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  1. One of my most favorite players to watch play basketball on any level and a great young man. Yes, Brandon did transfer after his freshmen year at CCHS. His parents either bought or rented a house in the zone for Stone Memorial, so he could play there with a group that he had played with a lot since his youth - his parents put him in the best possible position for success.
  2. This is true and absurd. There has been a little "back and forth" between Stone and Cumberland Co. admins this year over violations & such - "turning each other in for this and that". The CCHS coach had sent info packs to the county middle school coaches about spring activities and CCHS team information for upcoming freshmen. In years past, he had only sent to CCHS feeder schools. This year he sent to it to all schools (coaches) in the county since there is open enrollment now in Tennessee. Apparently, this is a recruiting violation. TSSAA has put CCHS on two years probation - no post season bans, but they lose two practice days in June, cannot attend team camps this summer, nor play in HOF games at the beginning of the season. The restrictions are for this year only plus they had to pay TSSAA $1000. The players are the only ones being disciplined, which doesn't make any sense to me!!!!!!!!! You would think that we brought in a kid from Iowa or a 6'10" foreign exchange student. If this is recruiting violations, we not very good at that either.
  3. I've been away from the web this week. I hated to hear this, praying for the girls and family.
  4. I didn't notice that situation, but I'm not saying it didn't happen. I know for a fact that Miller, the players, and fans have a lot respect for White Co and their players. I know I clapped for the White Co. team when they were acknowledged. Maybe give the Cumberland Co girls and Coach a little slack - they are highly competitive, but good kids with good parents. Sometimes, we all act in ways we shouldn't - especially when we are very disappointed at sporting events or on "message boards". Good luck Warriorettes.
  5. Easy Summit, that was a little Monday morning humor about the Riverdale/Smyna deal and a respectful "hand clap" for White Co. - no need to punch me/our team "below the waist".
  6. Good luck White County tonight; your girls played with a lot of heart over the weekend. I did hear that Cumberland County was being investigated for the "throwing" the regional championship game so they could play Blackman - the Lady Jets want to bust into the state tournament by beating the #1 team in the country then dominate the glass house!
  7. White Co and Bradley Cent going into 2nd OT. This might wear 'em out for finals?
  8. Cumberland Co slide into finals 56-41 over Cookeville.
  9. Games canceled today, rescheduled for Friday.
  10. Games canceled for today, rescheduled for Friday.
  11. Knox County needs to toughen up and "ride your bike without a helmet" every now and then. Cumberland County is in a state of emergency, but we played a home regional last night in Crossville and went to Cleveland tonight for another. Our schools are closed all week due to the weather. Practice only missed on Saturday, day of the ice storm.
  12. Good job 6AAA; CCHS just came up short of making Ootewah a 6AAA district tournament. I think Stone will beat Bradley Central - we should have and hope they do. Good luck 6AAA - see ya next year.
  13. CCHS lose 70-63. Play hard, just not enough shots fall. Very well could have won this game. 6AAA is a lot stronger if this is their #1 seed.
  14. Bradley up 34-31 over CCHS at half, Jets lead most of half.
  15. Final 92-44 CCHS. Play Cookeville in semis.
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