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  1. Sorry Ferverfan your son must have been one of the Wrestling few that get the mans praise. Not like most who recieved mostly his rath. Like you my son is also a former player. And I can tell you the man is the presonification of a Jerk. Did you actually watch him on the sidelines he berated every one of his linemen and a few more with no signs of encouragement. This was the same man how told the boys that too much water during the heat of 2-a-days makes you weak. The same man that ran kids after summer practice because thier socks were to short. Where the the team Excell on D-fense ..heck no. Why? Maybe that style of Coaching doesn't work in this enviroment. Not Maybe! It didnt work! But It sure seems that Coach Brothers and the Oline coach got through to the same kids. As far as a coach goes he knows nothing about the game or the scheme he coaches. He is the Dline Coach . His Teaching of a Strike and press techneque in a 5-3 system is crazy. Most HS linemen don't have the Strength or Speed for this style. (It works well in the Pros or at UT) By the time you stand your man up Shed your man react to the ball the play is past you. And thats what happened all year long. Maybe he (and you) should read up on the K-State 5-3 attacking dfense. Its succes is base on Blitzs, Slants and Gap control. For the programs sake I hope he is gone soon. Maybe Coach Jones can call up his old coach Dick LeBeau and get some Dfense pointers and take over next year.
  2. I think that six would be much more agreeable to the schools. It would allow some of the nonregion games Like Webb-Catholic still to be played.
  3. Well I disagree with the notion of one group with 5 teams and one group with 9 having to play 8 region games while the other plays 4. What kind of deal is that. Also the extra traveling on the groups from East Tenn would be crazy. Every other week they would be traveling over 2 hours to play a game. Stupid waste of gas & school resources I'd have to say. So you might as well Pencil in MBA, BA, McCallie and Baylor in the east ECS, CB & MUS in the east Leaving only one spot open in the east. It would almost certianly mean the end of the Knox Webb - Knox Catholic game and the JPII- Goodpasture Game because each team will need every win just to have a shot a the fifth spot.
  4. A Good exciting game last night. 1 point decides the game, as a fan you cant ask for more than that even if you are on the loosing side. As far as feelings for the players I find it hard to believe that there could be a worse feeling than a season that ended on a penalty. Tate scores with 1 minute left on a long run and the play is call back for a holding call away from the play. Congratulations to Knox-Webb on a well played Wing-T offense. Well as always it wait till next year for the Knights. JPII needs to make One change on its coaching staff. Mainly the defensive line. Jason Cook(JPII D-Line Coach) Must go. He is not a Teacher / Coach of the game he is a screamer. He does not build his players up but constantly tears them down... (3 Years of having a poor D-line should tell you that its time for a change.) He must have screamed at every player on the line last night. Even one player who had not seen much action this year. #67 got in the game for a few plays, He missed a tackle on one play and got screamed at so bad people in the stands told me you could hear it up by the press booth. This is his M.O. for how he coaches all year long. It doesnt appear to be getting through to his players, They basicly tune him out. Screaming and Fear will not motivate a player at the end of the season but a little teaching goes a long way. He might take a lesson from the Knox Webb coach who I saw teaching and encouraging his players after a JPII touchdown. I think it goes a bit farther than constantly screaming. I look / HOPE for him to be gone next year. Enough of my post game, post season clammer its time to congratulate Webb and wait till next year. Good Luck Webb. Hope they smash ECS and take the title.
  5. JPII 27 - KW 21 JPII has a much more balanced attack now with the addition of Wesley Tate in the backfield. They can double Golden all they want too but the DB's will have to have their eyes in the backfield to stop the run up the middle. Wesley Tate is a much better between the tackles runner than Golden. He doesn't hesitate and hits the hole hard. He will be a top notch player next year.
  6. How About this. The schools just dont collect from the home students. How is the T$$AA ever gonna know. Thier not! Most game the gate shuts down a Half anyway. Just let them in and see what happens.
  7. If anything lie The JPII game. Subs will be playing most of the 3rd and all of the 4th. Only time Franklin Co, scored was on the Fresh/soph subs. 44-12 Cookville
  8. From What I can tell the playoffs for DivII AA are set. Only question is when the first games will be played. Games as Follows ECS Vs Knox Webb @ ECS JPII Vs Harding Acad. @JPII Will the First Games be scheduled for Nov 3rd or with only 4 teams will the first games be on the 10th?
