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  1. Bobcats beat Chester Co. 6-2 and now will play in Wednesday's finals.
  2. Coach Lowe leaving Bolivar had to be his decision. He had done a good job and increased player interest in the program. An interesting part will be whether he is just getting out of coaching or has another job lined up. He has a talented young son that is going to be a really good quarterback. Could Lowe be moving closer to his son that is playing college football at West Virginia.
  3. GCPioneer,

           I was told you could help out with AAU girls' information in West Tennessee.  Do you have an email address I can contact you?



  4. I posted on the AAU board without getting any response. How do you get information on travel teams for freshmen-sophomores that are based in West Tennessee?
  5. Are there any AAU teams building in West Tennessee for girls in early high school? Is there anyone to call for more information?
  6. What about '93? Got to the semifinals.
  7. If you do not like the Bobcats, then cheer for the other team in the county. Coach Lott will not miss you.
  8. AllVol, McNairy is a young team with no seniors. It is not like Khyla is surrounded with all-stars. It is easy to pick Crockett because they are a good team, but McNairy will show up.
  9. When you men win over 800 games, then maybe your words will mean more. Khyla is more effective playing outside and Coach Lott knows that is true. It is easier for the opposition to bottle her up if she only posts up. Coach Lott was winning games before most of you were born. He does not need the help of a message board to help him coach. Just because Khyla is 6-2 does not mean she has to play down low.
  10. There is a way to play the game the right way and a dirty way to play. SS does not get respect because they play dirty even though they have the most talent. They clutch, grab, elbow, flop, and QM falls into defenders to get fouls called. South Side needs Johnny Growe back to teach the girls' coach how to win the proper way. Tez, I guess you know more than Nike and the other SEC coaches. She is on Nike's top summer team in Tennessee and she is listed as one of the Top 2020 recruits in Tennessee.
  11. Tez, you need to be careful about the personal attacks on players. I did not say Miller was a bad player. She is a good player, but just gets a lot of points off layups. Family members are unhappy you are bashing the MC girls. We will see how good a coach McNeal is next year when McNairy's players are all back. South Side players are taught to play dirty. That is why McNeal is not voted coach of the year. South Side had players ejected for punching an opposing player and those are just the ones that are caught by the officials.
  12. Coach Lott has forgotten more about coaching than McNeal knows today. If your team does not have the players, you are not going to the state. How many other active high school coaches in West Tennessee have their name on the court. Ask any college coach who is the best player in the district? Their answer will be Khyla Wade-Warren. If you take away Miller's snowbird layups, she would average 10 points a game. She will be the district player of the year because of her team's success and her points total. Pipkin should be this year's coach of the year.
  13. The three players were all dismissed from the team by Coach Riley.
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