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  1. I agree.... EMBARRASSING! While you have to take your hat off to Halls because they did what they do to get the W. But in all reality they are as one diminutional as we are offensively. Did we even watch ANY film of them!? And even if we didn't you would think that we could have made the simple adjustment in the secondary to prevent the deep toss, which is how they scored all of their offensive touchdowns. I have to say personally that I'm very disappointed in coach Mays for not giving this team their best opportunity for success. To see athletes like #16 and #36 only being inserted as major contributors to this team in the last two games of the season makes you question his motives, but more importantly his ability to utilize the talent at hand. Both of these athletes should have been major contributors from day one. This year we had the athletes, we had talent, we had the best line since I can remember, we only had three teams on the schedule that should have been favored over us, but we had our first LOSING SEASON in over twenty years!!!???? If there aren't changes made to this staff then there should be changes made at an higher level, because this season has exposed some obvious shortcomings (most noted would have to be play calling regardless of who is on the field)!!! The leaders of this program seem to have become VERY comfortable with being mediocre. Hopefully they will learn from the mistakes made this season.
  2. This is his senior season and potentially his last competitive football game at least in high school, so if there is anyway possible he could play (even @ 80%) he will be out on the field. But I have to say IMO he is doubtful. We have played half the season without him with a record of 1-5. While we have played much better teams the second half of our schedule our record is a direct result of his absence. There is no doubt that HE was the plan for offense this season and we have struggled to get another direction since his injury. With that being said... I think we drew our best chance in the first round to extend our season one more game. ROW VIKINGS
  3. What does any of that have to do with Tennessee @ Halls. Which is the topic of this thread in case you missed it on your way in.
  4. This is a game that we should win even with the injuries to several of our starters. Halls has lost against every team that has had a half decent defense. I have to say that if the Vikings don't bring any more energy and determination than they have shown in the last two games they will inevitably go down as the only Viking team in 20+ years to finish with a losing record. That's not my opinion... that's a fact.
  5. Wow... I have to say that I'm as excited to see the first offensive possession of this game for the Vikings as I was to see the opening kickoff of the season!! Call me optimistic, but I really think we can give the Trojans a run for their money with the right personnel on the field. I'm really hoping for the seniors on this team that our coaching staff bond together and put our best foot forward to end this season with the respect they deserve. It would do wonders for the anticipation for the next two season!! JMO Row Vikings!!!!
  6. "Performance is only a reflection of preparation (at this level), and preparation is a reflection of leadership". So you're saying you don't agree with that statement? The coaching staff is not only responsible for the play calling, but also physically and mentally preparing the players for competition at ANY level. IMO coach Mays would be totally responsible for this loss to Crockett for the very reason that you stated you think we lose. If "the players just walked in expecting to beat Crockett" then there wasn't enough urgency stressed to them during the week of practice by the coaching staff. Xs and Os are the easy(er) part of coaching. Preparation is what separates a program like Maryville form EVERYBODY ELSE. With your point of view.... I'm curious as to if you think that starting #16 would improve the performance of this team, or if you think it even matters?
  7. If that's the case than I have to say that my frustrations from day one have been misguided. And for that I owe the Viking O Coordinator an apology. I only know of one man that was able to turn water into wine, so coach Proffitt was set up to fail form the very beginning if in fact Mays MADE him start 15. SMH I should have known.... and again I apologize. Starting (and sticking with) 16 will give him many more options for this team to succeed! One can only hope that Mays can feel the noose he has put around his neck and stays the course of the fourth quarter of this game. If I could just pick the mic up and say... WIN GAMES Coach... the money will follow!! If this kid's parents really care about his future they would refrain from pushing their influence to pave a way for him in which they know is impossible for him to succeed past the extent of their M O N E Y. Case and point... I have had two sons that have been very successful and accomplished athletes. So I fully expected my baby girl to follow suit. After her first year at attempting to play competitive sports... she came to me and said, and I quote "daddy I don't want to play basketball.... I want to be a cheerleader"! So that's what she did and that's what we do now. And I'm as proud of her and what she does and has accomplished as I have ever been of the boys!!! Plus I still get to go to the games!!
