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  1. All the players mentioned here are very good players. Golden is explosive as is Chris Donald and Harrison Smith. Awards for these players were based on statistics for 2006. Golden had great statistics as well as the others but he was most impressive this year. There are always good players coming up and they will succeed too; however, give all the seniors their due. The class of '07 is a very strong class. The great thing about players like Golden and others getting national attention is that future players in Tennessee will get looks. Let's face it the state of Tennessee is an untapped pool of talent. PS Golden was not ranked as high as Chris Donald because he chose to play baseball last summer and not go to the Nike and other camps. Not a mistake on his part since he is now going to one of the most prestigious universities in the nation (not only athletically but academically).
  2. I read in the stats from the game last night that the game was called half way through the 3rd quarter because a BA player broke his leg. Who got hurt? Does anyone know how it happened (offensive/defensive, etc)?
  3. Did you know you were posting to KnightTime05? I am worried about you fieldman. You seem to be losing it! Sit, relax and breathe!
  4. Did I make you angry fieldman? I did not know that you were so sensitive. I called you the ultimate hypocrite(spelling) which is fact. "People in glass houses should not throw stones." Don't talk to me about the high road when you have never taken the high road you Pharisee! Ryan is a horrible school...FACT! PS I am rooting for Ryan. How's that fieldman?
  5. WARNING:id10t error. User MWR log off and don't come back!
  6. Well said Redtwin! I wish the best for MBA and Ryan.
  7. As usual, Ole Dad, your stupidity is showing. MBA has a great tradition of football and a longer tradition than Father Ryan. MBA is a very good team but has been absolutely decimated by injuries this year. For them to bounce back and beat a pretty good Ryan team is very admirable. To call MBA "a bunch of losers" is assinine. That sun in Florida has sunburned your brain and its ability to process facts. Maybe the doctor has something for that.
  8. Do you people not read the news or read the articles on the home page? JP2 will play "up" next year even though there will now only be 2 classifications in D2, A and AA. So I guess we are staying put and D2AAA is moving "down".
  9. Where is Ole Dad and fieldman? They have no comments about this game!
  10. Yeah you're not an excuse maker!
  11. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside that everyone has missed me soooo. Not that I owe anyone an excuse but family health issues have diminished my message board posting. So thanks for the prayers and good wishes fieldman you are ultimate hypocrit!
  12. In that east/west scenario MBA and Ensworth would have to travel for all region games except the game that they play each other, whereas the teams in the east region could play 1/2 of their region games in middle tennessee. The more I think about it they may opt for 3 regions and require play against teams in the other 2 regions for playoff eligibility. Now if Knox Catholic and Notre Dame had stayed in D2 then there would be no question about 3 regions.
  13. I know there were some d-line calls last week that resulted in the long plays for GP last week. There needs to be a well defined game plan (both offensively and defensively) and we need to stick to it. Last week Wesley was sick so he did not run as much as we needed him. If he is back healthy this week we need to run him liberally and set Golden and Josh up for some nice play action passes. ECS had alot of tipped passes against MUS, four of which ended up as interceptions. Cat needs to roll out more to give him an opportunity to make a play down the field. I have to give Cat credit he is really growing into a good QB (makes sound decisions and his stats are pretty good as well). This is region play but we don't need to play too conservatively. I believe that has been one of our shortcomings is that we play too conservatively and we have all of this explosive talent. Knights will win tonight 28-24.
  14. I agree that Golden is the best talent in the state but there is plenty of talent in the class of 2007. All will be successful wherever they go.
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