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  1. I was at the BA game. The Eagles looked like a FBS team and Ryan looked like an FCS team. That's just a size comparison. It looks like the big and most talented kids are all going to BA, MBA, and Ensworth. I don't know if Ryan will ever really compete for a D-II title no matter who is coaching.
  2. Bruce Lussier has stepped down as the head coach for the Irish.
  3. This is weird... I literally moved to Cordova 1 month ago and St. Benedict is 2 miles from my house. I'm happy I can cheer on the Irish tomorrow night!
  4. Well that missed call almost cost MBA the game. They got lucky! (end sarcasm)
  5. Well it's not really a rivalry when 1 team wins for 12 years in a row and looking at 13 or 14 straight wins in just a few hours...
  6. Ryan does not look good on either side of the ball this year. BA doesnt need the last 2 years as motivation... BA wins this one going away.
  7. 4th Quarter: Father Ryan 23 Hillwood 7
  8. 3rd Quarter: Father Ryan 16 Hillwood 7
  9. 3rd Quarter: Father Ryan 16 Hillwood 0
  10. Halftime: Father Ryan 9 Hillwood 0
  11. 1st Quarter Father Ryan 6 Hillwood 0
  12. 3rd Q. 9:42. John Overton 7 Father Ryan 3
  13. 1st Q. Father Ryan 3 John Overton 0
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