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  1. Whoever was on my name here^ ignore them.... stupid idiot
  2. Well, since you believe Central has played NO ONE this year they played in the Sunshine Classic in December, finish runners-up to one of the Top 4A teams in the state of FLA, Atlantic Sharks. Sharks are 22-3 this year and ranked 8th in the state. Here's the link: http://www.sport-travel.com/CSTT%20New/Tou...4%20Results.cfm
  3. Better take one game at a time before declaring a state title again.
  4. Em ur erwin and always good at ball. but my lil ole team mite do somethin bout elizabethton and yall haha . gah i smell good and i want some coffee.
  5. I got two scores for you: 51-46, 71-46. period. Now STFU.
  6. You can also factor in that they are regining state champs... I always said "your still the champs till somebody beats you." Well, Unaka is still the champs. They should also feel less pressure considering Temple will most likely be favored to win state here. I think Unaka has a very good opportunity here.
  7. Hey it's nice to get there, but the feel-goodness of this wears off quick. I wanna win the next as badly as everyone else, so let's take care of business. You guys are my heros. thumb
  8. There is a lot of firepower from the outside. Phil Weatherford is a name to watch. Kid led the region in 3-pointers made i believe (If he wasn't #1, he was top 3). Then there's also the crafty point guard, David Sanchez. This is going to be a well-fought game. I doubt we'll try to attack totally from the inside, but Leonard is a very tough and very talented player who is vastly underrated. It is Leonard who helps provide much of the fuel for the Cougars, along with Sanchez. The entire team is playing together as "one" right now, and that's more important than any type of statistics come tournment time.
  9. Unaka is a great overall team... 8 losses on the season (one of which was against Temple by 21). I believe the Rangers have a shot at making some noise in the State tourney. Plus they are on an 11 game win streak. There is never a better time to peak than in March.
  10. Well I'm not going to degrade anything that Bolivar has done this season. They are obviously a A+ cailber team. But even the best teams in sports can lose (ref: Ohio St. vs. undefeated Illinois; OSU wins 65-64). I just believe that Central has had a special season so far and I am glad to see it continue. It will mean we must play a perfect game to keep our season going, but I feel that our boys are up for that task. thumb
  11. Should be a hard fought game here. Big matchup will be inside with Leonard, who is 6'5", up against Kemp, who is 6"7'. Kemp also outweighs Leonard by about 35 lbs. Leonard should hold his own much like he did tonight against Alcoa. There is something special about this Cougar squad, something I can't put my finger on. I like the Cougars to pull the big upset, 64-61. thumb
  12. how is a 71-46 loss "hard fought?" Sounds to me you guys rolled over...
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