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  1. McNairy Central's Khyla Wade-Warren Signed with Texas Tech
  2. The Bobcats lost a close game to Covington last year in the state playoffs. Covington finished second in the state in Class 3A. Two out of 30 is a bit of a stretch. Come on, the Bobcats never shut their program down.
  3. Easy on the name calling. I hope the Cards win tonight.
  4. The teams had a battle in last year's playoffs and now will face each other in a berth in the state playoffs. Can McNairy's defense contain Covington's speed on offense and kickoff coverage? The Bobcats have averaged over 40 points a game, so Covington will have to work hard on defense as well.
  5. McNairy Central's Austin Scott deserves to be the Class 3A back of the year. He has scored 31 touchdowns and scored 190 points, both school records for one season. He has rushed for over 1,200 yards through nine games.
  6. Glad to see the Atomville boys come out of hiding after a couple of wins. I wish your team agreed to play the Bobcats. Cole and the Bobcats could have rolled up 40 on the Red Rage.
  7. No bad feelings. We rarely beat Milan and want the credit when we do it. We blew a game to Westview that has put us in a hole. Our offense can match up with anyone this season. You do not see many teams score 48 at Lexington.
  8. How can you rank Milan above McNairy when the Bobcats won last week in the Dawg Pound?
  9. Milan is going to win the game. Hardin Co. will not be as sharp after they clinched the title last week.
  10. McNairy's point guard is out with a knee injury. She will return in second half of season.
  11. concernedbobcat, the offense has scored 42 or more in six of their seven games. It is hard to do much better than that in high school. MC has a better team than Hardin County. The Bobcats may not make the playoffs and Hardin Co. will likely win their region which says a great deal about their region.
  12. Milan earned a great deal of respect with their upset of Covington. The Bulldogs are back in contention for the region title. The Bobcats have been prolific on offense this season. Milan will fill the box to stop McNairy tailback Austin Scott and dare MC to beat them throwing the football.
  13. McNairy Central's Austin Scott should be getting more attention across the state for his season. He leads the state with 154 points and is tied for first in touchdowns with 25. He just scored five touchdowns in the win over Bolivar.
  14. Bobcats beat Chester Co. 6-2 and now will play in Wednesday's finals.
  15. Coach Lowe leaving Bolivar had to be his decision. He had done a good job and increased player interest in the program. An interesting part will be whether he is just getting out of coaching or has another job lined up. He has a talented young son that is going to be a really good quarterback. Could Lowe be moving closer to his son that is playing college football at West Virginia.
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