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  1. IMO Alcoa 42 EHS 20 Hope I'm wrong, but Alcoa is strong!! No matter who wins, hope it's a good game with limited penalties and NO injuries.
  2. This kid is a real player! Seemed like there were three or four of him on the field at all times.
  3. Mistakes, killed HV. Just when you thought they were about to make a run, they shot theirselves in the foot, with interceptions (watch #10 for GP he seems to have a nose for the ball and he's an excellent runner and reciever on offense) and botched snaps. HV had around half the total yardage and still almost won. IMO EHS takes this one. It may not be a runaway, but I think the Cyclones have more talent all around, especially if they can limit mistakes.
  4. Don't know if they would presell tickets during the week or what, seems like there was something on TSSAA site because I remember all tickets would be the same price.
  5. Yeah, if the stars align, the wooly worm has thick bands, the ground hog see's his shadow, the squirrel's tail is extra bushy and everybody holds their mouth just right, plus HV and EHS take care of business Friday night, you won't be able to stir a stick on Warrior Hill for that meeting. You'll have to get in line at the ticket booth on Thursday morning.
  6. Have to agree, I counted roughly around fifty. But, what surprized me most was, that the HV side wasn't full. I know the weather was pretty bad, but I really expected SRO. Hope next games crowd is a little bigger. I have to admit though, even though the stands weren't completely full, the ones that did show up, were very vocal. GO WARRIORS!!
  7. Go 'Landers!! 'Em boys from up on the mountain are a tough bunch, don't ever count 'em out......
  8. Go Rangers...Have a great game and show 'em what's in your heart!
  9. Go Cyclones! I swear I honestly don't get all this county vs city garbage. As long as they're not playing against my Warriors, I will always pull for all of our local schools. To me it's like the relationship my brother and I had growing up. We didn't always get along (ok, almost never got along, too close in age) and it was perfectly alright for us to scrap, but nobody else had better get the same idea. As I have stated in previous posts, I'm a third generation HV grad, (1982), one of my kid's went to HV and one went to EHS, (hence the username) plus, I've got family that went to Hampton, Cloudland and even Science Hill, so I root for all of them. Be happy we have so many local teams that made it to the post season and quit chipping away at each other.
  10. I agree, the boy should have shown more respect, (which he usually does) he is normally a very respectful kid, (yes sir, no sir is his usual comment. you can ask his teachers and they will tell you he is a polite respectful young man). I think this was just an isolated incident brought on by a tremendous amount of frustration due to circumstances. I was always taught, that you (as a player) were to never ever question an official, that was the coach's job. But considering the volatile nature of the circumstances, I think the official could have acted with a little more restraint, and not replied the way he did, or even better not replied at all. But again, no excuse for the player, but I doubt if he'll do anything like that again. Being suspended for what may be your last game will definitely stick with him.
  11. Just a note about the HV vs SG game. HV standout defensive player Heath Rutherford will be out for this game. Supposedly he was ejected in the Johnson County game, even though he finished out the game on the field (neither he or coach Shively were aware of his ejection), for remarking to the referee, "that call was wrong", he was told to shut up, quit whining or go home, so he said, "I'm just saying that was wrong." Nothing else was exchanged from the two, just a surprise call from the TSSAA this past weekend requesting a sit down with the coach, player and parents.
  12. I thought all of the county and e-city teams play tonight because of in-service tomorrow. does anyone know if they are all tonight or does anyone play tomorrow night?
  13. No totally different incident.
  14. I hate to disagree, but I think HappyValley44 has gotten some tainted information. I support both Betsy and the Warriors (hence the username). My daughter just graduated as a fourth generation Warrior and my son went to EHS, so not claiming to be an expert, but I know a little about both programs. First thing, enrollment records are confirmed by the TSSAA using numbers submitted for funding from the state and fed. So, it doesn't make sense that EHS would submit fewer numbers than they actually have, because it would mean they would recieve less funding for the school as a whole. Second, it is against TSSAA regulations for a school to pay another school (any amount) to play. They can share the gate any way they chose, as in 50-50, 70-30 etc., or one team can take 100%, but they cannot pay another team outright. Third, If Jason Witten is financially supporting his alma mater, I'm sure his support would go towards the new surface, that is wanted so badly. Again, I'm not trying to stir the pot or start a big feud, just trying to set the record straight.
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