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  1. Just called Manassas to get brackets for 16AA boys. It appears they are playing a girls game and a boys game each night this week. Boys are at 7:30 so girls must be at 6:00. Boys games this week are: Tue- Westwood vs Trezevant Wed.- Manassas vs Raleigh Egypt Thu.- Douglas vs Craigmont Fri.- Sheffield vs Frayser/Fairley winner
  2. Am looking for info on district 16aa tourney site. Anyone have that information yet?
  3. Am looking for info on district 16aa tourney site. Anyone have that info yet?
  4. Raleigh egypt had to play without head coach (ejected from Cordova District game and penalized two games) and their asst coach (ejected from b game several games prior and PENALIZED BY THE MIAA because "he hadn't sat out enough"). The AD coached the team so this was a testiment to the players resiliency to go into a hostile environment without a coach and lose to a good team by a tip-in. Hats off to the Pharaoh players.
  5. Rather than move the games from central, maybe get them televised on channel 6?
  6. Does anyone have the 16AAA brackets? I assume that it's at Melrose.
  7. Didn't see Bobby Parks name in the box score? Did he play?
  8. If he is 19 and playing this year as a junior, will he have to sit out his senior season in order to graduate?
  9. Bearden is a NIKE sponsored school. The Jordan Classic is a NIKE sponsored event. The head coach and the assistants are rotated each year from NIKE sponsored schools. Jimmy Adams and Terry Tippett were assistants in 2003 I think.
  10. Or...Raleigh Egypt vs Craigmont
  11. Don't know who #12 is for NE but he completely turned the game around when he hit his threes late in the game and kept NE in the game. #5 is a handful and a very confident guard, but I thought #23 was the hero of the game because he just "refused to lose" and came up with big plays in the clutch.
  12. Correct record is 32-2
  13. Raleigh Egypt is ranked #49 by Rivals even though record is incorrect. Posted 29-2 when actual record is 33-2. RE is ranked #4 in the southeast by Prep Nation and Wh. Station is ranked #8 in the southeast. Bearden not even mentioned. So What!!! It will all be decided in a week's time at Murfreesboro "between the lines".
  14. How do people in Raleigh speak? Must be one of those Manassas Tigers' supporters. You and Legend are a trip! Good luck to Manassas in the state. If they learned anything from last year's state tournament disappointment...they will bring home the gold ball.
  15. You seem to be a great fan of basketball and some of your points are well taken...however, you also show Raleigh NOOO respect for the year they've had or the teams they beat to get there. To hear you tell it, they have been lucky to win at all this year against far superior talent. How many times does a team have to win before they prove they are solid team with a will to win and not just lucky?
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