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  1. 1cougarfan

    NFHS Replays

    Has anyone had issues with the NFHS replays? In watching a replay of the Fulton- East Nashville I only got the first 32 minutes. Yesterday I could only get the final 3 minutes of the Upperman - Pearl Cohn game.
  2. Does anyone know their locations?
  3. 1cougarfan

    Science Hill loses point.guard 2 games

    Up by 35 points with 3 minutes left, why was she still in the game? Maybe her coach can explain.
  4. 1cougarfan

    Big 7 Conference

    Topper's are gonna beat you again. Enjoy!
  5. District 1 AAA Boys Final Standings 1 Science Hill 2 Dobyns Bennett 3 Tennessee High 4 Sullivan South 5 Daniel Boone 6 Volunteer 7 Sullivan Central 8 David Crockett District Tournment Boys Schedule Quarterfinals Wed. Feb.17 #4 Sullivan South vs #5 Daniel Boone 6pm #1 Science Hill vs #8 David Crockett 7:30 Thurs. Feb.18 #3 Tennessee High vs #6 Volunteer 6pm #2 Dobyns Bennett vs #7 Sullivan Central 7:30 Semi's Sat. Feb.20 #3-6 winner vs #2-7 winner 6pm #1-8 winner vs #5-6 winner 7:30 Finals Tues. Feb.23 Semi losers 6pm, Championship 7:30 District 1-AAA Girls Final Sdandings 1 Science Hill 2 Dobyns Bennett 3 Tennessee High 4 Sullivan Central 5 Sullivan South 6 Daniel Boone 7 Volunteer 8 David Crockett District 1 Tournment Girls Schedule Quarterfinals Mon. Feb.15 #4 Sullivan Central vs #5 Sullivan South 6pm #1 Science Hill vs #8 David Crockett 7:30 Tue. Feb.16 #3 Tenn High vs #6 Daniel Boone 6pm #2 Dobyns Bennett vs #7 Volunteer 7:30 Semi's Fri. Feb.19 #3-6 winner vs #2-7 winner 6pm #1-8 winner vs #4-5 winner 7:30 Finals Mon. Feb.22 Semi losers 6pm, Championship 7:30 All games played at David Crockett high school
  6. 1cougarfan

    big 9 basketball

    Congratulations to former Sullivan Central star and current Holston Middle School head coach Jared Harrison for your sectional tournment title! Way to go guys!! /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  7. 1cougarfan

    big 9 basketball

    Do I detect your still smarting over that loss at Central? Instead of coming on here with a bunch of smart #### remarks, take the blame for the first loss! You played like a bunch of bozo's and deserved to loose! The way I see it, as far as the season goes, it's Central and the "mighty" indians tied with 1 win apeace. Oh, and the "mighty" indians still 3rd in the conference! /roflol.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":roflol:" border="0" alt="roflol.gif" /> But you know what, it really doesn't matter because the "mighty" indians season will end just like ours will, with a big L. No amount of transfers will change it.
  8. Does anyone know the starting time ?
  9. 1cougarfan

    Sullivan Central vs. Sullivan South

    It's going to be a long season for the cougars /sad.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad.gif" />
  10. 1cougarfan

    Big 9 Conference

    The real joke is your post! Some more science hill mentality. The refs were bad both ways, science hill got away with plenty tonight, but the real thing you should come to grips with is you got beat... live with it! The Pitts era is over, move on.
  11. 1cougarfan

    Big 9 Confrence

    Well put Futurecougardad about Jarred Harrison. I personally think he should be at Central right now as Tony's assistant. This blackjack doesn't know very much about middle school basketball and even less about cougar basketball.
  12. 1cougarfan

    Region 1AAA Tourney

    I see the semi's like this: DB vs Greeneville SH vs T High with the finals being: Greeneville vs SH and Greeneville winning the region. Should be worth the price of admisson.
  13. 1cougarfan

    Tennessee High vs. Dobyns-Bennett

    Not going to happen. What Volunteer gained by beating us is going to be three loses. Probably would have been the same for us. I came out the winner... I didn't have to pay to see it.
  14. 1cougarfan

    District 1 AAA Tournament

    This schedule was posted on tri-cities sports.com about a week ago: the #7seed Sullivan East plays #8 South Tues. Feb 13 at 6:00 and #6 Boone plays #7 Crockett at 7:45. #2 Science Hill plays the East South winner at 7:30 on Fri. Feb 16 at 7:30. #3 Tn High plays the Boone Crockett winner at 9:15. Volunteer plays Central at 7:45 on Thurs Feb. 15 at 7:45 and the winner plays #1 seed DB at 6:00 on Mon Feb.19 followed by the other semi. The finals are set for Wed Feb. 21 at 7:45 following the 3rd place game at 6:00. Anyway that's what thay had, it may or may not be right.
  15. 1cougarfan

    Tennessee High defeats Central!

    What a looser! Doesn't matter member 87,602.... You'll be silenced soon. The "mighty" vikes are going nowhere .