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  1. He/she would be an idiot to think there was an opening. I guess he/she thought since Melton resigned there would be an interview process. Obviously they don't know much about politics.
  2. LA did have a successful season. Their accomplishments were many. Miller gets a pat on the back for the job he did. In the bigger picture,to me anyway, Coach Melton deserves some of the credit as well. He was the guy who scheduled camps at Jackson, Harpeth, Gallatin, and Maryville prior to this season. The competition at those places was high level. If you look back over Melton's tenure, he never dodged anybody at camps or regular season. Melrose, Ensworth, CPA just to name a few. The district LA plays in may not be the strongest in the state, but the non-district foes under Melton(with the exception of a couple) were always high caliber. Like him or not, the man deserves a lot of credit for this team's success. Who's to say that if the coaching change hadn't happened that the team wouldn't have made the state tourney anyway? I think they would have. Miller reaps the glory and that's ok, but Melton has seemingly become an afterthought and that is unfortunate. Hold your head high Coach Melton. You raised the level of LA basketball and the LA faithful should be thankful.
  3. If you will do a little research, you will see Fulton would have been a better draw than E Lit. Fulton beat Stone by 3. The same Stone LA beat twice although they beat them worse under the old coach. Trust me when I tell you Fulton would NOT run E Lit. out of the gym. Nor would Bolivar. LA by 20+
  4. Maybe E Lit doesn't have any fans. Or maybe they will do their talking on the floor. They didn't stall in the game you are rererring to. The other team did. LA by 20+.
  5. I would like to echo the congrats on making it to the state tourney. Just curious as to the games LA won that they "weren't supposed" to win. If that's Tyner, I think they had 10-11 losses.
  6. Part of what midten said was correct. Godwin was awesome but he's not mr basketball. A couple of the moves he made were really really good. Especially the one where he avoided the charge and lay in. DL, a major celebration over beating JC is somewhat sad I must agree. But look at the bright side. LA beat them as bad as Clarkrange did and it didn't even take overtime.
  7. I personally don't believe Cannon or Upperman's talent level is on par with LA. As for blaming the coach, (since Coach Melton's departure) all anti-Melton have said the JC loss was TOTALLY Coach Melton's fault(even though the starters played the first half and 4th quarter). A team(JC)that beats Pickett Co. by 3 and then loses to Clarkrange can't be very good. My point being SC losing to a 1 win York team is pretty bad as well. Coach Melton didn't pilot the ship against SC so that one can't be blamed on him.
  8. Midten, the JC loss to Clarkrange doesn't look much worse than the LA loss to Smith County. The Owls lost to a 1 win York team last night. I'd call it about a toss up on the embarrassing scale. Was Melton coaching the game LA lost to Smith Co.? Not
  9. Sorry I didn't get my homework finished. Here's some more digging though. Melton vs. Smith Co. 12-0. Avg score 73-47. But let's focus on THIS team.
  10. Thanks for the compliment. I didn't know the make up of the team THIS team had changed.
  11. Smith Co. will fade. Trust me on that one. I did a little homework. Melton vs. Cannon Co. 10 wins and ZERO losses. Avg margin of victory against Cannon=25 ppg. Melton vs. Upperman 12-2. Avg margin of victory= 12 ppg.
  12. You say some crazy stuff and LA will win the next game against you, but this statement is accurate. Coach Melton wasn't a puppet so he lost his job.
  13. I don't recall saying what them dad-gum managers wore caused problems. Real intelligent post rabbit. Looks like the team would just wear a cut off t shirt(just make sure its blue with a glued # on the back)and some shorts. No big deal. I look for the coats and ties to be canned if the current coach gets the job next year. I always thought a coach should take pride in his team's appearance. I know Coach Melton did.
  14. No more games with Smith Co. Already played them twice. Sad that LA would have to even be concerned with how many times they have played Smith Co. Cannon Co. might present some problems. It's obvious new "strategy" has been brought in. You don't have to watch them long to notice that. Does the dress code exist anymore? I notice managers wear whatever they want. With the ex coach, all dressed the same. Maybe the more "reLAXed" atmosphere will take the Cats to where they want to go.
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