  9. Knightime

    Rule Question

    I always thought the rule on a punt was that if it touched a player on the recieving team it was a live ball, but could not be advanced from the spot of recovery. Anyone Know the exact rule? Thanks
  10. AS Someone who has seen both teams, I would have to say ECS in a romp. Harding will have no way to stop the ECS offense. They will have to put 7 men in the gaps and blitz like crazy just to get the ECS quaterback rilled. Then he still probably would complete 50% of his passes. The Kid is just plain GOOD! Then with Harding only having 3 days prep...Doesnt look good.
  11. Several Bad Calls? What game where you watching. There was only 2 penalties called against Harding One for delay and one for interference. The player that fumbled never hit the ground before the ball was out and Golden never Addmitted he didnt catch the ball. You will see JPII again but this time it will be at JPII's field. Make the 3.5 hour drive and bring your video camera. I have the game on tape and I Know what I saw.
  12. Any new news on the DIV II split up next year? Any news on teams & regions?
  13. Could Be. Just to add a Recap of last nights game. Before we talk Playoffs. It was a kind of a wierd game. Both teams put up 14 points before the 6 minute mark of the first quarter. Both teams then played some better defense and traded scores in the 3rd. JPII went up 28-21 on a 99 yard drive mostly running the ball with a couple key 3rd and 4th down conversions. Harding then got the ball back on thier 19 with about 2 min left in the 4th quarter. The Second play of their drive a Harding recieve caught a ball, ran for 2 yards and fumbled it. JPII recovered. One Ref signaled JPII ball.. pretty much game over but then the dreaded Ref Conference and it was ruled an incomplete pass. (Harding Still has Life) Hadring then moved the ball out to their 45 and had a 4th and 15 with less than a minute to go. They pulled out some kind of modified Fumble-ruseky play where a kid who couldn't be 5' tall takes the ball off the ground and goes 14.9 yards behind the entire left side of the Harding line, gets tackled, fumbled and the ball goes out right past the marker. (Still harding has life) After a good run Harding has the ball on the JPII 20 with about 30 some seconds left, Their QB throws the best pass of his night a bullet across the middle for a TD and with the PAT ties the Game. With 27 seconds left JPII moves the ball down the field and gets to the Harding 40 with 7.9 seconds left JPII throws a long one and the ball is caught and the JPII reciever got knocked out at the 1 yard line as time expires. OT Comming. The second play of OT Harding throws a Jump ball fade route to the corner. Tate was Defending and both players are about 9 or 10 feet up and both had the ball in the air but as they came down Golden managed to strip the ball. Harding Stopped! (Play of the Game) JPII's shot at OT. The next play it was all over. Golden takes the ball to the right gets the corner and races into the end zone for the win. As a Football fan it was a good game to watch as a JPII fan the roller coaster turns were difficult to handle. The JPII D-fense did struggle at times but I did see a team that didn't let the same mistakes happen twice. I think They are starting to play a bit smarter, but still have to work on wrapping up and containment. On to the possible Playoff picture JPII has the following game left. BGA Who is out of the Playoffs and has not won a game. (Regional Game) Franklin Co. Who are 2-4 and need 3 of 4 to get in the post season (This one could be a Squeaker for JPII, Franklin Co. Home Comming) St. Benedicts who needs 2 of 3 to get in.. Regional Game (JPII could be their final shot or it might mean nothing) JPII should take these games, and if Knox-Webb wins one more the Post season would look something like. ECS Vs Knox-Webb at ECS....A six hour drive to play a game..Wow, That has got to wear on a team. If this is how the playoffs pan out ECS will have crossed the state to play Webb the week before in the final season game and then Webb will drive back across the state to play ECS in a playoff. JPII Vs Harding at JPII ...A rematch of last nights game Hopefully we will get some Middle Tennessee Refs. Should JPII loose 2 of 3 and Webb and or Benedicts win out it would it would change the entire picture. If Benedicts does get in it will add a game to the first week Webb vs Benedicts, but were Webb & Benedicts play again. Nashville or Knoxville?
  14. Wow fallen to page three. Time to bump it up. Where are all the JPII fans or even the Harding fans. From what I have learned Harding is Staying in DII-A next year so I guess that is why they are playing the smaller schools like Tipton. Also I have learned that Harding has opened up their offense from last year and spreading it out and running a "Run & Shoot". This could be a problem for the JPII d-fense. From what I have seen the d-backs for JPII have a tendency to get caught looking in the back field because of the Line and Backers having a ard time with the run. If JPII can play solid D then they will come out on top. Any Harding Fans Out there?
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