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  1. Top teams in each Grand Division: West Tn: Gibson County Middleton Middle Tn: Pickett Co. Community East Tn: South Green Harriman?? Thoughts......
  2. gwh

    District 9-A

    Moore vs Huntland and Community vs MTCS - These games could have huge implications as far as getting positioned for the district tournament. I think Moore has trouble matching up to Huntland. Can they get it done this year? Will MTCS be able to score enough points against Community? MTCS was the last district opponent to beat Community I believe, but they need a good night behind the arc to pull it off. How do you guys see these important games going?
  3. gwh

    District 9-A

    Ok so you do agree that Moore needs to play better in the post. Who said I was a parent? Do you see me bragging on a particular player. You! Would that make it so? Also I just stated an obvious game stat that is undeniable. So Moore should just give it to Community because they are more talented down low? Just about any coach will tell you that rebounding is about heart and hustle not talent. Others have seen my view as a fair assessment, and I have mentioned no names. I just stated the scenario that would have to play out for Moore to win a game. If that has offended you I am sorry, but really that's what these boards are about discussion. Please don't get your feathers ruffled. I will state it again Moore will need 10 to 15 points down low to have a chance at beating Community, which has not happened in the last couple of years.
  4. gwh

    District 9-A

    Not passing blame, but if you have watched any of the Community games the past couple of years; Moore has been do dominated in the post. If you have watched the games, the percentage for points after the ball enters the post is very low. Teams usually play to their strength and Moore' s strength is definitely their guard play. Phil24' when a team wants to improve they look at their weakness and try to improve. I am sorry but the ball entered the post numerous times during the Community game and three points is all that was scored. This is not going to get it done. Also, their is a difference between being accountable and improving or just passing blame. So do you think it is just bad guard play that has led to Community's wins.
  5. gwh

    District 9-A

    That's what happens when you shoot 30% from the floor. Eagleville made a run late and MC couldn't answer. Barnes played well and hit some big threes when the scout says let her shoot them. To me the big matchup this year will be Huntland vs Moore. That could possibly dictate how far each team makes it this year. With that being said the season is only halfway over and there is a reason they play the games. This district is so tight at the top one injury could change everything. I just enjoy how competitive it is.
  6. gwh

    District 9-A

    Moore can beat them if they get even sub par post play. Last time they played Community won by 7 with post players accounting for only 3 points I believe. One would think they would combine for at least 10 just from rebounds and put backs. While I think Moore's guard play is better than Community, they would have to shoot a crazy percentage to win without the post combining for at least 10-15 points. I would like to see Moore shoot the three more against Community and have a better chance at long rebounds.
  7. gwh

    District 9-A

    What a district! A shame one of these teams will be sitting at home after the district tournament. Any of the above mentioned teams could easily finish first in about every district in TN but three. Fun games to watch and still a very young district. As good as Community is there are a lot of young teams pushing them this year. Just think about how good some of the teams will be in the future. The district is fun to watch.
  8. Pickett wins, they have too many weapons for Jackson Co this year. I will say by 12. Hope I don't eat crow.
  9. gwh

    District 9-A

    I agree many teams can match Community's guard play, but no one in the district can match their post play. In basketball both teams get an even amount of possessions, but how many 2nd, 3rd, and 4th looks does Community get every game from rebounding. To beat Community you must have solid aggressive post play and limit the rebound differential.
  10. gwh

    8-AA Girls

    Both are great players but Levy by far is the better talent. She will receive many more D1 offers. I have had the pleasure of seeing them both play many times and Levy's ceiling is much higher. Losing a game doesn't make one player better than another. Coaching is a very important aspect of the game too. Some coaches are much better at putting their kids in positions to be successful. This part of the game is overlooked all the time. Some coaches teach an offense and some coaches break down every movement and possibility. With that being said Flynn's bball IQ is better than Levy's at this point due to having a great coach four years.
  11. 9-A is looking tough this year. Community is the only undefeated team that still remains. In district, play everyone has a loss but Community and Moore Co. Moore won an overtime contest against MTCS, then MTCS turned around and beat Forrest in a close one. Huntland lost big to Community, but then Huntland beat Eagleville to give them their first loss of the season. The teams that make it out of the district this year should be ready for a big run. Maybe even a gold ball!!!
  12. gwh

    District 9-A

    Where has Eagleville improved at. Think they have the same roster this year as last, and besides Forrest 9A hasn't really lost much to graduation. I know they are playing man d this year instead of zone and it will be interesting to see how that works for them in district play. They do have a couple talented kids but overall I think they are less athletic than the top teams. That man D might hurt them In that aspect. Did they get any transfers in this year?
  13. gwh

    District 9-A

    Moore with big come from behind win in overtime at MTCS 49-45. Community wins big over Huntland, and Forrest demolished Fayetteville City. Where does Eagleville fit into fray this year? Are they that much improved from a year ago?
  14. I am not all In On Eagleville yet! I want to see how they start off in district play first. I do agree that they are improved but 9A is tough. They would be a top 3 team in any district IMO.
  15. gwh

    District 9-A

    I will take Community by 13 this time and Huntland next time by 5.
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