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  1. I just wanted to say R.I.P. to Kwalker04!!! Its been 4 years today that you went on to be with the Lord. We certainly miss you and your post on here.. This site has been very down since you left. I can recall some of the arguements we had on here. We made this site very interesting for some. R.I.P. I truly miss you...
  2. Well In my opinion, its going to be a good game. I'm not going to make a prediction on this because I might make my close friend very mad /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" /> but may the best team win. and good luck to both teams
  3. I'm a little lost. I've always thought the team that wins HEAD to HEAD always has the tie break advantage over the other. If AE beat AC how come they'll be in IF AE loses tomorrow? That don't make a lick of sense to me.. But notice I said IF, so as the saying goes at AE- Who dat talkin bout beatin AE Who Dat
  4. No this is not runnin' up the score its called layin' the smack down !
  5. Fulton High School's #1 poster on Coach T has lost her battle with cancer. She passed away earlier today. Please keep the Fulton Community, Coaches Bob/Robbie Black ,and Family in your prayers. I'm going to missed KWALKER, she was the only one on this board who put me in place when I talked bad about the Fulton Falcons. Now, I have no one to do that. My Condolences are with the Fulton Community and the Black Family.
  6. YES SIR!!! Bearden at AE coming soon... Tony White, JR. vs Kite who's ready for this match up?
  7. What's up People? I just wanted to give my girls a shout out for an outstanding game last night. I like the way you all, push the "big gals" around. You proved to the State that you should be ranked in the South as well. But girls, please work on the Free Throws!! We should've won that game by double digits but you all missed to many free throws. Well as the saying goes, "Wait til next time!" I'm sure you'll beat them down if you all were to play again. Lady Roadrunners gained RESPECT after that game...
  8. Ok thanks whatelse you want us to say about it?
  9. Catholic and AE has already wrapped up their playoff spot but AC, Fulton, and LA will be fighting for the last 2 spots. Which of these 3 teams will take the final 2 spots in the playoffs? Things are going to be interesting the next couple of weeks. I'll sit back and read your responses! Who makes it and why???? In all honestly, I think Fulton will have the hardest time of getting in but I think they can. AC holds the head to head over Fulton so if AC wins one more game and Fulton loses one game, AC and LA will take the final 2 spots. If AC loses 2 and Fulton wins both of their games Fulton gets in along with LA. This put it this way, it's going to be interesting. Good Luck to AC, Fulton, and LA..
  10. Yeah it was a shame that it "came down to an extra point" I guess you're talkin' about the one AC missed. By the way, you got AE's score right what happen to the AC side? Whileycoyoteroadrunnerhunter007, I guess you have to wait til baseball season to catch a Roadrunner because you can't catch him in football.
  11. Time to MOVE on!! Muryvulle won the game however by a hare. Central must move on and look forward to the rematch in ROUND 3. I told all of you heading into the game that it would be just like 2 years ago at Central and it was... Good Luck Central and Maryville (Oh no, did I really say that) there's a lot of football left..
  12. Come on now, you must be a Vandy fan!! Cory Anderson is the starting Full Back for UT. He graduated from AE.
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