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  1. Good luck to both teams, wish I could be there to see it.
  2. I believe #4 was there my senior year.. Smaller guy, real quick. Also handled some kicking duties along with punt returns?
  3. I know when I played Cwood had a bunch of guys that were huge and hit the weights quite a bit, but I think they were they slowest team we played behind Mont. Central. Has Cwood upgraded their speed in the past couple of years?
  4. Page has one of the best defensive coordinators in 3A football, I don't think a "different" style of offense will be too much of a factor. This game will be decided in the trenches... Who put out in the off season and has the stamina and endurance to fight every play..
  5. I'm about to head out for the night, hope it was a great game with no injuries. After the game would someone mind posting the stats? Thanks
  6. Yeah that makes sense. Man I wish these kinda games, you seniors on both sides of the ball better play with everything you have.
  7. Yeah I can't remember what number he was, but he was a great player. I know Coach Herzog is a top notch guy, he came to Page my senior year and turned our defense around completely. How is Page's quarterback this year? I don't even know his name.. And is Mahassey(spell check) running the ball?
  8. Josh Macmurray is in his senior year at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.. Still playing running back. Brent Thompson is starting at WR for Mississippi College. Jordan Dowd is playing for Tennessee Tech. Ethan Elliot is still playing for Lambuth College I believe.
  9. So obviously SH has the size advantage, and I know Page hasn't been known for their speed since the Macmurray days. Is it Page's coaching staff that has gotten them where they are now?
  10. Oh so a little bigger than I was thinking.. heh. Will special teams be a huge factor in this game? I heard from someone at the beginning of the year that Page didn't have much of a kicking game these days. And thanks for the support guys!
  11. Yeah I graduated in 2008 and I was number 3 (WR and PK). Who are the "playmakers" for page this year? I still stay in contact with Cole Meenach some.. But he seems too noble to point out any one player as a difference maker. If it's like when I played, I assume Spring Hill has a QB that's skinny as a toothpick but runs a 4.3 40 and could put some numbers on that scoreboard in a hurry.
  12. It's a pleasure. Is there any way of getting live updates for this game?
  13. Wish I could be there to see this one, unfortunately uncle sam doesn't allow leave for a high school football game these days.. Best of luck to the Patriots, hope there's no injuries on either side of the ball. I'll take my boys 28-7.
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