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  1. Hello Halls Faithfuls....where you at once again?! Halls plays Central this week in their last game. The Battle of Black Oak Ridge is on us! This should be a good game. Lots of rival competition plus it is Senior Night which should be give some last game emotions. PLAYERS...You got this! Go out there and do what you do...play hard and bring in that win! Seniors...make this your night...leave your mark and make a statement as you play your last season game on your home turf. I say Halls wins! GO HALLS!
  2. Looks like assuming would be a key word here. Had you read the post you would have seen that I asked by assumption if it was #22. I never said I was there nor ever acted as if I knew what happened. I only assumed it was #22 and obviously my assumption was correct. This assumption was gathered by the mere fact of watching your #22 throughout many years at Halls. So, my assumption was by observation of the Halls game and by listening to others from several other teams and by reading posts. As far as the comment it was in reference of observation of the "hard tackle" in the Halls game...
  3. No surprise! I asked the question earlier in the post just assuming it was #22. He threw one or two of his infamous #22 temper tantrums in the Halls game as well. Do you consider being tackled as a form of retaliation? I'm just glad #22 took his attitude to AC with him as Halls has not missed it! Not trying to bash the kid, just know the temper he has always exhibited. We enjoyed the trip to AC from Halls...Firework show was great! Good way to get your boys pumped up before and during the games. Kudos to those who made that available to AC.
  4. I didn't see any punches thrown and no AC player was kicked out. There were, however, a few unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and personal fouls, two of which offset when a player from each team got a little animated after a particularly hard tackle. IMO the refs kept things well under control from that standpoint. Could one guess that one of the AC players thrown out was Blakely? Just curious.
  5. I say Halls is gonna come out with a win this week. Boys need keep their heads on and not lose focus that we still have two games to win. Still have a lot of faith in the boys that they will go out there and do their job like they have but let it show on the board as well as on the field. Stand outs? Defense, of course McFalls #79 and Long #56 are always my favorites to watch. Think Long #56 is still leading the pack (love to watch this boy play ball!). Looking for Gresham's good hands. Hear Fitzpatrick is out this game but hear the other Long #7 is suppose to be back. Look for Dowdy to keep it flowing at QB. Hope to see the whole team as a standout team and bring it all to the field. PLAYERS: Work hard this week and don't take it for granted. You have to go out there and keep playing hard like you have all season and make it YOUR win. I have confidence in you and look forward to the trip to CC. We need this win and if I hear correctly need Powell to lose against Central for Halls to have a shot at the playoffs. Win out boys! You can do it! Halls wins over Campbell County.
  6. If I remember correctly he threw a TD pass at Maryville when he was a sophomore. Karns & Hardin Valley may be weaker but the points on the board don't lie. I wished he would have been considered more last year he just seems more poised back in the shotgun. I think Josh Coffman has gained considerable experience for next year being under center this year.The running game just didn't do it for us last year and has gotten worse this year in my opinion. Stats generally don't lie. The passing game has clicked and carried us the past two games. Grant Painter looks to be a good prospect in the running department. I agree on Dowdy and Coffman. Not sure what is going on with our running game. #6 is out with no return. #3 needs to hit the outside or inside "hard" but has to lose the dancing, that is getting him every time. Not in total agreeance with #8 Painter, he has some speed but just not enough experience in football. Fitz and Burton are doing a good job. #7 Long has been injured but could have a return on CC game and could be a big help as long as he is healed. Two more games, looks like it is getting better in my opinion. I say Halls wins out...Go Halls!
  7. I'm going to disagree with you on a "D". This team has played extremely well this season minus the scores on the board. I'm going to go with a "B". There have been some mistakes, but there has been some crazy play calling this year that did not help the situation at all. Defense looks better than pretty good in my opinion as well. There are a lot of what if's and maybe's, but I am still going to say what if Dowdy #14 had been with us all season? The passing game has improved and looks good. I think it would be a different outcome but that is my opinion. Not saying he would have given us a win because it is a team effort, but think he could have helped. That is also not saying that Josh #11 hasn't done a great job because he has. From what I hear, Bright is doing better. Fitz is doing a good job getting some yardage as well as Burton. As far as next year, rumor has it that #6 wont be with us,but that is just a rumor no confirmation. I do hear that he will definitely not be back this year due to upcoming surgery. I hear #7 Long could be back for the Campbell County game. He is definitely a kid that has been missed. Hope he is well healed on his return. Still think he and his brother are a good combination and from what I have seen, #56 has led the team in defense and doing an outstanding job. McFalls #79 had a great game last week. Hope the coaches are recognizing these kids for their hard work and keeping them pumped up. This is all my opinion not that it matters. But, I say these boys will win out. Not sure how or if the playoffs will be in our future, but stranger things have happened. I am gonna continue to support these guys all the way through. Players....finish it! You can do it, play hard and play smart and finish out your last two games and make a statement! Go Halls!
