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  1. denlron

    Dem PA Owls comes to Bradley

    What channel is game on on Epb?
  2. denlron


    Final score
  3. denlron

    Da Bears travel to the Owls

    Looks like that Blackout someone came up with today at Ooltewah is working. For Bradley.
  4. denlron

    Ooltewah vs science hill

    Wonder if the football staff was on the faculty with kids all day if it would be better? Maybe school should put more emphasis on football and less on IB?
  5. denlron

    Ooltewah vs science hill

    time left?
  6. denlron

    Ooltewah vs science hill

    Yep she's a big fan of football. See Bill Price state championship, unemployed.
  7. denlron

    Ooltewah vs science hill

    I would just throw it in the garbage and make some adjustments as coaches. Kids will get no benefit from watching film on an woodshed job.
  8. denlron

    Ooltewah vs science hill

    Starts at the top. Who is the new principal?
  9. denlron

    Ooltewah vs science hill

    Seems like same old secondary I've watched last 14 years and why make Goose co-offensive coordinator and run the same 6 plays. Let the young one call some..
  10. denlron

    Ooltewah vs science hill

    hmm this 6a #### is gonna suck
  11. denlron

    Ooltewah vs science hill

    Goose's dad you need to tell Mac Bryan to let Goose call some plays...
  12. denlron

    Signal Mountain at Ooltewah

    Any radio or tv coverage?
  13. denlron

    Ooltewah vs Cleveland

    is game on radio?
  14. denlron

    Ooltewah vs Cleveland

    score says 14-0 Cleveland WTH is going on?