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  1. why no elizabethton, they are 5-3 and have only lost to teams like science hill, Dobyns bynnet, and TN high by a total of 4 goals in the 3 games they won 5 straight and beat pigeon forge last year, they deserve to be in the top 30 atleast.
  2. because my computer wouldnt let me make one for some reason but it would let me sign on a name that was already existing so thats why i share a name and the other forum wasnt me i didnt even look at it untill today
  3. oh and by the way to you all who have been readin under the forum of "go back to private schools" or w/e it is.....that wasn't me, i share a name with somone so dont start stuff up about me on that one
  4. I can understand that.....but the only time ive talked smack on here is when i was talkin about jaynes....ive never tried to get on here and tell everyone how awsome i am or anything like that but anyways i can see what you're sayin about makin excuses and i dont like it when ppl make excuses either but im not going to say anything to coniglio about it because for 1 how am i supposed to kno about it anyways im not sure if that course is short or not but i have heard that its one of the tougher courses and 2 im not gona say anything to a freshman that has done as much as he has.
  5. I thought that was you're last post..?? but anyways yall need to stop raggin on everyone...especially coniglio i mean i dont care if yall say hes makin axcuses or w/e....do be a freshman and be in the 16's is pretty darn good.
  6. josh jaynes will take all the individual events in track we all kno that hes the best runner in AA and can beat most in AAA and DII so thats now straight..and to refer to CC the younger Green was running at state with strep throat..and jordan peters got stung by a bee and had a allergic reaction falling across the finsih line...and this isnt chris, im not even on the CC team im just a fan..but brummit was the top finishing sophmore he will be a contender and ryan had a bad season..he didnt concentrate or fullfill his expectations, but hes guaranteed coach presnell that next yr. will be his yr to own cause if uve seen ryan hes built to be a runner, and has all the talent in the world just needs a little more guts...hes got 2 more yrs to beat u west tn teams..and we should really arrange for u to come run against the cyclones on a real course...no excuses just im sticking up for a team that knows they tanked, they are the only state champions in school history so they and they are already overshadowed by a horrible football team, ur school appreciates the not so popular sports like CC and soccer..which i really respect you for cause i enjoy both..good luck to all ur schools..but lets not act like FRA is 1000 times better than elizabethton...out of 10 races i think fra would win 5 out of ten and EHS taking the other five its a great new rivalry..but ehs has got to step up next yr losing 5 seniors and only havin 3 varsity runners from last yr but they are talkin players from other sports to run...i mean it worked with Chris..ETown is already on the job running at footlocker race in charlotte on saturday good luck guys
  7. lets face it FRA and lipscomb both belong in private schools...thats why they own every sport in aa cause every aa school in the state doesnt go lookin for athletes...academic scholarships o whats the difference..elizabethton is the best aa cross coutnry team with or without fra..so one race fra comes out on top...elizabethtons runners tanked...josh and chris where the only ones who did their jobs..and the 7th man finished ite in me all steter can run with the in the state..etowns program is just gettin started...a dynasty is in the making to topple over FRAs congratulations to u private schools for beatin us at state but the better team dossnt always come out on top...come race us in east tenn. everybody knows u have the advantage of racing that course...1000 times every year its 10 minutes from ur campus..u wouldnt stand a chance in the hills of eastern Tenn...look for a 1,2 finish with green and brummit next year...ryan tanked this year but hes got the potential to be a individual champion....thats how it is
  8. Aight here it is... Shaud Johnson - pg TN high Derek Nave-sg Elizabethton Wattad- Science hill Colton- unicoi my top 4 cause dont kno any centers honorable mentions Sensabaugh DB, Reid SH, weatherford SC, Rutledge HV,
  9. coach presnell would be disapointed which is one reason i havent been trying to argue w/ anyone as much in my last few posts....in my last one i wasnt trying to brag or rag on anyone it was just a simple statement.
  10. actually i really thought the faster times were the right ones but everyone else disagrees so i guess i was wrong there but you cant rly say that steeplechase raped us....im not rly sure why you're goin all irade about this, speaking of rediculous thats rediculous....but if the slower times are right (which i think they are) then i didnt run a pr but the wind did have A LOT of effect in it. i mean just look at the times from DII and AAA their times are all slower than they should be also....if you would come to daniel boone's course i think you would prolly understand what we mean by the east tn courses being so tough.
  11. yeh im not rly sure of how much faster jaynes would have run w/ more competition it might be a lot but we'll never rly kno....but i still think that the A-AA schools would get killed by the rest because we (etown) raced the teams from AAA that came in 5th and 6th (Science Hill and Daniel Boone) and we beat daniel boone only once ....they beat us about 2-3 times and science hill beat us the only time we raced them.....so i think FRA and etown would have made a top 10 finish at best because you have to add all of the DII teams as well....so i think its probably better off the way things are right now.
  12. actually my dad was in the stands but i did say that rodewald passed jaynes for 5-10 sec but still jaynes basically led the whole race is what im sayin.
  13. After running on the east tn courses the steeplechase seemed like nothing....im still not sure of the official times on sat. because they kept flipping them around but they one i heard about three times by friends who were keepin their watches goin was the one announced aloud....if this one is correct then for the past two years every single one of our guys has hit their pr at this course.....and im not just talking about a pr by a few seconds im saying like 30-40 seconds....last year our #1 man hit a pr by 1 min. 2secs....so i believe that the east tn courses are toughest.
  14. Maybe for fun but not for the actual championship race....because we all kno that the A-AA guys would get stomped. As for Trent Dilfer no one no one ever was ragging on the FRA guys we all know that they have a great dynasty going on....but etown doesnt get this kind of thing very often and thats why they were commending us.
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