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  1. What happened to the Blue Raiders in Gate City????
  2. That's what I figured...just making sure.Thanks
  3. I have heard a current DB coach has applied for the Gate City head job. Anyone else?
  4. A Merry Christmas to Coach G Clark and his family... hoping the New Year brings some healing and comfort
  5. Coach Clark has more on his mind than just a football game this week....Take a moment and say a prayer for GC and his family
  6. How many yards and carries did His excellency, King Russell l, get tonight and any fumbles or temper tantrums???
  7. Anyone else hear rumblings of a big time OL transfer for the Indians?
  8. I heard cross seeded from a very reliable source.....gpnna be some long trips in the first round of the playoffs.
  9. In the new 6A system with all 32 teams making the playoffs.....wil the play be across regions i.e Reg 1& 2 and 3 & 4 or will we play the first rounds within our regions for the 1st 3 games with regular season rematches??? I don't know which is worse...the rematches or potential travel.
  10. Batman...here are Steve Wilmoth's projections....http://tricitiessports.com/science-hill-dobynsbennett-will-both-start-playoffs-at-home-p72880-116.htm
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