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  1. Thanks CoachT. Now maybe I won't get so bored at work lol. I like the new layout too. Great job!
  2. How do you get to them. Im sure it's real simple, I just can't figure it out.
  3. Smith Co. will be short, slow, fat, and lazy. Just like every year!!! Probably be at the bottom just like every year before!!! ... Yeah right. I don't believe this will ever be the case for Smith Co. They have one of the finest programs around. I was just wondering who they will replace their QB with.
  4. I don't know much about this district this year. I know that this district did great last year after everybody called it a cupcake district, with 5 out of the 6 making it to the playoffs. Cannon Co. ended up winning it after breaking a 3-way tie. Smith and York ended up playing each other in the quarterfinal game, which ended up being a classic, and York taking the narrow victory to make it to the final 4. But I also know that Smith and Dekalb lost 2 great QBs. I need some information about the teams this year. Who does Dekalb and Smith have replacing those great QBs? And what about Cannon's QB (#7 I think)? Is he still playing this year or will he graduate? And what about York? They lost probably the 2 fastest players in the district in #41 and #42, and I think they lost a good running back and their QB. So who will they be replacing those players with, and will it be a rebuilding year for them after a great season last year? And I've heard Livingston might be a sleeper this year and might come up and bite some of these teams if they don't watch it. Any help will be much appreciated. but as far as I can tell right now, this district is up for grabs... Who wants it?
  5. Thanks, I appreciate it. I just got really bored today, and i tried it, but this message kept popping up saying it was unavailable or something like that. Will you post it whenever we can?
  6. Is it possible to get on threads that are like 4-5 years old? Just wondering...
  7. Did people really expect Smith to come in last... With the exact same team as last year?
  8. York's D is not near as good as you build it up to be. They are good, but there not great. SC's offense wore them out for 46 minutes and 52 seconds. Too bad that last minute and 8 seconds was what won it for them. I know what your going to say, football is a 48 minute game, and your exactly right, but I'm not talking about the game, I'm talking about York's D. York was tired though, you could see that easily. Milan, you won't have any trouble next Friday. My prediction: Milan-35 York-14
  9. How did the game go down tonight for York & Smith? Smith was definately the better team tonight, by far. Anybody who was at this game will tell you that. Don't get me wrong, York is a good football team, you have to be good to be one of the last 4 teams left in 3A. SC dominated this game the whole night. SC was up most of the game 14-7. Then York's qb gets rushed and throws one up, SC free safety goes for the pick, York receiver makes a great play and takes it 30-40 yards for a touchdown with about 50 sec. left. York goes for two, trick play, and they get it. That is a hero or zero call, but in this case York's coach was a hero. All that being said, Congratulations to York, good luck next week.
  10. Get a life and stay on your own threads. Everybody knows about Alcoa... It's the same story, different year for them. I got no ties to either of these teams, but this guy is getting on my nerves. He is doing this on other peoples threads too.
  11. Gerry, this has nothing to do with the pick 'em contest, but I got a question for you. Ok, say two teams play in the regular season and team A wins. Then the two teams meet in the playoffs, but team B is the higher seed. From what I was told, team B gets home field right? No matter what happens in regular season?
  12. He wasn't perfect Gerry, Manassas lost didn't they?
  13. Cannon should take this one. I hope Smith takes care of Pearl Cohn. I want to see an SC-CC rematch. One game at a time though. I know one thing... I can't wait till friday!
  14. Got one close to that, heres mine: 1st Round Elizabethton Sullivan North Gatlingburg Pittman Austin East Alcoa CAK Loudon Polk Co. Goodpasture York Smith Co. Cannon Co. Milan Fairview Camden Manassas 2nd Round Elizabethton Austin East Alcoa Polk Co. Goodpasture Smith Co. Milan Camden Quarterfinals Elizabethton Alcoa Goodpasture Milan Semifinals Alcoa Milan State Championship Alcoa-35 Milan-14
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