  8. SMH .... I have to say that for me... this is by far the most embarrassing loss the Vikings have suffered in my 11 years of closely following this program!!! This is followed closely by the 7 to 56 BLOWOUT to Greenville in 2010 (which would have been MUCH worse had they not called the DAWG off in the early stages of the 3rd QT), and the VERY disappointing loss to Boone in the first round of the Playoffs in 2009 (aka Our Year). It's obvious that the coaching staff as well as the Viking players took this Pioneer team lightly and suffered a beat down as a result. I hear some on here trying to blame tonight's dog stomp on the players performance. But performance is only a reflection of preparation (at this level), and preparation is a reflection of leadership (or lack there of)!!!!!!! If this was at a higher level than high school football this coaching staff would be escorted to the door solely on tonight's performance of this team!! This team is not lacking of athletes, size, speed, ability, depth......... but we are struggling to stay 500 with a schedule with virtually 3 and one half teams on it (if we're being honest). Why is that???! I have always felt like this O cordinator was only as good as his best player year after year, but I now have to question the person that allows him to make these decisions that he makes (15 before 16).?? I could go on and on.... but now that they have unleashed the YOUNG dragon, we are all left shaking our heads and wondering..... what do they have on this guy to make him play 15 over 16........ !!!!!!!!!! I just dropped the mic...
  9. I sure hope you're right! Because even though the Vikings have never lost to Crockett, and last year was the first time we've had less than at 4 touchdown victory over the Pioneers; I have to say that this is the first year I've actually been worried that we could possibly lose the game.
  10. One would think that this game would be a perfect opportunity to try a different approach knowing that if we don't change it up offensively West is going to no doubt pitch us an embarrassing shut out.
  11. By the way if no changes are made on the offensive side of the ball, we will strugle this week to beat CROCKETT!!!! COME ON MAN!!!!!
  12. QB You took the words literally out of my mouth! You touched on the very same points that I did in my last post before I edited it and uncharacteristically erased all but the first line. It's painful to sit through a Viking football game seeing a team with the tools and weapons to at the very least be competing for a conference championship be reduced to struggling to have a winning season. I'm in the same boat as you are in that I no longer have a dog in the race, but as a fan on the outside it looks like the quick and easy fix for mediocre football at THS is to REPLACE THE OFFENSIVE PLAY CALLER or whoever had a part in putting together this boneheaded offensive scheme!!!!!! But as you also mentioned the "buddy-buddy" coaching system has made it to were the powers to be have excepted mediocracy for the entire program instead of MANNING UP and making the hard decision to replace one of their own. With all the great strides that this coaching group has made to bring the Viking program UP to where it is now, we will NEVER be the championship program we COULD be until the decision makers are willing to make the best decision for the sake of the program instead of settling for what is comfortable. This OLine has been coached up to be one of the best I've seen in my 10+ years following the Maroon Machine. Our defense is legit and even the secondary has stepped up and performed well against competition. We just need someone that is able to play the hand that we are dealt on the offensive side of the ball. With just a QB change you would open us up to a killer option and play action strike force. I'm just sayin.... I'm no coach... but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  13. GV33 said it best "Sevier does the one thing that THS has a hard time doing and that is defending the pass". Although our pass coverage has improved quite a bit since the beginning of the season the Dbacks still have trouble running with the receivers and then turning to make a play on the ball when it's well thrown. I have to finally say that I believe that had the coaching staff gone with the backup QB as the starter this season and designed the Offensive scheme around his athletic ability this team would have been in a much better position to contend for a conference title if not more. I've hinted at this since my first post this season, so I had to just get that off my chest and let it go, because it's obvious that it's not going to happen at this point. I hope #16 proves himself this coming off season so we don't have these brakes on next year. It is what it is..... so expect us to put the saddle back on #22 this week with him returning. Should be a good contest till halftime. Like ET said, look for the Sever coaches to make the adjustment and shut the Viking offense down after halftime. We lose a heart breaker for lack of being able to score on offense in the second half.
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