  8. So who do think ur only loss should be? Assuming by your screen name...I'm assuming you are a Webb faithful. The loss I spoke of was Webb. My thoughts on that was after the game, that was not a thought I had before the game. Going into that game, I actually thought that would have been our first win. Guess we were not taught how to defend the Wing T as well as Webb. Not saying our boys didn't defend well, still think they did an awesome job as they have in every game. Looks as if Webb is still rolling on, congrats to Webb. BTW...how is the Blance kid? I know he was taken out by a hit in our game against Webb, but I haven't seen much on him since then. Is he back yet? Good luck to the rest of the Webb season...
  9. Ok Devils...I think I am the only Devil fan out here right now. I know you other Devil faithfuls are reading the Halls/Hardin Valley post. How bout a little boost to our guys on the field!!! Players...get out there and give another dose from last week. I have all the confidence in the world for you guys to win out the rest of the season. YOU CAN DO IT! Make up your mind and play to win some of that Devil football! LETS GO HALLS! Get that win!
  10. DEVIL FANS...Its Wednesday! Where's everybody at? Devils (the team that should be 6-1 instead of 1-6) are still up on their first win on Karns last week 39-0. I'm hopeful it will be wins from here on out. I say Devils take the homecoming game against Hardin Valley (1-5) this week hopefully with big scores. Go Halls!
  11. I have seen the fireworks there as well, which I thought were pretty impressive. Would love to have a little action like that in Halls. However, I must say that if this were illegal as your reliable source says, that it would have been brought up before now and would have been stopped before now. We are going into week 7 of games and I wouldn't think it would not have gone past the first game if it were actually illegal. They have a couple of dads (?) who work for the pyro company who has helped obtain this show and I would think that the schools, county, company etc. would have checked into this before going to the trouble of setting it all up if it were illegal to do so. Heck, they've even showed it on TV at some of the games. I thought it was a cool feature and think how pumped up those boys get coming out to it. You know, kinda like when OR gets the fog going, train whistle blowing, wildcat growling when your boys come down the hill...etc. Just one of those home field advantages each school gets to get their boys rolling. Made this Devil fan a little envious that we don't have something like that for our boys! If its that big of an issue, a person could always make a quick call to the county to find out.
  12. Halls got their 1st win and what a win it was! These guys released their frustration and put 39 on the board. Their game play was finally reflected on the score board! Zach Dowdy was back as starter and did a great job along with Josh Coffman. Garrett Gresham had a few misses but overall had a great game. Jake Long dominated as he always does. Sam Alley who we have not seen a lot of had a great game. The list goes on, and on...lots of kids were on and off that field and all clicked as the true team they are. This team has a brotherhood like no other. Congrats Devils, good job on bringing in that Red Devil show...! This is the type of scoring these boys have deserved all season long. Keep that wheel turning and finish it out! We know you can do it so bring it all out boys!
  13. Knoxbball3....I'm gonna disagree with you on this one. These boys have a lot of frustration to get out tonight, not only because they are wanting that first win, but also because their head coach has not been very supportive these days....so this may be their night. Halls has not reflected their game play on the scoreboard this season. If Karns hasn't seen a hard playing team so far, they better be ready tonight. I know these boys and they want a win in the worst way...especially the seniors which are our hardest playing guys. So, I'm gonna flip your score and say HALLS WINS Game 1 tonight. Go HALLS!
  14. I promise you will have no trouble finding a Red Devil Faithful! Halls is still fighting for their first win and for us Red Devil Faithfuls, hopefully it will be this week. Aside from Webb and AC (where numerous turnovers did not help) the games have been close. Halls guys have fought till the end and their game play is not a reflection of the score board. Win or lose, I promise you that Halls will be one of the hardest if not THE hardest fighting team Karns will play all season! Good luck to all...Especially those RED DEVILS and hoping for safe travels to and from the game!
  15. Correctly said ORidgeKat....This is the reason for some of the frustration at Halls this season. Its frustrating to see these guys play as hard of ball as they have played and still not come up with a win. They are a tough group with some outstanding athletes. We will continue to hope for the next game to bring home a win. Hoping the coaches keep these boys motivated because it just takes one person to get down to start bringing the rest of the team down. Enjoyed the trip to OR. Good luck to the rest of your season as well! Now, I have to take a step back as I am not a TW fan on here. But, I have to give TW(Halls OC) some kudo here as I hear he was firing the boys up before the game. It only takes a little motivation to get these boys fired up and we all seen what a great game they played, especially first half. Seen some different things the first half, then seemed like the second half it was back to the same ole thing. These boys deserve some wins! AC this week and hoping for a first win. Good luck guys!
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