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  1. That’s great! I know Coach Hart at Peabody has said this could be his fastest and quickest group that can trap and press all over the floor! They got to figure out the offensive end but with all being current sophomores and below they could be very dangerous after new year and into next season! He’s excited about 2 incoming freshmen, especially one who he’s said could be better than Mayberry! I need to get to a camp and see them play this summer!
  2. That’s great to hear if Peabody is looking decent this early on after everything they have graduated the last 2 years. I know this years team for Coach Hart will be extremely young and inexperienced! All current sophs and below. Be interesting to see how Hart develops the 8th graders and how quickly they can play because they didn’t have much in middle school. Not a huge group of kids either, I think will only be 8-10 kids playing so that could be a problem when pressing with fouls as Peabody is usually very aggressive with Coach Hart’s style of defense and offense.
  3. I’ve heard the name of a West TN coach potentially going to Obion.
  4. Hey man, summertown prob better than what they showed in that game. Pressure can get you. I’m just saying didn’t look very good in that game, doesn’t mean they don’t have potential if they work at it this off season and mature. People just try to blow a lot of teams up on here and then when they end up playing vs decent teams they look like crap. Kinda today’s society everyone likes to dish it out but can’t take the heat when it’s thrown back on them. I’ll be the first to admit Peabody has got to be able to shoot it and handle it and get better fundamentally before next season with their 5 Sophs, 1 fresh and 3 8th graders coming across. Way over-achieved this year! If everyone would work as hard as the GC seniors did this past 3-4 years kids would be able to play! That requires a lot of work on their own. Just saying summertown no where near looked as good as west teams did this year, (GC, Greenfield, TCA, Peabody and Gleason) . Ol nottofwith or whatever his princess name is sure is fun to mess with though. Feelings all over the place! lol.
  5. Come on princess, pick your feelings back up and move on. Maybe summertown is better than they looked in 1 game. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt cause y’all looked horrible in that one game, but just like the rest of the teams except GC and Loretto right now.... there’s always next yr. it’s ok! Sorry I don’t reply much , I don’t spend all day on coacht message board argueing with people in their feelings. lol
  6. Wow! My post seriously just went right over your head! lol. I was talking about your post and being sarcastic, maybe you can get it now. Geezzzzzz. And your calling me idiot lol. Classic, i’ll Stop Now, but you have gave me a good laugh.
  7. Agree! Greenfield, GC, Peabody , TCA , Gleason and maybe Dresden are better than 5-6 of the other teams in Single A at state! Loretto would be the only one that “might” be able to compete with Region 7A.
  8. I’ll take that award, very intelligent and mature response, with a lot of basketball knowledge, but still doesn’t change the fact Summertown isn’t very good! Hahahahahaha
  9. I second that! I bet TCA and Peabody are fighting mad right now! lol
  10. Greenfield plays like they did today they will win remaining games by 15+
  11. Summertown fans, y’all just ain’t very good! GC played terrible but y’all can’t dribble or pass! Your lucky GC didn’t beat y’all by 30! And I’ll agree refs call for GC some, but that wouldn’t change the fact that y’all aren’t very good!
  12. I’ll say this, I’ve watched a lot of games the last couple days and the basketball is terrible outside of Riverdale, Westview in spurts and Greenfield! Idk how most of these teams made it?!? I’d hate to see the rest of the teams below these teams in their districts and regions! Worst basketball I have seen in a long time!
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