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  1. I have not heard who all region is what team and what player does anybody know? Most other regions have heard!
  2. Medman and Cleveland You two complain about the Refs and win! You two must be the worst fans i ever heard you sure give Central fans a bad name you won quit complaining beacue we gave you a game and the refs were from your area!
  3. You Can't handle it because there was no holding! or the Refs would have called it . You can't handle the fact that the oline for us was good! You have got to be the worst winner of a Team that won a game! Are you the fan from Central that got thrown out of the stadium ? You sound like that guy!
  4. At least you beat a 3A school all Rhea Co. plays are 3-5A and 7-4A schools!
  5. Medman I got my info. from Central-Rhea co. Web sites My Region stats: were as i said but total losses Region 3 38 Region 4 43 and Region 3 botom three was 7-22 but i was giving back stats to Clevland who wanted to state facts! But like you said all that is moot come Friday Good luck to Central too.
  6. Cleveland here some stat's Region 3 combine 30 losses Region 4 combine 28 losses Region 3 overall losses 43 Region 4 overall losses 43 Bottom three schools Central beat 3-18
  7. There will be and upsets in First round: 5A Owls beat DB 4A Rhea Co. beats Central Go Rhea Co. Golden Eagles
  8. That's what Clevland and White Co. both said and What Happen? Go RHea Co. Golden Eagles
  9. Rhea Co. 1. Justin Hilliard 6'4 250lbs DE/FB 2. Jesse Smith 6'1 205lbs DE/LB 3. Jacob Rigney 6'3 200lbs OT/DE All Seniors great leaders classroom and on field! All can hit,tackle,block, and all run the 40yd dash under 4.8
  10. That's what Cleveland said too! Go Eagles!!!!!!!
  11. MY pick is Jacob Rigney for Rhea Co. 4a Sr. 6'3" 200lbs moved from DE to OT and has not giving up a sack in two years not big for a lineman but great blocking skills JR year with 25 pancakes and 223 passing plays no sacks. 4.8 in the 40 and has not give up a sack this year. squats 415lbs and vertical jump is 30".
  12. Does anybody know how many College Coaches visit this site? How many from the state of Tenn. and How many from the other states? Would any of these Coaches tell us?
  13. I was told that Spring City High School on Watts Bar Lake was a football powerhouse before it was merged to form Rhea Co. High School back in the 50's & 60's.
  14. Rhea Co. Players to watch : 1. Jacob Rigney Senior 6'3" 205lbs DE 2. Jesse Smith Senior 6'1" 210lbs LB 3. Justin Hilliard Senior 6'4" 250lbs DT 4. James Rogers Senior 6' 240lbs OL
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