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  1. Upperman will be tough for a while. I'd almost pencil them in , barring crazy injuries of course, for the glass house next year. Capps and Stone Memorial could certainly break through. I don't know if he has enough around him or not. Time will tell.
  2. Yea I disagree there. I know a few coaches at the D1 level and there are head coaches, without a doubt, who simply don't want freshmen. Not all think this way but there are some. They see the portal as more of a sure thing. They are willing to pass on a "D1 guy" because they don't want the risk involved. They are more willing to pull up a D2 guy with a year or two of good tape at that level who can't transfer out on them. So I guess we will have to agree to disagree.
  3. I agree talent is probably a little down right now. But I would also submit to you that the current state of College Athletics has a little to do with how "high" kids get recruited. There are many college coaches who simply don't want freshmen. They don't want to have to bring a guy in, develop his strength and skill, with a chance that he will be unhappy having to wait and transfer out. This effects every talent level. Guys like Christian Alston may have been power 5 in the NCAA climate 10 years ago. Guys like Tyler Lee would certainly have been a solid D1 back then. So many kids are going D2 or NAIA now that could have had a D1 scholarship if the transfer portal hadn't come along. Ultimately, the cream still rises to the top. It just may take a year or two at a lower level for D1 coaches to come calling. Once they transfer up , coaches feel more solid about not having to develop and not having to risk a transfer out.
  4. Agree. those 3 players were incredible.
  5. I think that is fair. Fulton is certainly in the conversation if not the best public school team in the state.
  6. I have to strongly disagree with this. Chat Prep is a cheat code in A , but doubt they would have won a game in the AAAA bracket. They lost to a down cleveland team, and beech this year. They do have a decent AAAA win over Walker Valley. Alcoa was not as good as the AAAA final four. They split with Maryville this year (W by 1 and L by 26) , also lost to Bearden and Morristown East. Fulton I could see having an argument. Beat Morristown East by 3, Maryville by 9, Bearden by 6. They would have belonged. I don't think they would have beaten Independence. Think they would have been a great game with Cookeville. I know you can't simply look at common opponents. Basketball is a game of matchups. But I don't think you can really think that Independence was the worst of the 4 champions this year if you are honest about it.
  7. Historic season by the Cavaliers. I'm a proud Alumnus. Congratulations Cookeville! 32-4 , a 21 game winning streak, District and Region championships, and state runner-up. I'd say that is beyond a "solid" season.
  8. Good one. Go kick rocks
  9. Indy was cheering for Cookeville because they already played Bartlett this year and lost. Probably didn't want to play them again. Should be a dandy tomorrow: middle tn final. In 4A. So awesome. So proud of CHS. A ball is coming back home with them.... lets make it gold!
  10. terrible that both schools are on spring brink and its 9:30 on a Wednesday. Hopefully fans will show up . Boys deserve it.
  11. I expect the winner to come out of the bottom half of the bracket. And I expect it to be Fulton unless they just have a really bad game.
  12. They are missing a great opportunity IMO. just do a live stream and literally put lottery balls with each team on it and show the "draw". Just completely randomize it. You could do it Sunday afternoon. Teams could have watch parties. It would be a fun experience and then all teams have 2 and a half days to prepare.
  13. I'm so proud of our team, school, and community. They showed up and showed off Monday night. That is the most Cookeville fans that have ever been in that gym and surely rivals the biggest crowd in general to ever attend a game there. Literally the only seats available were the first two rows in the top bleachers. I assume because you can't see over the rail. Cavs have 7 kids that can play. 7 that could start and be productive on 98% of teams in the state. Obviously we have some good young talent behind them on the bench, but that 7 man rotation has been special. 2 of the 4 seniors have already signed/committed D2 and someone is going to get a steal with Colin Ayers. Go Cavs, Beat Maryville!
  14. I agree completely. Yall had a good team. Classy program, kids, and coach from what I could see. You would have had a much better shot at home vs LaVergne. Our crowd last night was unbelievable. How about LaVergne? Pretty cool we have 2 teams going from District 7 after having to go through the boro district and the chattanooga region!
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