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  1. Gonna be some battles over the coming years between chs and white co. Both are gonna be loaded in the coming years on the boys and girls side.
  2. Coffee co. Gonna dominate!
  3. Big win for the lady raiders! Vinson is the real deal! Whats crazy is cc is gonna be good for years to come. Vinsons little sister is coming and she may be better!
  4. Gonna be another long season for wc.
  5. Actually uppermen is gonna be loaded for awhile. They have some really good middle school girls coming up.
  6. Lord if u think thats bad u better not ever go to a white co/cookeville game. U would fall over and die if u heard som of the stuff that comes out of the cookeville student section.
  7. 90warrior


    Agree coach needs to go. But they are loaded this year. I believe they will win district this year.
  8. 90warrior


    White co is loaded this year.
  9. Lebanon got screwed last night. Watched it on tv. If only tssaa had replay.
  10. I saw the twins play about 5 years ago in an aau tourny. I believe they were in the 4th grade at the time. I can see why they are having success now because they were the real deal then.
  11. Wc lost alot thats for sure. However we do have some good young shooters and talent. I do believe they will struggle against AAA competition. They just dont have a pg this year. Especially since the one kid didnt come back. I have them finishing at the bottom of the district this year. Glory days will come again in just a few short years on the girls and boys side because there is alot of talent in middle school right now. Go warriors!
  12. Warren by a bunch. White has no skill players or speed. White will go 0-10 this year. Mayb the worst team ever at white co. Livingston could hav scored a hundred if they wanted to. Our starters couldnt even score against there 3rd string. Whats sad is we have some of the best biggest lineman we have ever had. Also this group has won several championships when they wer younger. Too bad wat skill players they had hav either quit or injured. Too much politics at white county.
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