. Don't you think Goodpasture would have jumped at the chance to be 7 down heading into the 4th quarter before the game. Well they got that chance. With Mitchell's athletes they had to be the aggressor and not play the game at Goodpasture's pace. Just my opinion.
  7. How can people even make the argument that it was good coaching for Mitchell to hold the ball and stupid for Goodpasture to let them. Mitchell was obviously the most talented team in the State and they hold the ball with a single digit lead against a team that couldn't hold a candle to them in the talent department. That is aweful and Goodpatures coach would have to have been nuts to come out and pressure. Are you kidding me? A chance to go into the 4th with a chance, I don't think Goodpasture could have asked for much more than that. Mitchell's "coaching" was the only thing keeping them from the winning the Gold Ball. By the way, can anyone tell me how many times Thad Young posted up during the tournament ( I bet he scored 80% of the time he posted up). That could of helped against the undersized Liberty.
  8. I would just like to congratulate Catholic and wish them good luck. That was a great game in the substate with PF and we will be rooting for you. I think we have similar kids and both teams play with effort and heart, that is exciting to watch regardless of the pace of play. Keep pounding it and proving people wrong.
  9. You know, it is funny to hear a Carter person whine about district strength. Didn't you guys spend all of football season trying to defend your 9-1 record against the Region 2 people who were saying you played in the weak Region 1. Seems odd that you do the same thing now that the tables are turned.
  10. How can a picture make Cosby look slow? Is it the fact that they have mostly white players that makes you think they are slow? I am not a Cosby fan ( although I will be rooting for them at the Boro), but Cosby is actually a very athletic team. Blakely is a tremendous athlete in the post and their guards are all very quick. They may not be the most athletic team in the state, but I think that is a pretty hard conclusion to come to from a picture. Seems like the NBA MVP was unathletic too looking at pictures of him on the internet. Cosby has some holes, but they are a very good basketball team. They may not win it all, but they are very capable. If they catch fire watch out. Good luck in the Boro, from a PF fan.
  11. TSSAA assigns all officials for the region tournament and it was stated correctly that the officials were from Athens. By the way, this is the same association that called the tournament at Unicoi last year and I don't remember hearing any cry about it when you punched your ticket to substate. Please don't bring the S.Greene and PF game into this, you should not try to take away from what both of those teams did last night. It was a hard fought game by two highly competive teams that both refused to lose.
  12. Pigeon Forge is Region Champions. PF beats SG 67-54 in OT. An absolutely awesome game. SG played their hearts out and led most of the game. Woodrick was on the bench with fouls almost all night and fouled out with about 2 min to go in regulation. PF battled back in the fourth from at least 6 down, maybe more, to take a two point lead late in the game. SG tied it with 8 sec to go to send it into OT. PF dominated OT 15-2. Congrats to SG, Donahue is a stud, you guys played your butts off. Hoese is a class act and we wish you well Monday in Substate. Richard Brown and Michael Schleif of PF were Co-MVP's of the Region Tournament.
  13. TSSAA assigns officials for both Region and Substate. You probably get the same association every year for both, or at least we do.
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